Marian Revelations: Anomalies and Mysteries

All the apparitions of the Virgin in the world

In this article I would like to highlight many aspects concerning ufological aspects and anomalies within Marian visions.

The purpose of the contact mainly concerns the construction of a chapel, or a church, a place of worship in which to gather the faithful to pray, because the ultimate goal is always to bring people together with “miracles” of various types, the discovery of icons, paintings, springs of water that emerge, the sun that pulsates. Enormous sacrifices, fasting and physical suffering are required, and receiving the stigmata would be a “gift”. There is, as in the case of the seers, an interference in the neo-brain cortex capable of distorting and altering the perception of the surrounding reality.

Even the tears of blood or other liquids to connect to the events of Trevignano Romano are part of this immense deception and their origin dates back many centuries in the past, a phenomenon punctually recorded in the chronicles and which is part of the spectacularization of the events.

The question: Why would a loving God as he has always been portrayed make his children suffer? In some cases it even comes as we will read later, to announce the departure.

I invite you to read this sensational article of mine on a fact of a real news which will make you reflect on the love that this entity would have for his “beloved children”.

Water has always represented within human cultures a vehicle of communication with the divinities, within the Christian religion baptism is the main example with which the faithful begin to relate to God. Water has its own vital nature, the studies of Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who has dedicated his life to the study of this immense natural wealth, represent an enormous step in understanding how water is able to be “ informed” that is to forfeit sounds, emotions and words with which it comes into contact.

Water heals because it is “charged”, its miraculous power could derive from a highly advanced technology capable of conveying quantum information in the fluid which then, coming into contact with the sufferer, would unleash a miraculous event in our eyes.

List of unexplained miracles

Marian Revelations

ANDERNACH-KELL (GERMANY). Some shepherds from the town of Kell saw an intermittent light in a thick bush. As they approached this light, they saw a statue of the Pieta. They immediately took her to the parish. The following day the statue miraculously found itself in the same place as before in the bush. Brought back to the church, the Pietà disappeared once again to return to its place of origin. Seeing in this the will of the Holy Virgin, it was decided to build a chapel dedicated to her in the woods. Thus it was that, when the news spread, an intense pilgrimage developed in this place in devotion to the “Queen of martyrs”.

VALENCIENNES (FRANCE). Mary appeared to a hermit near Valenciennes, entrusting him with the task of calling the population to fasting and prayer, as the plague was raging in the city. The inhabitants of Valenciennes responded to the call with great fervor. The following evening, the Holy Virgin appeared to the citizens with many Angels who spread a cord around the city to stop the plague and demonstrate her protection. Furthermore Maria implored the inhabitants to hold a procession for the following day. In fact, to carry out the will of the Holy Virgin, on 8 September, the feast of the birth of the Mother of God, a procession made up of a multitude of people wound its way through the city streets for an entire day. Immediately the plague suddenly ceased to rage. To commemorate this event, every year on the same day of the anniversary, a procession is held in Valenciennes. The foundation of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Cord refers to this event.

Some children discovered in the Betharram area, in the French Pyrenees west of Lourdes, a luminous statue of the Madonna. The story belongs to the local tradition and is well attested: a little girl, during an excursion, broke away from other children to pick flowers on the bank of the Gave stream. She wanted to pay homage to Maria SS., But she fell into the river and was saved by the miraculous intervention of the Madonna who had meanwhile appeared to the children. Many people went to the place of the event to pray to the Madonna. For years the area was the destination of numerous pilgrimages which were interrupted following the events in nearby Lourdes.

LISBON (PORTUGAL).In the environs of Lisbon a very bright glow was noticed in the darkness of the night. At the same time Our Lady appeared to a Christian prisoner of the Arabs, Pietro Martinez, asking for the erection of a church dedicated to her. He freed him by sending him with this assignment to Lisbon where the light appeared. The liberated man went to where the miraculous light energy was shown. Arrived at the place, he found a statuette of Maria SS. she covered with a white silk dress. The figurine was made of an unknown material which radiated the strong luminosity. Tradition has it that the statue is acheropita, i.e. not made by human hands, but of miraculous origin. A short time later, the miraculous phenomenon recognized by the ecclesiastical authorities, the first stone of a church was laid in the presence of the bishop of Lisbon, Noqueria, and the King of Portugal. This church was consecrated in 1453, in the presence of King Alfonso V, to “Our Lady of Light”.

MATRAVEREBÉLY-SZENTKIST (HUNGARY).A local legend narrates the following miraculous phenomenon: a mute shepherd had the privilege of seeing the Blessed Virgin who showed him a source of spring water. The trusting shepherd went to this source and bathed, immediately after which he was able to speak. In a document of the time it can be learned that other healings of this type also took place in this place.

