Ufos in paintings: Two discoveries

Unknown objects in painting

UFO novelties in the painting of the “500”.

How many of us have sometimes believed to have seen something “inexplicable” … Ufo to be clear …

The times in which it happens we are unable to give ourselves a logical explanation, we ask ourselves a thousand questions; maybe we change our minds thinking that what appears to our eyes is only the result of tiredness or suggestion.

What if I really found something strange? If you think I’m wrong, you can write to me and tell me, I’m interested in your opinion.

I believe in extraterrestrial life ever since I started studying the UFO phenomenon. I was still a child and today, years later, I have strengthened my conviction even more by observing some works of Italian painting of the “500”.

In fact, some ancient representations show anachronistic objects whose characteristics closely resemble those described by the contacted, by those who claim to have come into contact with alien intelligences.

It should be noted in fact that according to some ufologists, the main testimony of the possible passage of UFO in the past, Italy would not come from science, but from art of the XIV-XVI century.

We must first consider the fact that while today we know that our world is a planet orbiting a star and that it is one of the billions of worlds within galaxies, which float in the vastness of the infinite universe, and the idea that there are beings from space is a subject of free discussion, in the past it was not so at all.

Both because different theories had been accredited, from the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic one that saw the Earth at the center of the universe, to the Copernican heliocentric one, and because there were no airplanes, weather balloons or military experimental jets to explain to the natives the ufological phenomena.

Finally, let’s not forget that anyone who had told events such as that of a sighting would not have had an easy life. Those who had testified to having seen boats or having met space beings would have been accused of being “under spell” or the victim of some witchcraft. And they would have ended up at the stake.

The appearance of chariots of fire and disks that roam Renaissance-era paintings, as well as presumed space beings dressed in clothes that we commonly recognize today as spacesuits, as well as circular craft, however shows that UFOs had been sighted in medieval era.

It is difficult to find mention of these events, but there are scattered fragments, or sketchy descriptions perhaps surviving the censorship of the time

And here they are … various paintings that have intrigued numerous experts or scholars of clipeology, we are talking about paintings such as “Madonna with child and San Giovannino” exhibited in the old palace in Florence, “The Thebaid” by Paolo Uccello, “The glorification of the Eucharist” by Ventura Salimbeni (the so-called Montalcino UFO) just to name a few.

A series of images depicted in a battle at the end of the 8th century show the siege of the Saxons at the French Castle of Sigiburg.

It is said that a group of discs appeared in the sky, apparently above the top of the church. The Saxons, believing that the French were protected by the “flaming shields” fled like hell. One possible explanation is that these paintings were commissioned (by the Church or the State) with the intention of placing these phenomena in a deified context.

I would like to show you now what I discovered firsthand during a weekend spent in the magnificent city of Gubbio in the province of Perugia-Italy

Inside the church of San Domenico I noticed the painting of the “500″ Nativity of Christ “presumably attributable to the Perugian painter Girolamo Danti“, who similarly to the “Ufo of Montalcino” by Ventura Salimbeni, proposes the representation of a modern satellite .

church of San Domenico Perugia Italy
Translation: What I have noticed

It should be noted that many points in common were found in the representation of these types of spheres with Greek Orthodox religious representations as well as with many icons from Eastern countries, although at the time there were no modern means of communication between the various cultures.

My second discovery concerns the painting inside the Cathedral of Gubbio, in the cathedral dedicated to Saints Mariano and Giacomo. In the fourth span, “La Pietà” by the painter Dono Doni is re-proposed, in the background of the painting, looking at the top of the hill behind the holy virgin Mary, you can see an unidentified flying object with a discoid shape suspended in the air as evidence of a mysterious event of ufological mold.

La Pietà" by the painter Dono Doni
Picture took by a mobile phone from Cesare Valocchia
(On the top of the hill you can see an object, you can’t see it well given the distance, but here it is on an image taken from the internet)
La Pietà" by the painter Dono Doni

Cesare Valocchia

alien contacts

Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia was born in Rome in 1970. He is a telecommunications specialist with dedicated fibre optics and data transfer curses. He cultivates two main passions: volunteering in 118 ambulances and ufology. Instructor of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers for adults and children, he collected his experiences as a volunteer on the means of the 118 national health emergency service in Rome in an ebook entitled “Non dirmi grazie” “Don’t tell me thank you” His motto is: Helping those who suffer is the best payment. He has devoted himself to ufology since the early 1990s, and has been running the website www.myuforesearch.it since 2011. He conducted the first analysis on the “dancing” Sun of Medjugorje, which linked the UFO phenomenon to the Marian phenomenon. In May 2017, the article was published in the official journal of the National UFO Center. Further analysis of the sighting of unknown flying objects during the “Sun dance” around the world can be found on his website. He has been a member of the National Ufologic Center since 2019.

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