Church and aliens: A friar met extraterrestrials

Friars and aliens don’t get along

Although there are millions around the world the testimonies of people who have come into contact with extraterrestrial entities or simply UFOs, very few are those that concern the testimony of members of the clergy or in any case of those who live the sacredness of religions.

Today I want to tell about an incredible and particular event that refers to the close encounter of a religious missionary with an unidentified flying object.

At the age of 18, Brother Madau was a young seminarian who found himself the protagonist in spite of an event that occurred in broad daylight. He was lifted by a flying saucer along with a dog that accompanied him. He was a Sardinian friar and the day of 13 September 1948 marked his life forever.

Article tells of Friar Madau
Friar Madau

It is the eve of the anniversary of the Holy Cross of Oristano, we are in Sardinia, the Italian island and everything is decorated in every detail for the feast, Madau leaves the convent where he is on a spiritual retreat and sets out to recite the Rosary. After crossing the garden along a path along the road that leads him outside the walls, he meets the guardian’s dog who begins to follow him to the end of a path.

The encounter with the UFO

It is a clear and serene day around 19:00 and despite the arrival of sunset there is excellent visibility, Madau absorbed in his prayers turns his gaze to the sky, he is reciting the Ave Maria when he sees a clear dot in fast approaching high.

At first mistaken for a bird, he soon realizes that it is an object that moves swooping towards him and gradually becomes bigger and bigger, amazed by this thing far from his knowledge, in fact he is a youngster and a large part the novitiate is lived in isolation, far from everything and everyone.

He clearly manages to define the contours of the object which appears as a silver disc with a dome that looks like transparent plastic, inside there are two humanoids with youthful features.
The object stops on a eucalyptus tree, (this thing reminds me of the flying object of Fatima that appeared to the three little shepherds suspended on top of an holm oak).

At the same moment Father Madau heard voices from the town square shouting: “The light has gone out! The light has gone out!”
Father Madau is bewildered and intrigued by what he is experiencing, the two men he described as very handsome, and noble-looking are very tall, perhaps 2 meters, they wear a silver-colored suit and above all they smile after the friar raises an arm to greet them, then they seem to invite him to get into their vehicle but Brother Madau refuses, perhaps out of fear.

The object then placed itself in an attitude that allowed the friar to see a dark circular hole in the part underneath the vehicle, then identified a kind of metal belt on the external surface that began to move first in jerks and then faster and faster, then began to emit beams of colored light that Madau defined in blocks (it is the phenomenon of solid light, present in many testimonies of close encounters) each block of light ended with a kind of bottleneck.

Suddenly the UFO disappeared and Madau perceived ‘first as electric fingers pulling it and then in the brain a sound similar to an electrical interference that the friar interpreted as if his brain was sounded or probed, a very annoying sensation that frightened’ Madau fearing to be carried away and that in the years to come made him reflect on whether it was appropriate to undergo regressive hypnosis.

Trying to oppose this mental search with his mind he shouted: “No, I don’t want to! And invoked the help of the Virgin Mary. Suddenly, however, in his mind he clearly heard a female voice saying:” But leave him alone! “which was followed by voices indistinguishable in their meaning because they were too rapid.
After a while again the female voice returned to be heard in his head and this time it was peremptory in saying: “Enough! Leave him!”

At that point everything ceased, that sensation of cerebral exploration was over, the friar had the sensation of being descending on the ground, a sensation that became certain when he saw that the same thing happened to the dog that was with him.

He found himself about ten meters from where he was at the beginning, new shouts coming from the town said that the light had returned.
Slowly recovering, he walked disoriented towards his companions to tell them what had happened, but his brothers silenced him badly.

Decades later, the friar said he had another experience with a UFO, not as traumatic as the first.
In 1974, while he was flying in the landing phase above the skies of Zambia, he spotted an enormous cylindrical metal-colored object alongside his plane from the window.

Father Madau gave this testimony to the Italian National UFO Center before his death in August 2013.

Cesare Valocchia

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Cesare Valocchia

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