The shrine at Walsingham has its origin in the following tradition: the distinguished widow Richeldis had a vision in a dream, in which she was transported to Nazareth and saw the house of Mary (1061). Entering her Holy House, the woman was welcomed by the Archangel Gabriel who gave her the task of building a chapel in Walsingham in imitation of her House. She had the chapel erected where a statue of the Madonna similar to that of Loreto was placed. During the Reformation, Walsingham was a center of resistance for Catholicism. In 1934 the so-called Oxford movement erected a new sanctuary with the chapel of the Holy House inside proposing pilgrimages which had a continuous development. Even today many conversions and healings take place in this place.

Nb.A vision? I would say real. Teleportation is clearly mentioned in the apocryphal Gospels

OUDENBURG (BELGIUM).Mary appeared (1087) to Saint Arnulfo or Arnold (1040-1087), who was a monk, hermit, abbot and finally, from 1081, bishop of Soissons. The Mother of God appeared to him announcing his passing. Arnoldo begged her to be able to leave the earthly world on the day of her Assumption. On the eve of this anniversary, he communicated to the brothers gathered around his bed that the Madonna would fulfill her last wish. Arnulfo died in fact the following day. In 1121 he was canonized and is the patron saint of brewers and millers.

AMPUDIA (SPAIN).An ancient painting of the Holy Virgin Mary, entitled “Our Lady of Help”, was stolen in Andalusia in the year 714 and hidden in Alconada. The painting was found in 1133 following some miraculous lights and the heavenly voices of the Angels. The portrait was then taken to Ampudia in 1219.

CHIARAVALLE (FRANCE). Pietro Monoculus (+ 1186), subsequently beatified, was born in the castle Marlac (Cluny); he was a monk of Igny and, in 1179, the eighth abbot of Chiaravalle. He had the grace of receiving some significant apparitions of the Holy Virgin Mary. Once Peter saw Mary in a hall of Paradise, sitting on a master throne bathed in heavenly light; as soon as he moved to meet the Mother of God, furious satanic dogs appeared to block his path but with a simple wave of the hand, Mary drove away the demonic creatures and Peter was able to advance up to her, then the Mother of God promised him eternal protection. Another time, in the solitary rooms of the convent, Peter met the Madonna accompanied by Mary Magdalene and Mary of Egypt. Maria would also appear to him in Spery Cathedral. Peter Monoculus died in 1186 in Foigny,

SAINT-TROND (BELGIUM).The Mother of God often appeared to Lutgarde of Tongres (1182-1246) since she became prioress of the Benedictine convent of Saint Catherine near Saint-Trond in 1205. Our Lady often appeared to her to exhort her to penance and prayer, showing her the painful Passion and the life of her Son of her, our Lord Jesus Christ, to guide and console her. Lutgarda retired (since 1206) to the Cistercian convent of Arwières near Brussels, where she had many ecstasies and visions. She imposed a severe regime of penance and led an ascetic life to obtain the conversion of heretics from God. Lutgarda, later made a saint, has the particular merit of having redeemed many sinners, of having healed many diseases and consoled the souls of the suffering.

Thierry Schóre, a blacksmith from the town of Tannach, on his way to the market of Niedermorschweier passed through a place that recalled a mortal misfortune. The man dismounted and, kneeling, began to pray. While he was absorbed in prayer, the Madonna appeared to him wrapped in a white cloak and covered with a veil; she was surrounded by a wonderful light, in her right hand she carried three ears of corn and in her left a string of ice. Then the Virgin Mary, turned to the blacksmith, so she said: «My son! The inhabitants of this area defied the wrath of God. Ice is the symbol of hail, hunger, contagious diseases and other punishments. Only if sinners convert will God forgive them and bless their fields. These three ears are the sign of the blessing from above. Tell people what you saw and heard!” Initially the blacksmith was afraid to tell people about this apparition, but then another miracle gave him the impetus to tell and convince his fellow citizens of the serious admonition of the Madonna. Numerous believers took Mary’s admonition seriously, so they organized expiatory processions and erected a memorial church in remembrance of this.

RE (PIEDMONT). In 1494, a portrait of Mary was struck by a stone on a wall of the church in the village of Re, high in the mountains. The forehead of the Blessed Virgin bled profusely for twenty days. The case was carefully examined by the competent ecclesiastical authorities and in the end its miraculous aspect was recognized. The faithful flocked en masse to the foot of the portrait to pray. The pilgrimage to the “Madonna of the blood” is still active.

