Who I am and my passions

Describe me? I never did it.

I do it now for the first time.

I have a lot of interests and I love to read, I read almost everything, and I am deeply passionate about two diametrically opposed sectors, unrelated to each other.

A little bit of me.

I have done many jobs, like many, navigating between various jobs to pay for my summer holidays, basically I always rolled up my sleeves and sweated alone without ever asking for help, it was not easy.

I am very determined, difficulties do not scare me as well as sacrifice, fatigue and renunciations, in this I must say thanks to my experience as a boy scout lived during adolescence.

Experiencing the mountains and the fatigue that derives from it during long walks during the day and at night, in the rain, hail and snow, helped me understand how to grit my teeth and made my mind conceive over the years that suffering it is the tool of change.

Training is what makes my heart beat.

I graduated in telecommunications and specialized in data transmission on telematic networks, then on sat-tv systems, then a course on optical fibers.

After graduating, I make my experience in McDonald’s where I open the first McDonald’s in Perugia, Italy dealing with both staff training and selection interviews.

Not satisfied, I go to study the Spanish language in Spain on several occasions, on my return I enter a chain of hotels in the capital where, as a simple door-man, I start chewing on tourism, covering various positions within the reception staff. Still not satisfied I go to work in a luxury hotel in London and at the same time I study English in the morning and work in the evening, back home I pick up the book for an abundant hour while my friends go out, this happens a lot often and even this is not an easy decision I have to tell you.

Back in Rome, the idea of ​​training myself as a volunteer rescuer at the Misericordia has matured in recent years, obtaining all the certificates suitable for emergency aboard the 118 ambulances which happens both in Rome and in Sardinia where I go for a few years to be useful to others, it is yes, because little by little I suddenly grow altruism and the desire to help others.

Despite the times that he has not been treated very well, the desire to be somehow useful has always remained.
A smile as a thank you was always my payment despite forgiving the expression “kicks received”.

I admit that it has often not been easy at all but I am one who never gives up as I said.

The first passion

I wanted to write down my ambulance assistance in a small book with a title that I have always considered suitable to represent myself.

“Don’t tell me thank you” for sale on Amazon, (I haven’t even advertised it) is not a technical book but a text on emotions that tells the emotions read in the eyes of the carabiniere, the doctor, the nurse, the traffic warden fire, dramatic moments, moments of fear, pain, despair and anger above all!

Because when on a heart massage you hear a 6 year old shouting “Please save my dad! Please save my dad!” dozens of thoughts flow into your head, do everything to save that life!
It’s not easy, you know, the shield I wear doesn’t always help.

Do you know what I imagine in those difficult times for anyone? I imagine an hourglass, the sand that falls inexorably, moments and seconds of life that flow without returning and I find myself praying to someone or something to slow down time, but time has no ears and runs its course.

My second passion

During a trip to the city of Perugia in 1982, my parents took me to see the extraterrestrial at the E.T cinema.

They never did!

From that moment on, a long investigative journey began on who the aliens were and where they came from.
You are smiling … and the smile reaches your ears or maybe not if you are on this site.
He came out of that cinema with only one sentence in his head.

“I need to know who they are!”

I remember on the way home my baby face smeared on the glass of the rear window staring at the sky, hoping to catch whatever arises and then scream at a shooting star

“Mom! Mom! It’s them! It’s them!

Among the general laughter.

In short, you have understood how my life has been conditioned.
In 2011 Myuforesearch was born, my ufology blog where I inform all fans of the phenomenon about personal searches, sightings, findings and curiosities.

Since 2017 I have been investigating the connection between Marian apparitions and the UFO phenomenon, resulting in an investigation book “UFO and alien contact in Christian history” available on Amazon.

I am extremely convinced of my investigation, you can find the related articles in the menu of this site.

One last thing remember, for those who do not believe in my research on the Marian apparitions. One day the world will apologize to me.
  Thank you all