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April 21, 1991 – Heathrow (Kent, England) –

At 19.58 on 21 April 1991 the Alitalia MD-80 McDonnell airliner, flight AZ 284, on the route from Milan to London and with 57 passengers on board, would have crossed an “unidentified flying object” at an altitude of 22,000 feet. over the county of Kent, during the landing phase at Heathrow airport. The missile-like object, 3 meters long, light brown in colour and travelling at a speed of about 120 miles per hour (over 190 kilometres per hour), would have veered suddenly and would have passed just over 300 meters from the plane Italian, thus forcing the pilot, Achille Zaghetti, to make a sudden manoeuvre to avoid the collision, before disappearing from the radars as mysteriously as he had appeared. The Alitalia plane was monitored by the London Air Traffic Control Center,

In conclusion, it is stated: “The air traffic controller submitted an event report and the investigative action started immediately. Extensive investigations provided no indication of what the sighting could have been.” Having almost immediately discarded the possibility that it was actually a missile, as well as a weather balloon, or a space rocket, the Ministry of Defense was forced to admit that it could be a real UFO. and on July 2 of that same year, the investigation was closed. “We are unable to confirm the identity of the object spotted by the crew of the Alitalia flight,” reads the official report, “and in the absence of clear evidence that can be used for identification, it is our intention to consider this sighting as that of any other “unidentified flying object”. Therefore, there will be no further investigations. “In the document, which remained secret until 2008, and made public after the declassification, the Italian pilot’s testimony is also reported.” I saw for about 3 or 4 seconds a flying object very similar to a missile and light brown in colour, told Zaghetti at the time, and I immediately shouted “Warning! Attention “to my co-pilot, who had seen the same thing. As soon as we crossed the object, I asked those of the control tower if they had noticed something on their screens and the operator replied that he saw an unknown target at 10 nautical miles behind us. ”Later, at 10.25 pm ​​that same night,

December 24, 1978 –

Pietracamela (Teramo, Italy). At the edge of the town, on the Gran Sasso, in the “Rio delle Mandorle” locality, there is a hydroelectric plant of ENEL, called “Rio Arno Power Plant”. It was the very first eve of Christmas 1978, it was cold and Benito Franchi, the electrical worker, mounted in service at 6.30. At around 6.50 Benito was in the generator room while sitting at the control panel he felt a strange illness and the generator n ° 2, the only one in operation, had strong oscillations in the operation, a problem that generally occurred when the electrical load on the network was more intense, which is unlikely at that hour. But the incomprehensible thing was that even the instruments of generator No. 1, which was not in operation due to the scarcity of water, began to oscillate; the ammeter hands went from zero to full scales, like crazy. The phenomenon ceased after about a minute, after which all instruments remained completely starved. At the same time, the technician tried to reach the alarm bell a few meters away from him, to warn his colleague that he was resting in an apartment thirty meters from the room, but as soon as he got up he fell on the floor without being able to move a single finger. After a while, he recovered and through the window, he saw flashes of light coming from a beech forest just over two hundred meters from the plant. Released outside, the Franks saw a large “fiery ball” of intense red colour, whose light, however, was not reflected around, in looking at it he felt a strong burning in the eyes. In a few seconds, the luminous object rose in the air going in the direction of the Gran Sasso, leaving behind a trail, like that of rockets. He then tried to warn his colleague through the intercom, but the device did not work, he went back outside and it was then that he saw on the top of the Gran Sasso something that looked like a “jockey hat” with a golden yellow light, which rapid colour changes. Finally, Franchi managed to call his companion, Guido Di Varano; made it aware of what had happened and together they followed the evolution of the object in the mountains, it was similar to “a star with a tail”, which moved further south. Even the hotelier of the Hotel “La Gran Baita”, in Prati di Tivo, and his guests, they witnessed the evolution of the strange object (experts then declared that what they had seen was the bright planet Venus …). On day 28 the equipment of the plant was checked, which turned out to be out of the norm; the amplitude and type of the faults were decidedly anomalous, although the instruments were efficiently protected even from lightning strikes, the technicians were unable to trace a conventional cause. On day 29 the newspapers published the strange event. the technicians were unable to trace a conventional cause. On day 29 the newspapers published the strange event. the technicians were unable to trace a conventional cause. On day 29 the newspapers published the strange event.

February 24, 1959 – Williamsport (Pennsylvania, USA).

Captain Peter W. Killian and First Officer James Dee, American Airlines, flew on a DC-6B from Newark to Detroit. It was a clear night, with visible bright stars and no moon. At 8:20 pm (CET), the plane was approximately thirteen miles west of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, flying on a 295-degree course at 8,500 meters. from the left-wing side, Captain Killian noticed three lights, he first thought they were three stars in the Orion belt. But then he realized that Orion was also visible, high above his head. The lights were around 15 degrees above the plane. While he and flight officer Dee continued to look at the objects. At this point, arriving near Erie, Pennsylvania, Captain Killian contacted two other American Airlines planes that were passing through the area. One, at the “Dolphin checkpoint” (above the northern shore of Lake Erie), saw the objects directly south on Cleveland. The other plane, near Sandusky, Ohio, which was heading towards Pittsburgh, sighted the objects slightly to the left of their position, to the southeast. As the DC-6B continued west, the UFOs passed on until they were in their original position relative to the left-wing. Then Captain Killian started the manoeuvres for landing in Detroit, and the crew no longer had time to look at objects. During the observation, which lasted 45 minutes, the UFOs continuously changed brightness, sometimes flashing “they were brighter than any star” and therefore “turning off” completely. Their colour ranged from yellow-orange to white-blue, extremely bright colours. The last object inline moved back and forth, sometimes, regardless of the movement of the formation. Visibility was unlimited. The pilots said, “It couldn’t have been clearer than it was that night above 5,000 feet.” When the plane started to land for landing, it was around 9.15 pm, Captain Killian and FO Dee lost sight of the objects.

