UFO sightings in Russia: The case of Robozero

The fiery UFO

On August 15, 1663, near Robozero in Russia it appeared a glowing object that emitted rays burning.

A farmer named Levka Federov and others saw a fiery object estimated to be about 40 meters in diameter, radiating heat.

In an official report of the monastery of St. Cyril says:

To His Highness the Archimandrite Nikita,

To His Eminence Paul Starets for their Highnesses starets of St. Cyril monastery,

 The venerable gentlemen, greetings from your humble servant Ivachko Rievskoi. “The farmer Levka Fedorov, from the village of Mys Antusheva of your monastery Losy, told me the following facts:

In this Saturday, the day of 15 August of 1663, the faithful of the Bieloziero district Robozero volost, had gathered in large numbers in the village of Robozero church for the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. “While they were inside, a great sound resounded in the heavens, and many people came out of the house of God to see what was happening.

Levka Fedorov, the farmer in question, witnessed together with others of what you follow. For him, it was a sign from God.

At noon, a great ball of fire came upon Robozero, coming from the brightest part of the sky was cloudless. It came from the direction from which comes the winter, and he moved around noon (south) along the lake passing over the surface of the water.

The fireball measured about 140 feet from one edge and on the same distance, in front of him, two burning rays stretched. The people who had seen the “fear of God” gathered in the church to pray to God and the Blessed Virgin, between tears and crying, then the great ball of fire and the two items that were with her vanished.

Less than an hour later, people once again came out on the square and the same fire suddenly reappeared on the same lake, the same place where the first had disappeared.

He rushed from the south west and must have been the top 1500 feet when it disappeared, but reappeared in a short time again, from another place, moving this time to the west, for the third time the same appeared fireball more terrifying in width, and he disappeared, having moved to the west, and remained above lake Robozero, for an hour and a half. The length of the lake was about 7000 feet, and the width is 3500 feet.

While the fireball was over water, the farmers who were in their boat on the lake followed, but the heat that emanated burned them, not allowing them to get closer. The waters of the lake were lit up to the great depth of 30 feet, the fish swam to shore, and everyone saw that where he came the fireball, the water seemed to be covered with rust under a red light, but was later dispersed the wind and the water came back clean again.

“And I, your humble servant, I sent a message to the priests in Robozero district, because of that, they have responded with a letter confirming that they had also had them that sign that day. And you, most revered, you gentlemen now know everything. And this Robozero district is about 6 miles away from your property Antusheva village of Losa the monastery.

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Cesare Valocchia

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Cesare Valocchia

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