Marian apparitions unknown in the world

Why pray? The entity that appears wants it

The speech is simple. The entity that appears as we have said has a purpose, to gather crowds and what better way than to erect a church, a chapel?

A point of reference where thousands of people united under the same purpose merge the energy of prayer.

Someone asks why reciting the rosary, well the holy rosary is a very powerful energetic expression, an unparalleled lethargy.

Prayer for an urgent grace is full of emotions, fears, fears by virtue of the fact that the person for whom it is requested is evidently in danger of life.

Here we read a whole series of testimonies of apparitions of the Virgin Mary where inside we find the ufological aspect and the desire to create a bond with believers through atypical phenomena for the time aimed at making people cry for a miracle as on the occasion of tears of statues.

The tears of blood or other substances similar to human tears from statues of the Virgin Mary have been recorded over the centuries.

The chronicle records in a not very distant past those of the Madonna of Civitavecchie and recently those of the statuette of the Madonna of Trevignano Romano belonging to the visionary Gisella Cardia.

VAILANKAMI (INDIA). While a poor young man was drinking milk in a village, Maria appeared to him and begged him that she might have some too. The young man, very moved by the event, immediately poured it into a cup. As he poured the milk, he saw that the pot strangely filled up immediately again, in short, it always remained full despite the poured milk. A few weeks later, in the same place, Our Lady appeared to a paralyzed young man and said to him: «Go to the mayor and ask him to have a church built in this place». Since she could not walk, Maria healed him and he was able to go to the mayor. Seeing him suddenly healed, the mayor and all the others believed him and so it was decided to build a chapel which was the destination of a strong pilgrimage. Some time later, in gratitude for other miracles that occurred, the chapel was replaced by a large church, later elevated by Pope John XXIII to a basilica. Vailankami is today considered the Indian Lourdes.

ADLWANG (AUSTRIA). The portrait of Our Lady, which is in the Adlwang church in Austria, was torn from its place by the Protestants during the wars of the Reformation and was considered destroyed. Much later the portrait was found by means of a mysterious celestial light passing through the Gothic side window of the church. In fact, the painting of Mary, believed to have been destroyed, had remained under a large anthill on the floor of the church itself. The ants only left the church when the painting was restored and put back on the wall.

FORLÌ (EMILIA ROMAGNA). Maria appeared full of light to the Capuchin Gerolamo and predicted her passing for the following Sunday. In fact, the following Sunday she died as Our Lady had predicted to him, while the bells were ringing the Angelus.

WEISSENSTEIN (SWITZERLAND). Leonardo was a peasant who for unknown reasons became insane; for this reason he was locked up. One day he managed to escape from the asylum and, while he was fleeing, Maria appeared to him and promised him recovery, provided that she built a chapel for her. Leonardo recovered, shortly after he began excavations for the foundation of the chapel of Mary and found a statue of the grieving Holy Mother. The statue was placed in the newly built chapel; it became the miraculous image of grace, an object of worship in southern Tyrol.

TREPT (FRANCE). In the spring of 1927 Maria SS. he appeared to a 9-year-old girl, Josephine Laroche and, after having filled her with divine grace, he begged her to promote the erection of a chapel with numerous statues of saints. Our Lady expressed the desire that the people would go there to pray intensely and to atone. After forty-six years, in March 1973, Maria SS. she appeared to her again in Spital of Villefranche sur-Saone (diocese of Lyon). .

MARIAHILF, PASSALI (GERMANY). Baron Marquard von Schwendi (1574-1634) saw from his garden during the night a majestic light illuminating the surrounding hill. He noticed that this light, over time, increasingly acquired the features of the Mother of God. Impressed by this vision, he had a church built on the site of the apparition, which later became a sanctuary and was entrusted to the Capuchin friars. He died in 1634.

BURGO SANTA CATERINA (LOMBARDY). On August 18, 1602, in broad daylight, many people saw a star in the sky from which three luminous rays came out, then the “Sorrowful Mother” appeared: her face was marked by pain and she was surrounded by luminous arrows. All the witnesses of her apparition, impressed by this image of the SS. Virgins, they repented of their sins and many of them dedicated themselves to the true devout and Christian life.

QUITO (ECUADOR). During an evening procession with the statue of Our Lady of Guàpulo, Mary appeared as «Queen of Heaven». While the people were engrossed in watching the blue light that appeared in the sky, the bishop was suddenly cured of a very serious illness.

