The ancient astronauts meet King Etana

A bizarre encounter with aliens

Among the most important archaeological sites in the world, we include that of the city of Nineveh, the ancient capital of the Assyrian kingdom in the first millennium BC, exactly between 705 and 681.

Located in the north of the Mesopotamian territory, it saw its maximum splendor under the reign of Sennacherib, which greatly improved the entire city by building streets and buildings, the most important of which was the “Palace without Equals”.

Sennacherib showed himself wise, his conquests did not aim at the extermination of the peoples, but at the enslavement of the same by imposing taxes that had to be paid. He did not prevent the institutions of the defeated from professing their beliefs, his policy was thus marked to give prestige to his kingdom.

He was responsible for the construction within the city of an important library that came to us and which held thousands of cuneiform tablets. Several times attacked the city of Nineveh fell in 612 BC and with it the whole Assyrian empire conquered by Medes and Chaldeans.

Precisely during the excavations in Nineveh 5 clay cylinders were found where the journey into space made by Etana who lived 5000 years ago was written, in reality he had been a guest on a flying boat in the shape of a shield that descended on the earth behind the Royal Palace. From the object, tall men got out, blond of imposing appearance with dark complexions, (blue?) All dressed in white, they looked like gods, they invited the king to get on the boat. King Etana climbed and the vehicle took off quickly in a whirlwind of flames and smoke.

 He climbed so high that the earth with its continent seas appeared to him as a small bread.

King Etana closely saw the Moon, Venus and Mars, then after two weeks of absence, when everyone thought that the gods had taken him away forever, the flying boat returned touching land surrounded by a halo of fire.

King Etana descended in the company of some of his guests, who remained for a few days and behaved like humans, eating and sleeping as the human race does.

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Cesare Valocchia

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