The Nunnehi and the extraterrestrials. What do we know?

Did the Nunnehi encounter the aliens?

We have already seen how the Hopi Indians entered in contact with a civilization from the stars according to their legends, but can we continue to ignore them?

Relegate them to simple myths?

What does another famous tribe say, that of the Cherokee?

The Cherokees are a race of American Indians who lived in the states of Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
In their tradition it is said of the encounter with a mysterious race called the Nunnehi.

Nowadays it is believed to be part of the local folklore.

In their language, Nunnehi literally means “People who live somewhere”, but it is often translated from English as “People who live forever”, or simply “The Immortals” or “travelers” but also “people who live everywhere ”, because they resided within mountains, underworlds and under rivers.

Can we think that the Cherokees tell of an encounter with a race of extraterrestrials?

The Cherokees have always defined the Nunnehi as a type of supernatural humans but completely distinct from ghosts and nature spirits with abilities such as teleportation and invisibility, they were mysterious entities, which had a positive influence on them, and supported the Cherokee, even during the battles against the invaders

The Cherokee people were a very spiritual people like all Indians for that matter, and they believe in three different worlds: the upper world, this world, and the underworld.

According to the Cherokees, spiritual power is also found in this world, the physical one.
It is found in all nature: rocks, rivers, trees, animals, but also in caves and mountains.

They are described as elemental beings and are present in many spiritual and animistic traditions.

Invisible to human eyes they would be able to show themselves as they please in our reality.

They also had the ability to change shape, this is the concept of shape-shifting beings present in many tales with extraterrestrials.
They are said to be similar to the aboriginal humans of America, but had a certain “supernatural” aura.

A story collected by the ethnologist James Mooney, in his book Cherokee Myths of 1898, speaks of a house of these beings, built on a circular depression of the earth.

It was located near the ancient city of Tugaloo and was similar to the Cherokee townhouses. The people who resided there were incorporeal. Whenever debris or garbage was thrown inside that house, it seemed clean after a few hours. Among the mansions attributed to the Nunnehi are: Blood Mountain in Georgia, nearby Trahlyta Lake, Pilot Knob Mountain in Colorado, and the Nikwasi Mound.

Many of these formations are considered ancient man-made constructions of these entities.

Nunnehi occasionally allow humans to live with them. The Nunnehi grow their own food in their underground villages and manage to prevent both aging and disease.

Humans can also eat Nunnehi food and enjoy the benefits, but then they will no longer be able to consume a normal human diet as their bodies will simply reject it.

Nunnehi are as varied as humans are. They tend to appear in traditional Cherokee attire, but can appear in more mundane or modern-day magical attire if they so wish.

They are very smart and keen traders. Their fighters are excellent and will always defeat a human fighter in one-on-one combat, they can fight as invisible and often the legend tells of when they helped the Cherokee in battle by not showing themselves visible and thus annihilated the enemies.
Always starting from the concept that at the bottom of every legend part of the truth is hidden, we ask ourselves:

Are these beings similar to tales about aliens?

What do you think?

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