Giant skeletons of more than 14 feet disappeared in Sardinia, Italy.

The uncomfortable story of the giants of Sardinia

Hello everyone and welcome back to Myuforesearch, today I want to let you read some incredible testimonials about a piece of history hidden by the official history, we all know it right? That history must be rewritten.

I don’t know how many of you know that the Smithsonian Museum was brought to court for hiding hundreds and hundreds of gigantic skeletons.

For those who know English, here are some articles from the beginning of the century that tell of the discovery of huge skeletons in the United States. The cover-up had not yet begun at the time

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giant victoria texas
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We now continue to talk about giants, but as announced in Sardinia. Italy

Intriguing tales about giants

Soon you will be amazed.

The giants thousands of years ago, children of the famous “Fallen Angels” who had mated with human females, were scattered almost everywhere on our planet, huge skeletons were found in dozens of sites, but today I want to tell you about those found and witnessed in a recent past in Sardinia-Italy.

Enjoy the reading:

“We used to come here to play with the skeleton, which was mummified: bones, nerves and skin. We grabbed the arm, pulled a nerve, and made the fingers move. It was a game, but it didn’t last long: 5-6 months, then they took it ». Speaking is Luigi Muscas, the son of shepherds, now a sculptor and writer. He is the author of books such as “The people of the giants, sons of the stars”, published in 2008 by La Riflessione.

An event: the beginning of the rediscovery of the giants, in the heart of Sardinia. A kind of great secret, systematically concealed. Something that recalls the denunciation of Professor Gaetano Ranieri, of the University of Cagliari, who discovered – half a century ago – of 38 “stone giants” in Mont’e Prama, Sinis, belonging to an unknown civilization. According to Ranieri, the georadar reveals the underground presence of a city spread over 16 hectares. But archeology hesitates: it doesn’t want to dig. For fear of finding other giants, but in flesh and blood, such as the one encountered in 1972 in the countryside of Pauli Arbarei by the then young Luigi Muscas, who was just ten years old at the time?    

«In the giant’s cave I ended up sheltering myself from a downpour», Muscas says, in a reportage broadcast in 2009 by “Cinque Stelle TV”, the historic local broadcaster in Olbia. «That day I ran away to town with the flock and told my grandfather everything. And my grandfather said to me: now I’ll tell you where all the others are buried. ” The young Muscas then took courage and returned to that cave, with his friends, to “play” with the giant. “He was not the only one: other skeletons emerged from the countryside, where powerful plows were being used, pulled by tracked tractors, machines capable of digging the ground in depth”.

Remember the video reportage of the Olbia television : Pauli Arbarei (South Sardinia, 50 kilometers north of Cagliari) is in the center of Marmilla, an area where the tradition of the so-called Lost City survives. “A legend – says an elder of the village – says that here there was a town of ten thousand inhabitants, at least 10-12.000 years ago, with a lake, in which a lone giant used to fish”. The story of the giant fisherman is also told by Raffaele Cau, pastor of Pauli Arbarei: “One of our family grounds is called the Land of the Giant’s Stone, because it has the imprint of the buttocks of the gigantic being who fished in the lake”.  

Not only suggestions: «Great bones have been brought to light by the plows of the new tracked tractors», confirms Cau, whose testimony is among those collected by Luigi Muscas in his book. The author – explains “Cinque Stelle TV” – became passionate about the mystery of the Sardinian giants, discovering that Plato, when he talks about those colossal beings, describes them as at home in places very similar to Sardinia.

The release in the bookstore of “The people of giants, sons of the stars” triggered a real memory operation: “Many witnesses reached Muscas to tell them about similar finds near their countries, but then everything disappeared into thin air without a trace”, says the Olbia TV, which has nevertheless collected some direct testimonies. “In the spring of 1962, in April or May – says a man from Pauli Arbarei – the tractor moved the ground and uncovered a giant skull and then the entire skeleton, almost 3 meters long”. An isolated case? Not even for an idea: dozens of them came out, in the archaeological (nuragic) site of Sant’Anastasia, in the historic center of Sardara, a stone’s throw from Pauli Arbarei.

In that construction site, between sacred wells and tombs, the worker Giuseppe Serra worked from 1973 to 1996. “Between 1982 and 1983 – he says – we found more than 40 skeletons, some with rings on their fingers”. Their length? Embarrassing: 4 meters and 20, 4 meters and 80, even 5 meters and 10. “The smallest was 2 meters and 40 centimeters high,” says Serra, to the television crew. “They were proportionate. In some, the head was as big as the wheel of a car ». A colleague confirms: “In the mid-1980s, some skeletons were placed in cardboard boxes behind the altar of the church, which was deconsecrated: there were femurs three feet long. Outside, we found skeletons also buried one on top of the other ».

And where did they go? “We don’t know.”

Giuseppe Serra confirms: «The bones had been collected in sacks and placed inside the church. Then they came to return them and we don’t know where they ended up ». Luigi Muscas says: «You don’t know who got them from, those skeletons. But only those in charge could enter there ».