At 9:30 pm in Akron, Ohio, George Popowitch of the UFO Research Committee, recipes a phone call from a contact at Akron Airport. A United Airlines plane (flight 937) had just landed for a fifteen-minute layover and had signalled the sighting of three strange lights that had followed their plane for 30 minutes. Popowitch had already received nine reports from local citizens, from 9:15 to 09:20 of strange lights seen in the area, so he decided to interview the airline’s crew. Captain AD Yates and engineer Le Baney said they sighted the object from near Lockhaven, Pennsylvania, in Youngstown, Ohio, from 8:40 to 9:10 am United Airlines flight 321, too, had reported the objects by radio. Captain Yates had seen UFOs from his plane south.

the UFOs were seen in the south. Pilot sighting triangulation did not comply with the altitude and position information given for the refuelling operation. American Airlines crews, who were communicating with air traffic control at the time, told us that there were no three aircraft in the area and, after landing, it was reiterated that no tanker aircraft were in the area. Questioned by the press, Captain Killian said: “If the Air Force wants to believe that it can. But I know those were absolutely not a B-47, like even a KC-97 tanker, and I don’t know what those aircraft were. that we saw that night “The Air Force subsequently released a statement, as if it had been released by Captain Killian, saying that UFOs could have been a refuelling operation and that he didn’t know what they looked like at night. In the controversy that followed, American Airlines forced Captain Killian to remain silent. The Air Force officially concluded that UFOs were aircraft.

GENOA – On the morning of August 22, 1608,

The three objects that came from heaven and already appeared in Nice appear in Genoa, on the sea in front of the city fort. The Genoese, already informed of what had happened in Nice 17 days before, react violently. The citadel unleashes a tight artillery fire against the three vessels: 800 cannonballs are aimed at the bombs, but none of the three suffers the slightest damage, nor does it stop its evolution. However, in this case, no one tries to get out of the objects during the two and a half hours in which the phenomenon occurs. After about an hour of evolution on the surface of the water, one of the devices detaches abruptly from the group and points to the city. The population is panicked and numerous deaths and injuries are recorded, some trampled by the crowd, others for being exposed to the strange vessel anyway.

May 16, 1808 – Biskopsberga (Sweden).

It was a cloudy afternoon and a strong wind blew from the west; the sun over the village of Biskopsberga had suddenly grown. Suddenly a large number of spherical objects appeared from the west and all headed towards the sun. They were dark brown in colour and changed to black as they approached. They slowed down, to accelerate immediately after passing in front of the star, and then move in procession straight across the sky to the east. According to the Swedish Academy of Sciences (1808), “The phenomenon lasted uninterruptedly for two hours, during which millions of these objects followed one after the other irregularly carrying out the same manoeuvre. Some of these balls fell from the sky, and many landed not far from KG Wettermark, the secretary of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. Looking at them just before they hit the ground he said, “they looked like those air bubbles that children use to make soapy water out of a reed. In the place of the fall, there was nothing left but a thin film like a cobweb in alternate colours, then quickly dry up and disappear. ” The spheres still in the air continued their passage until they finally disappeared towards the east.

1665 – April 8 – Barhöfft,

Germany (formerly belonging to Sweden). The incident occurred on the afternoon of April 8, 1665, at around 2:00 pm, when a group of fishermen anchored near the port of Barhöfft had testified what they believed were “ships in the sky” engaged in a battle. “An object with a round and flat shape immediately emerged from the sky, very similar to a large man’s hat,” wrote the author Erasmus Francisci who was interested in the case in 1689.

“The colour of the ship was dark as if the object had been obscured by the moon as it hovered right above the church of San Nicolai where it remained suspended until the evening. The fishermen, worried, did not want to dwell on what they were observing by hiding their face in your hands. “

According to Francisci’s report, the men who had witnessed the appearance of the strange objects fell ill soon after, suffering from severe tremors and pains in the head and limbs. The whole episode was considered “inexplicable” by the men of science of that period and the cause of the mysterious symptoms of men was never discovered.

In their recent analysis conducted in June 2015, researchers Chris Aubeck and Martin Shough tried to provide some explanation for what the fishermen had seen in the sky, although they could not find a definitive answer. In the end, the researchers concluded that it was a particularly interesting case that could be considered among the first sightings of alleged “flying saucers” to be brought back from history. “

“In 1665, many claimed to have seen a battle in the sky and to have fallen ill immediately after the sighting” this is the header of an article written on June 22, 2015, by Tara MacIsaac, of The Epoch Times.

The image is an engraving from 1680 accompanied by a description by Erasmo Francisci which refers to a bloody battle that took place in 1665 during which some ships had faced each other in the Swedish sky.

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