The prophecy of the Hopi Indians and extraterrestrials

Hopi indians and aliens

The descendants of Native Americans have preserved many but probably most accounts and more accurate accounts have been irretrievably lost. Hopi, Cherooke, Sioux, Navaho and other nations told of beings came from the sky and strange unexplained phenomena. In almost all the major tribes of American Indians there were myths and legends of flying objects and mysterious beings by formidable powers.

The entire mysticism and religion of American Indians was founded on these anecdotes. The Hopi told of Katchinas for example, a people came from the stars to help them and educate them. Or the vision of “fire bird”. Not to mention the “flying canoes”.

Today they called them UFOs, unidentified flying objects. For the Indian tribes were signs of the presence of the gods, their spirits. Modern ufologists, in support of their argument, they built several theorems. Many tales, handed down so far, have similarities to those of the native peoples of Central America and Asia. The Arizona and New Mexico, where abounds in places considered sacred by Native Americans, recorded an average d ‘sightings of UFOs exorbitant compared to other areas of the world.

The debate between the currents of ufologists who support these ideas and skeptics is destined to last. Apart from a few reporters in the nineteenth century, few were interested traditions of American Indians. The war of conquest and the white man’s destruction probably has deleted precious tracks. Whether in support of ufologists and skeptics.

Indians and Katchinas

The Hopi Indians belong to the ancient inhabitants of the central plateau of the United States. Their customs and traditions penetrate into the depths of prehistory, according to Hopi tradition, the history of mankind is divided into periods called “worlds”, which are separated by terrible natural disasters: the first world succumbed to the fire, the second from the third ice and water.

Our present world, which is the fourth in his prophecies, is coming to an end and gives way to a new world in a not too distant future. In all, humanity must walk seven times. The Hopi Indians claim that their ancestors were visited by beings of the stars who moved with flying birds or “thunderous shields”, they knew the art of cutting and transporting huge blocks of stone as they knew how to build underground galleries and structures.”

These entities were the “Katchinas“, meaning “wise, honored and respected.” The Katchinas were able to protect the people from one of these upheavals, and taught the Indians how to observe the stars, cut roots, enforce laws and a long list of other activities.

They multiplied as a people, and emerged new clans and nations that spread across America. The Katchinas helped the elects to move to new lands. This marked the end of the third world and the beginning of the fourth. The population, according to the tradition that the Hopi recall, came to the new land in different ways: those selected to visit, check and prepare, were taken there by air, on board “Katchinas shields”. It should be clarified that since the first world, human beings have been in contact with Katchinas.

They were visible beings and of human aspect, they were never taken for gods, but only as beings of superior knowledge. They were able to move through the air at tremendous speed, and land anywhere. Since they were corporeal beings, it was necessary for them to travel by flying machines.

The Katchinas no longer exist on Earth. One day the Katchinas suddenly went away, and returned to the stars and the people forgot the teachings of their masters. The Hopi, as faithful followers of the traditions of their “masters” are still awaiting the return of their teachers in the world today. Looking forward to this long-awaited return, the Hopi have continued generation after generation, to produce masks and puppets depicting their teachers.

These dolls are wearing strange costumes and helmets and represent animals with a strong symbolic connotation, to highlight the individual character of Katchinas real teachers who taught them.

Furthermore, these dolls are the ideal way for children to play, without panic so that they can recognize the Katchinas when they come back again. According to the Hopi, the first prophetic signs of these events have already appeared.

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