The skeleton of a giant about 24 meters high was discovered in Naples-Italy,in 1938.

The hidden history

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One of the most significant archaeologists of the twentieth century was Amedeo Maiuri (1886-1963), whose name unfortunately today does not say anything to most (as indeed that of Giacomo Boni), despite the fact that he was responsible for the archaeological campaigns in the Dodecanese and above all the direction of the ten-year excavations in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Cuma, Capri and Campi Flegrei.

Now we discover a very particular, unknown and mysterious moment of his activity with the exhibition “The greatest artist in the world at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples” where hitherto unknown finds, photographs and documents were presented, found by the Brigataes Association by pure chance. in the archives of the Museum. 

What is it about?

 In 1938, during the excavations conducted by Maiuri at the top of the acropolis of Cumae, something unexpected and shocking was found near the temple of Jupiter: gigantic bone fragments which, due to their size, could suggest that they belonged to a skeleton at least 24 meters tall having lived 40 thousand years ago (i.e. at the time of the transition from Homo Neandhertalensis to Homo Sapiens).

The German archaeologists Ralph von Koenigswald (1902-1982) joined the Italian archaeologists, for years in search of further evidence to identify Giganthopitecus (the definition is his) since in 1935 he had found enormous molars in Hong Kong.

When the excavations also revealed “a fraction of a stone slab with traces of rock painting that revealed an unknown symbolic form”, the German paleontologist immediately defined that skeleton as “the greatest artist in the world”.

All this material should have been part of an exhibition to be inaugurated in 1939, but the outbreak of the war prevented its creation and so bones, photos and documents ended up in the warehouses of the Neapolitan Archaeological Museum and no one thought about it anymore.

Until today’s fortunate and exceptional discovery due, as mentioned to the members of the Brigataes, the acronym of “aesthetic production” to which many urban interventions, installations and videos are already owed.

Visitors will find in the “Sala della Meridiana”of the Neapolitan museum the finds extracted from the ground of the acropolis (a skull, a femur, a hand), photographs, a five-minute film of the Istituto Luce, documents of the time, but also other artifacts lithics found on the spot and the catalog of the exhibition itself with critical texts published at the Scientific Editorial.

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Please note: The information will disappoint you, but this giant is not as real as those found in Sardinia or other areas of the planet. It is an artistic work in polystyrene.

I understand that you are surprised.

All this is intended to be a personal study of sectorial marketing to evaluate the approach of a specific audience, divided by average knowledge in the veracity of some issues, age, country of connection, sex and other variables in impacting some news and to what extent this audience of at first glance, believes that information that differs from which one is accustomed to believe is truthful.

Cesare Valocchia

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