The legends of the Aztec giants

Real giants or mere legends?

That giant skeletons have been found at every latitude and longitude of the world is now a fact, although official archeology has done everything to omit and hide such data.

We find them in the Bible but also in other cultures.

Just a brief parenthesis to define some references in various texts, for example in the Book of the Watchers which was once part of the Holy Scriptures but then became apocryphal,
describes a sensational event to say the least, beings entirely made of flesh and blood who for millennia have been called “angels” come down from heaven because in love with earthly women, they mate with them and have children. The giants.

The Angels that are described to us today as incorporeal beings and made of light, were not this at all and at that time everyone knew it including Justin, a Christian Martyr who does not spare himself in saying in his apologies of the second century:

“He entrusted to the angels, with his own order, the care of men and of things placed under the heavens. But the angels transgressed the divine order and came down to mating with women, from whom they had children: and these are called demons.”

Therefore, for Justin, who lived precisely in that era, speaking of angels it is absolutely obvious that they are beings in flesh and blood, it does not even for a moment his mind to refute what is written, rather he confirms it, not only adds that the union between a being of the sky and a terrestrial woman gives rise to something different from the human being, a species in itself, whose spirit after death becomes a “demon”.

Today I want to tell you about the pre-Hispanic ones who lived in Mexico and who are said to have built the pyramids of Teotihuacan and the great pyramid of Cholula.

In local parlance they were called “Quinametzin” which means giant. Aztec mythology is full of references to giants 4 meters tall and weighing up to 300 kg that inhabited Mexico and Central America in general.

There are representations that represent them warring with the locals, some images are kept in the Codex de Rios deposited in the Vatican, the deeds of the Toltec-Chichimeca people are described with attached images of the capture of these giants.

The myth has it that God fed up with their raids and their crimes towards the humanity he loved to the point of devouring it, he sent the universal flood to sweep them away.

In the Aztec tales, however, 4 Quinametzin are famous, who in the legend supported the sky or the firmament at the beginning of the era of the fifth sun.

aztec Quinametzin

They were “Cuauhtémoc, Izcoalt, Izcaqlli and Tenexuche.”
Among the many there is one who was remembered as a hero because he contradicted himself in the capture of Tenochtitlan by the Spaniards.

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Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia was born in Rome in 1970. He is a telecommunications specialist with dedicated fibre optics and data transfer curses. He cultivates two main passions: volunteering in 118 ambulances and ufology. Instructor of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers for adults and children, he collected his experiences as a volunteer on the means of the 118 national health emergency service in Rome in an ebook entitled “Non dirmi grazie” “Don’t tell me thank you” His motto is: Helping those who suffer is the best payment. He has devoted himself to ufology since the early 1990s, and has been running the website since 2011. He conducted the first analysis on the “dancing” Sun of Medjugorje, which linked the UFO phenomenon to the Marian phenomenon. In May 2017, the article was published in the official journal of the National UFO Center. Further analysis of the sighting of unknown flying objects during the “Sun dance” around the world can be found on his website. He has been a member of the National Ufologic Center since 2019.

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