In 2008, “Cinque Stelle TV” recalls, the mayor of Sardara wrote to the Archaeological Superintendency of Cagliari to ask for a comparison between his fellow villagers, witnesses of the findings, and the archaeologists who had worked in the Sant’Anastasia construction site. The mayor wanted “his” finds back, but the appeal received no response (except the unofficial request to leave it alone). “But Muscas is stubborn, and he never stopped: he never stopped looking for witnesses.” Giants? Of course: the Bible also speaks of them, calls them Nephilim. One of them was Goliath, David’s opponent. Other giants, “colleagues” of Goliath, inhabited Philistine (Palestinian) cities such as Gaza. Hebrew literature considers giants as children of the improper union between “sons of the gods” and “daughters of men”. According to Zecharia Sitchin, however, in the Sumerian tablets it is written that the “people of giants”, ancestors of humanity like the Anunnaki, came from the planet Nibiru. The literary testimonies on gigantic beings are innumerable, but archeology does not seem to want to deal with them: how to explain those disturbing bony presences?

The latest hypothetical discovery – writes “L’Unione Sarda” – is very recent: an oversized femur was found in Mont’e Prama (the land of giant statues) on 15 October 2015. “A giant skeleton appears and is immediately silence “, headlines the site” Underground Sardinia “, noting however that, after the initial admissions of Nello Cappai, mayor of Guamaggiore, the usual blanket of secrecy would have been brought down on the case. To take a look at some photographed or filmed bone finds it is worth viewing the reportage of “Cinque Stelle Tv”, which also reports an impressive selection of the testimonies collected by Luigi Muscas in his famous book on the “people of giants, sons of the stars. “. A man from Pauli Arbarei tells us: «One day, my little daughter came home frightened to have seen giant skeletons», in a nuragic construction site. «The chief archaeologist had scolded the children, telling them not to look at them, because they were ‘the devils’. We went to the nuraghe and I too saw the skeletons ». The man adds: «I had already seen them in 1958 on the Costa Smeralda, at the construction sites of the first tourist facilities». 

“Returning from the countryside – remembers Giorgina Medda, also from Pauli Arbarei – my father Raimondo (born in 1874) said: even today I found a bone of a giant”. The woman adds: “In one of our grounds there was a tomb: from a crack you could see the glitter of metals.” Mysterious giants also in the experience of Angelo Ibba, a farmer from Sardara: «I happened to see a giant in 1938. The plow got stuck in a stone slab, which had holes arranged in such a way as to represent a drawing. There was a huge skull in the hole. We covered everything: those bones are still there ». Sometimes, the giant bones come into the open on construction sites. Virgilio Saiu, bricklayer from Pauli Arbarei (born in 1915), says: «In 1950, while laying the foundations for the house of Francesco Lai, behind the church of Sant’Agostino, I and others found an enormous tomb, three times the size of me. With the stone lid removed, a gigantic skeleton appeared. He certainly had a dress: a black cloak of cloth, which deteriorated upon contact with the air. In the tomb, there were also three gold coins. In the village the rumor spread, the priest arrived and he collected the coins: he said he would give them to whoever was in charge ».

It is a precise memory: “Those coins were solid gold, shiny, of a size comparable to those of the old 100 lire.” And the bones? “They were big: the head huge, the nostrils as big as my fist. The teeth are still perfect, the teeth as long as the fingers of my hands. All the joints were still intact. And the fingers of the hands were big and 20 centimeters long ». Regrets, Virgilio Saiu: «Unfortunately, not understanding its importance, we left the bones buried in the foundation of the house. And they are still there ». 

The bricklayer then assures that he has seen other skeletons, “in the locality of Nuragi De Passeri, in the land of Natale Pusceddu, during the works to plant a vineyard”. He specifies: «With me there were Candido Toco, Luigi Noaruffu, Sperandiu Scanu and his brother, and Angelo Mandis». The spades unearthed 20 stone slabs. «In the graves there were huge skeletons, more than 3 meters long, some even 4. The owner asked us not to tell anyone anything, because otherwise they would have stopped the work. And so even those skeletons were broken and left in the vineyard ».

The giant could also appear in the garden of the house. Eugenio Concu, of Ussaramanna explains it. “When I was 10, in 1971, we did the excavations for the cesspool. And at a depth of 50 centimeters we began to glimpse four large heads, five times larger than ours. Digging, we discovered four large skeletons: they were buried in the shape of a cross. They were very long, had very large hands and an elongated head. The teeth were all intact and very white, 5-6 centimeters long. I’m sure of it, because we washed them and measured them ». Eugenio adds: “We notified the parish priest of Ussaramanna: he told us that the skeletons were Carthaginians, and he asked us to throw them in the landfill.” Said and done: «With the help of my brothers we tore them to pieces and loaded them into the wheelbarrow. And after 4-5 trips we got rid of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t know what they were: otherwise we could have kept at least one ».

Among the many stories collected by Luigi Muscas, perhaps the most disconcerting is that of Salvatore Pilloni, from Gonnoscodina. «In elementary school – he says – the teachers uncovered the graves. They took us with shovels and pickaxes to the Aztec Field to go and dig graves. Some were normal, others gigantic (over 4 meters: the masters measured them with the meter). A skeleton was 3 meters 86 centimeters long, the feet were 60 centimeters long, and the femur a full 1 meter 43 centimeters.

 The head was as big as that of a horse, only the features were human. ‘ Salvatore says: «I was only 9 years old, but I remember well that the bones were covered with a small skin, as if they were mummified. In fact, they had all the tendons still intact. And when they were lifted, the skeletons moved like puppets. ‘ What became of those remains? “In the end, our masters took them,” Pilloni also mentions the names of. Officially, the giants never existed. And the debunkers dismiss the matter in the usual way: hoaxes. Really? And why should so many elderly people tell such well-documented lies? On UFOs, the “cover-up” is over. When, then, the truth about the giants? To begin with: where did the maxi-skeletons of Sardara and Pauli Arbarei go?

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Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia

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