A wooden statue from around 1430, depicting the Mother of God with the Child Jesus, was seen weeping by two priests and many faithful on the eve of Christ’s Ascension. The tear fluid was dried by the faithful present and by those who came after, but the statue continued to weep continuously for about an hour. According to witness statements, the event was recognized as a miraculous supernatural phenomenon. Some time later, the tears found an explanation in the sadness of the Madonna for the approach of the Thirty Years War which broke out three years later bringing so many disasters and suffering to the populations.

A member of a Marian association, who came close to death, saw Satan threatening him, then Mary appeared to him and with her presence drove away the evil one. The man, grateful to the Holy Virgin for the miraculous intervention, greeted the Mother of God in this way: «O Queen of Heaven! Mother of grace always ready to lend your merciful help, I entrust my soul into your hands!». After a while man made the transition from earthly life

BAMBERG (GERMANY).Frederick Guttrie had left the Catholic Church to become a Protestant. However, he had maintained the habit of reciting seven Hail Marys every day in honor of the seven graces of the Madonna. Mary then appeared to him and urged him to embrace the Catholic faith again and place herself under his large mantle; moreover, always in the same apparition, she predicted him the day of her death and advised him to prepare well for the passing away. Federico confessed deeply and received holy communion with the help of the Jesuit father Federico Fournier. He died on December 24, 1608, on Christmas Eve, on the date announced by the Holy Virgin.

ROME.The Carmelite father, Domenico Maria Ruzzola (1599-1630), born in Catalonia (Spain), found under the rubble of a house the miraculous icon of «Our beloved Lady of benevolence». He cleaned the sacred image well and then hung it on the wall to honor it. Since then the SS. Virgin appeared several times to Father Ruzzola to recommend him to pray for the poor souls in Purgatory. In one of these apparitions she said to him: «I will give many graces and I will accept the prayers of all those who will find refuge in me, in front of this image of mine and will adore me. In a special way I will raise their prayers for the salvation of the poor souls in Purgatory». In 1617 Father Domenico became superior general of the reformed Carmelite Order; he spent his last years in Vienna where he died. The painting, after his death, it was offered by the Carmelites to Emperor Ferdinand, their benefactor. The emperor had particular devotion to the icon of Mary and, as legend has it, he received this promise of protection from the Madonna: «I will protect the Princely House of Austria with my intercession and will preserve it, as long as it continues to demonstrate such devotion , power and magnificence”. Since 1901, the icon of “Our Beloved Lady of Kindness” has been in the Carmelite Church of Dóbling in Vienna.

NB. Purgatory is an invention of the Church of the second half of the twelfth century, the entity manipulates the brain and shows things that do not exist.

ARONA (PIEDMONT).Maria SS. he appeared several times to the Portuguese Jesuit Emmanuel Sà (1530-1596), exegete and professor of moral theology, who belonged to the Jesuit Order from 1545. The Holy Virgin appeared to him once again in 1596 with Ignatius of Loyola and predicted the day of her death (December 30).

SALUZZO (PIEDMONT).In 1447 a fire of gigantic proportions threatened the city of Saluzzo. The dismayed population called the Madonna for help. After deep and repeated invocations, in a blue light, she was seen hovering over the burning houses. After a short time the fire was miraculously put out.

LE GIAUDET-LANRIVAIN (BELGIUM). In Lanrivain (diocese of Saint-Brieuc), Mary appeared to a poor thirty-four-year-old farmer, father of twelve children, and multiplied the bread on the poor table of the seer’s family. Despite this miracle, the parish priest did not believe in the apparitions, after ten days he went blind. One day his parishioner prodigiously found a statuette of the Madonna and fell absorbed in prayer in front of it: at the same time the parish priest began to see again. Immediately after his recovery, the priest did his utmost to have a Marian chapel built.

NB. Do not you think? I, Virgin Mary, punish you!

SAN FRANCISCO (UNITED STATES).Miss Collins was seriously ill; she heard the voice of the Holy Virgin who advised her to drink 3 drops of water from the La Salette spring and recite 3 Ave Marias; she followed the advice and immediately recovered.

