Legends about giants and American Indians

Giants of the West

A last descendants of the giants came in contact with Indian tribes?

According to numerous written and oral legends of Native American tribes, a race of “white giants” has existed in the distant past.

Moreover, similar tales of existing giants on the earth in the remote past, we find them everywhere. There are many stories from different Indian tribes like Hopi ,Comanche or Northern and other tribes of the south, who speak of a mysterious race of giants with white skin who lived in America thousands of years ago, mysteriously disappeared from the face of the planet.

They were probably the last ones on earth? The fruit of the union between angels and humans, as told in Genesis?

In his book “History of the Indians Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez” (1899), Horacio Bardwell Cushman wrote: “The tradition of Choctaw: A race of giants once lived in the state of Tennessee, and with which their ancestors had to fight when they arrived in Mississippi in their migration from the west. The tradition says that the individuals of the giant breed, known as Nahullo, possessed an impressive stature. Cushman noted that, over time, the term “Nahullo” became common to refer to all white, but initially the term was used to describe a race of giants from white leather with which the Choctaws fought, after crossing the Mississippi river.

There is much evidence to suggest that giant beings, in fact, lived on Earth. According to a story from 1857, the Comanche Chief Rolling Thunder said: “Many moons ago, a race of tall white men 10 feet (3.50 meters) and much more rich and powerful than any white person now living, who inhabited a large part of the country, stretching from dawn to dusk their fortifications were crowning the tops of the mountains, protecting their cities located in the intermediate valleys. they exceeded all other nations, in all kinds of trades. they were smart and brave individuals warriors, who ruled the land they had wrested from their former owners.

The pale faces today would look like pygmies compared to if they were giants, both in their art and in their arms. In the opinion of Comanche chief, the Great Spirit destroyed them when they forgot all about justice and mercy, becoming too proud.

The Navajo is another ancient tribe that provides evidence of giants who walked the Earth.

Even the Navajo talk about white giants they call “the people of Starnake“, describing them as “a race of white giants, the largest mining technology that had built strongholds along the America that dominated the West, enslaving the smallest tribe. Eventually the mysterious Starnake became extinct or “back in the heavens.” the Starnake could be the biblical race known as Anakim descendants of Anak formidable-looking, as described by the twelve spies sent to scout the land, which filled him with terror Israelites. the Israelites seem to have them identified with the Nephilim, the antediluvian age giants. in the past, archaeologists have discovered remains of red-haired people in the region.

In Aztec mythology, the giants are known as “Quinametzin“. The leader of the Giants was, according to some versions of the myth, the god Tlaloc. The Aztecs believed that quinametzin were the builders of the city of Teotihuacan and Tlachihualtepetl. The “Tlaxcalans” reported that, at the time of the Spanish conquest, they themselves had killed the last quinametzin on Earth.

In the ancient city of Manta, in Peru, they speak of a race of giants who, in the distant past, coexisted with them. Their legend says: “They came from the coast in large boats as large ships, a group of men of a size such that its height was almost twice the size of a normal man. Their limbs were all in proportion, and it was a what monstrous see their heads, with hair that reached behind them. their eyes were as big as small dishes. “

In the United States another Indian tribe that of the Paiute in Nevada tells of a distant past in which their descendants were fighting with a race of giant red-haired Bianchi called “Si-te-cah“.

This story is narrated by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins who is the daughter of a Paiute Indian chief who in 1882 narrated ‘in his book, “Life among the Paiute: their mistakes and complaints.

The book tells of a great battle in Lovelock Cave where these vicious giants were destroyed. Just in the early twentieth century archaeologists found inside the Lovelock Cave thousands of artifacts to show that what was told not a mere myth and that the Paiute told the truth. The Giants Si-te-cah also called Saiduka means the “eaters” it seems that sailing a big lake called Lahontan present in the north of Nevada during the last ice age, to escape the Paiute, and were using a fibrous Water Plant name called Tule to carry the rafts.

The book also tells of an alliance between the various tribes to help Paiute in defeating a group of giants with red hair who had taken refuge in a cave. A large fire at the entrance of the quarry to get them out, but the giants refused, so it was that many of them died of suffocation and others burned alive, over the centuries the entrance collapsed leaving only guests bats, was then renamed Bat Cave.

In 1886 a mining engineer a certain John T. Reid, who became aware of this legend, decided to investigate if it had a foundation of truth and in 1911 together 2 miners James Hart and David Pugh began to dig in the cave full of guano which he sold to a company as an ingredient for gunpowder. Regardless of whether there were prehistoric artifacts, they shipped 250 tons to the San Francisco Fertilizer Company.

The two miners later realized the material out of context contacted Alfred Kroeber founder of the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, then began a thorough excavation from which emerged almost 10,000 artifacts including bones, baskets, weapons and 60 mummies of medium height. also a donut-shaped stone with 365 notches carved on the outside and 52 notches on the inside and which some scholars believe to be a calendar.

But no trace of red-haired giants have been found.

According to Sumerian writings, Gilgamesh was one of the survivors of the great flood, said to be a colossal giant, 5.50 m high, 2.0 m wide and weighing 2,844 kg.

In the new world there is also a race of Tarija giants who lived on the eastern slopes of the Andes and Ecuador and fought against gods and men.
Og, a biblical character, was instead king of Basan, and the last survivor of the Refaim: his bed is the iron bed seen in Rabbah of the Ammonites, and has nine cubits in length by four cubits in width. “(The Hebrew cube measures almost 48.4 cm!)

(Numbers, chapters 4 to 7), he weighed 600 shekels of iron, about 60 kg, his armor weighed 1,000 bronze cycles, that is, 100 kg. Baruch’s apocryphal book also tells the exact number of giants on Earth, they were about 409,000. Megalithic constructions are scattered all over the world are assigned to them, as Ballbek quoted in the book The Kings of the Old Testament, the Arab tradition says that it was built right after the great flood by the giants who survived.

Indeed, giant skeletons have actually been found in all ages of mankind by archaeologists or even by chance, showing that they have somehow actually walked the earth.

Finally giant human footprints dated 250 million years that measured 59 x 18 cm, weighing 250 kg were found in Mount Victoria, in the United States, were investigated and discovered in 1930 by dr. Rex Gilory, director of the Mount York Natural History Museum.

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