BISCHWIND (GERMANY). Mary blessed the soldier George Mittnacht with her apparition and helped him. George had fought in Prince Eugene’s army against the Turks. Taken prisoner, he was condemned to be thrown into boiling oil; he insistently prayed to the Mother of God, vowing to erect a chapel in her honor in case she were able to see her homeland again. The next day the soldier woke up in a meadow near Bischwind, fifty kilometers from Wurzburg. After a few years, he devoted himself to the construction, with his own hands, of a Marian chapel dedicated to «Mary, help of Christians».


THYRNAU (SLOVAKIA). During the plague, the icon of Mary in the sanctuary of Thyrnau began to visibly sweat and weep. These phenomena were examined by the ecclesiastical authorities and scrupulously confirmed by thirty witnesses who witnessed the tearing on the following dates: 5 July, 10 August and 11 August 1708. On the 100th anniversary of the event it was highlighted that the portrait was a copy of the famous icon located in the church of Sant’Alessio in Rome. This icon had been brought from Edessa, in Syria, to Rome and was known since the fourth century for the many thaumaturgical events associated with it. According to legend, the young Alessio, son of the patrician Eufemiano, was ordered by his parents to get married; the night before the wedding, he fled and reached Edessa where he lived for 17 years dedicating himself only to God. Returning to Rome, he managed to be hosted by his parents without revealing his true identity. He died leaving signs of great holiness. Only after his death was Alexius of Edessa venerated as a saint; the church of San Bonifacio on the Aventine was also consecrated to him in the year 978. .

Suffering 12 hours.
KOTSCHACH (AUSTRIA). The Madonna appeared to the very young sexton of this sanctuary and induced him to venerate her statue by remaining on his knees in her home for twelve hours. After this test of fidelity, she urged him to continue in church service. Furthermore, she promised her protection on that place, to the inhabitants and to all the pilgrims who came there. On April 29 of the same year in the night the bells began to ring. The people, suddenly awakened by this roar, ran and marveled at the church completely lit up. No one could explain the origin of that miraculous light. The faithful, deeply moved, prayed until one in the night, then suddenly the light disappeared.

Turning sun…

ONKERZELE (BELGIUM). Maria appeared more than thirty times to Leonie Nieke van den Dijk (b. 1875) between 4 August and 14 October. She had thirteen children and lived in miserable conditions. Mary said to her: «I am the Servant of the poor. I have come for the conversion of sinners. The holy Sunday rest must be respected”. Other mystical phenomena were highlighted in December: on the 18th many people in the Onkerzele area witnessed a solar prodigy; on the 28th Leonie saw a rotating red-green disk. In 1940 she received the grace of the holy Stigmata and still had many apparitions and prophecies. She died in 1949. Since the seer had announced to the others that, upon her death, her body would remain incorrupt, on June 9, 1972 her body was exhumed and found incorrupt. She left us this miracle as a sign of

SZENT-ANTAL (HUNGARY). In the church of Szent-Antal, a portrait of Mary of the Rescue began to weep blood. The ecclesiastical offices, after careful examinations, granted the public Marian cult of this image in 1716.

SAJOPALFALVA (HUNGARY). In 1717, in the months of January and February, a portrait of the Holy Virgin placed in the church of Sajópàlfalva was seen weeping blood. The bishop of Eger had the phenomenon examined and, after proving its authenticity, he authorized this image of the Madonna to become a particular object of worship.
Many also noticed that the church, without any human intervention, was often illuminated by a mysterious light. After careful examination, the Ordinariate of Augsburg recognized the phenomenon of eye movement as real and inexplicable. The miraculous event had been attested by 71 witnesses.

BRUCHHAUSEN (GERMANY). A 70-centimetre wooden statue (depicting Mary with Child) was kept in a cupboard behind the altar in the Bruchhausen church. It was shown to the public only when carried by girls in sacramental processions. On the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in 1745 the statue was exhibited to the faithful; on 21 September it began to cry. This is how the chronicle of the time documents: “From both eyes crystalline drops similar, also in substance, to human tears could be seen”. It was exposed in the appraisal of the phenomenon that until 16 March 1746 the statue had repeated tears. More than a hundred eminent personalities of the time confirmed the authenticity of the miraculous event, first of all the archbishop of Cologne, Elector Clement Augustus, who worked to ensure that the statue was prepared to become an object of devotional worship. In fact, the miraculous statue is still venerated today as “Our Lady Refuge of Sinners”.