In Ukraine, in the city of Grushew, in the province of Hruschiw, the Marian episode we are about to tell caused a great stir and put the local authorities in difficulty. The latter attempted to assert the thesis of collective hallucination by means of the mass media enslaved to their power. Marina Kisyn, an 11-year-old girl, on Sunday 25 April towards dusk, sees a female figure in the shape of the Madonna on the bell tower of a Catholic church. It is important to remember that the church had been out of use for many years; earlier, in the times of the Tsars, it had been a Marian shrine famous for a miraculous icon. Now people completely ignored it. After the first moment of dismay, the girl runs to warn her mother and her neighbors, who also become witnesses of the phenomenon. The apparition is then repeated every evening, always before sunset. A few days later a mass of over forty thousand people, devotees, curious and pilgrims crowded near the church. On August 13, television, radio and newspapers, orchestrated by the authorities who feared autonomist revolts, try to present the thing as a phenomenon of “collective hallucination”. While the television resumes the church and the mass of the people, the female figure appears on the bell tower with a black dress and the Child Jesus in her arms. In this apparition, the Blessed Mother appears similar to the statue of Our Lady of Kiev, which in 988 Vladimir the Great received as a gift from his wife Anna. The apparition, involuntarily filmed by television, it causes such a devotional movement that the authorities are no longer able to control the huge crowd (this spectacular apparition takes place the day before the Chernobyl disaster). Among the seers we remember Josyp Terelya (who will participate in the Ukrainian separatist movement and in the late summer of the same year, 1987, will be forced to emigrate to Canada). To him and to other people, the Madonna later shows herself in a blue and red-orange light and in a robe that shines like the sun. She holds up, to show it, a holy Rosary in which the beads of the Our Father give off an orange light and those of the Hail Mary bright blue dots. With Josyp many other people take part in the apparition. Maria speaks without moving her lips. The majestic figure of the Madonna, addressing the seer, pronounces these words: “Do not be afraid, act in accordance with the will of God”. Terelya understands the message as an invitation to take an active role in the Ukrainian independence movement.

NB. The apparition is similar to that of Zeitun in Egypt in 1968 and the entity “speaks” without moving his lips just as reported by the little shepherds of Fatima

On April 26, 1987, Our Lady appeared to Maria Kyzyn, a girl of just 12 years (1976). Maria, as she is leaving home to go to school, notices a strange light on the deconsecrated chapel (closed for worship by the regime in 1947) which borders the garden of her house. She stops to observe her, when she suddenly sees, on one of the faces of the octagonal tower that covers the dome of the chapel, a figure of her, it is a woman dressed in black with a Child in her arms.

The little girl runs back to her mother Miroslava and warns her. Her mother comes out of her and, recognizing the Madonna, invites her daughter to kneel down to pray. The image of the Virgin remained visible to everyone for a month, now in a window of the bell tower, now on the top of the dome, now in the sky above the church. Direct witnesses of the miraculous event were at least half a million people.

On May 13, the anniversary of the Fatima apparition, local television screens broadcast a denigrating service on the Grushew phenomenon, precisely to discourage pilgrims: but during this program, the image of Our Lady appeared on the video, which all viewers in the region were able to observe.

NB. Click on this link for Our Lady of Carmen in Bogota Colombia: LaBlack Madonnait is very common in South America

VILLERS (BELGIUM). Gotthard, a Cistercian monk, saw Mary at the Feast of the Annunciation; the Mother of God was in the midst of the monks engrossed in nightly choral prayer. After listening to the monks for a while the Holy Virgin left the choir with a satisfied face. The monk followed her, then she said to him: «Go back and stay among your brothers, soon you will be called to be with me in heaven and my Son will reward you». A short time later Gotthard left the earthly world.

. Two shepherds found a luminous statue of Mary in the open countryside: it measured 50 cm and its origin was unknown. In 1415 construction began on the site of the discovery of a church which was then consecrated in 1529. In 1472 King Louis XI arrived on foot as a pilgrim; later other French monarchs followed suit.

VALLENSANGES (FRANCE). Thirteen-year-old Giacomo Bernard had the privilege of witnessing twenty Marian apparitions which occurred between 19 July and 29 September in a clover field, near Vallensanges. Mary repeatedly appeared in a quagmire because of the sins of men. In the first appearance Giacomo saw a large lizard walking on the ground and, while he was curiously observing it, Maria SS appeared to him. of her who ordered him to kill her. When the seer, in obedience to the Virgin, threw a stone at the beast, he saw a tongue of fire come out of it with a disgusting stench. Then the Virgin, in a snow-white robe, hovered over the dead beast. At other times Our Lady appeared weeping and, lamenting the sins of men, she announced the forthcoming divine punishment. Many miraculous events also took place during that period,

SIGNY (FRANCE).On 8 May 1890 Maria SS. she appeared to two children, Alfredo and Maria Vailleaux. She was silent and wrapped in a luminous cloud, with a long veil held up by Angels. Her attitude was collected, hands folded and absorbed in prayer. A magnificent chorus accompanied her apparition which was never repeated.

GORIZIA (FRIULI).According to a legend of this place, Maria would have appeared twice to a shepherdess, named Ferligoinza, and would have given her a message to convey to the people: «Tell the people that they must build me a chapel in this place and implore me to receive the my grace and my forgiveness.”

If you want to know more here is the link to itmystery revealed

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