UFOs and Alien Contacts in Christian History

Hi everyone, I’m a ufologist of the Italian National Ufological Center. In the field of religious research on the UFO phenomenon, I have put together almost 29 years of knowledge and information on the observations of unidentified flying objects from various points of view, a book came out that took into account many aspects of this phenomenon.

The text was born after deepening the research of two famous Portuguese historians on the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima. In 1976 they had access to the original documentation kept in the archives of the shrine of the city itself and came out the real story of completely different events that had been upset by the Roman Catholic Church for decades! A gigantic Cosmic Gate aimed at covering up the events of the time starting from the largest mass sighting of humanity, that of 13 October 1917. More than 50,000 witnesses witnessed the “dancing sun miracle”

So I started a personal investigation on all the phenomenology inherent in the apparitions, it turned out that they are all united by the same matrix and fully assimilable in facts and circumstances to the modern accounts of ufological events , from the apparition of Kibeho, to that of Heede, from Placanica, to San Bonico etc ..

What intrigued me most? That in the stories of the Bible, the apocryphal Gospels and in the testimony of the Marian apparitions, phrases and affirmations emerge from the Virgin Mary, which indicate extraterrestrial interference aimed at strengthening the beliefs and conversions of the devotees.

There is nothing “divine” in all this, the nature of the events described appears technological. As happened in Fatima, these events are intended to strengthen the concept of prodigy among believers. The book then analyzes the different epiphanies among those recognized and not recognized by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, detecting oddities, inconsistencies, false prophecies and potential errors.

All within a framework that has seen these beings from deep space settle on earth for thousands of years, influence the development of the human being and lay the foundations of many religious beliefs, all within Christianity.

Another topic is the miraculous healings performed by the Virgin Mary. It is important to emphasize that they are not fake news as many non-believers declare, but they are the result of very advanced technological advances that humans have not yet reached.

Do you think you have an open mind? This book will make you think.

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