BONATE (LOMBARDY). Maria appeared a few times to Adele Roncalli, a seven-year-old girl, a relative of Pope John XXIII. From 13 to 31 May the Madonna appeared dressed in white with a blue cloak and a diadem. Adele had other wonderful appearances. On May 21, still of the same year, thousands of people saw the sun grow and set on the Earth in this place, then return to its place and they heard the voice of the Madonna who left some brief messages to humanity: «Parents often become guilty of their children’s illnesses because of their sins… Only prayers and atonements can repair these shortcomings». A chapel was built in this place to commemorate her apparitions.

Many to pray.
KEVELAER (GERMANY). Kevelaer is the most popular place of Marian worship in Germany. The tradition dates back to Christmas 1641 when Hendrik Busman von Geldern was absorbed in prayer in front of a cross on the moors. Suddenly he heard the voice of the Madonna who said to him: «In this place you must dedicate a chapel to me». Maria repeated this wish twice more, and Hendrik’s wife saw in a dream an illuminated chapel. The couple hired the parish priest Giacomo Schink to project the dream chapel. When this was made, a small copy of the “Consolatrice degli afflitti” (Our beloved Lady of Luxembourg, cf. 1627) was used as the image of the Madonna. This small chapel soon became a point of attraction for devotees. Around the place of Marian worship various churches of vast proportions were built over the centuries, even if modest from an artistic point of view. Today, around 600,000 pilgrims visit the shrine each year.

MARPINGEN (GERMANY). A simple farmer often went to pray in the chapel of Grace which had been erected following the miraculous events of 1876 (cf. 1876). It was sunset on July 16, 1983 when the farmer went to the chapel as usual to pray. While reciting the Our Father, he suddenly saw the figure of the Holy Virgin, in a celestial and harmonious light, who dictated the following message to him: «One hundred years have passed since my revelations. You have understood neither the image of grace nor my message. My message has been misrepresented and has fallen into ridicule. I told you then how you were to live the godly Christian life and where sin leads. I have shown you Hell for sinners who are eternally lost. I have shown you the greatest of all miracles: the solar prodigy and the signs in the sun. Many have been witnesses. Your sins have aroused the wrath of God and caused the first and second world wars. Even these appalling calamities have been forgotten. The sins of today’s times surpass even those of all times past in their gravity. Many ridicule my messages and all devotees who pray and have faith in the water of grace. Don’t be surprised if more catastrophes occur. You have been given a lot of time to redeem and improve. If you then call, in the moment of misfortune: “Lord! Lord!”, it will no longer have any sense. The prince of this world, the enemy of God, has blinded you to the revelations and commandments of God. He has choked you in the gain of earthly things and the passion of the senses, tearing you away from all forms of spiritual and interior life. Your life is no longer a Christian life, but the life of the new paganism! Where only the slavery of vice triumphs, hatred, discontent, quarrel, jealousy, greed, the “free love” of the senses and the greed of the flesh. The harmonious life of a Christian family has long since been destroyed. Misfortunes and wars of an immeasurable nature will surprise you. You descend more and more into the abyss of your disgusting sins… In front of the gate of Jerusalem I find myself weeping as Christ wept over Jerusalem. The Christian flag is shown by men only externally, but daily life is really lived without faith and prayer. How many times have I admonished you in so many revelations and messages. At no time as in this have I manifested myself to mankind to manifest the omnipotence of God. But the prince of this world, the enemy of God has blinded you to the commandments and revelations of the Almighty. The Holy Father wishes to announce the last Marian dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, fourteen days after the feast of Carmel!». The divine mission of the Madonna continues following the history of the world. She lived up to the parting words pronounced on September 3, 1876 in Marpingen: «I always come back in difficult times». last Marian dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, fourteen days after the Feast of Carmel!». The divine mission of the Madonna continues following the history of the world. She lived up to the parting words pronounced on September 3, 1876 in Marpingen: «I always come back in difficult times». last Marian dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, fourteen days after the Feast of Carmel!». The divine mission of the Madonna continues following the history of the world. She lived up to the parting words pronounced on September 3, 1876 in Marpingen: «I always come back in difficult times».

LADEIRA DO PINHEIRO (PORTUGAL). Maria de Conceigao Mendes Horta aged 35 suffered from leukemia on February 18, 1962 she received an apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary who miraculously healed her. Our Lady appeared to her on a cloud of fire dressed in white with a blue mantle and a crown of stars. Only the fiery cloud was seen by very many people. On May 7, 1962, the Archangel Michael also appeared to the seer and gave her holy communion. The seer also received other celestial signs and miracles such as visions of saints and Eucharistic phenomena (the bleeding wafer).

If you want to know more about this phenomenon, I invite you to learn more at this link what lies behind the Marian apparitions which are just one of the many unknown alien phenomena.

Cesare Valocchia

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