Do the Fortian cases originate from parallel universes?

Alternative universes in Fortian cases?

Today we talk about the Fortian cases, perhaps some of you have never heard of Charles Fort from which they take their name.

Fort was an American who in the early 1900s began to record a very long series of truly inexplicable facts that have crossed the development of mankind. He stated in his book: “Gods of the Damned”: I collect notes on all topics with some diversity, such as the deviations of concentricity in the Copernicus lunar crater, the sudden appearance of purple-red Britons, stationary meteors and the sudden birth of hair on the bald head of a mummy. However, my main interest is not in the facts, but in the relationships between the facts. I have long meditated on self-styled relationships which are called coincidences. What if there were no coincidences? A new star appears: how far it differs from certain drops of unknown origin that have been noticed on an Oklahoma cotton plant.

The facts transcribed from Fort’s documents not only tells the presence of lights, but the fall of all sorts of materials, animals and objects from the skies in every corner of the world.

Personally, the idea that I have gained by sifting through all the facts of which you will soon read more details, and that in some way our universe in particular and under unknown conditions, is able to interact with parallel universes in a random or programmed way, obviously we are talking about simple hypotheses based on nothing, but which make you think. Also the story of the traveler from Taured of which I propose the link

It could be the manifestation of some communication between mirrored universes in which humanity similar to ours live where events have taken different turns, as in the TV series “The man in the castle” to win the Second World War in fact it is not the United States of ‘America but Germany and Japan, a simple fantasy of the director?

Some paragraphs may not be easy to understand as they are translated from the dialect of specific areas of Italy

Let’s start with something tantalizing, from the famous angel hair fallen during the Fiorentina-Postoiese football match of 54 which dissolved in contact with the warmth of the palms, to the fish documented in ancient Greece when a group of sophists who were a symposium witnessed a mysterious rain of fish coming from the sky. Chronicles of the time in that area document an almost uninterrupted rain of fish for almost three days.

Also in the Bible we have testimonies of great and fire fallen from heaven, while in the Old Testament always God in Egypt makes a rain of frogs fall to punish the Egyptians. In 1652 a meteorite that fell in Italy left a mysterious jelly in the impact zone, in Germany a few years later a mysterious blue silk fell.

Also in 1600 a buttery substance falls in vast areas of Ireland, was collected and prodigious healings are told. In 1857 the fall of sugar from the sky was recorded in California, so much so that many women collected it and made syrups.

In 1908 in Saint-Etienne-Les Remiremont perfectly spherical hailstones fell with crests in the upper part representing the perfectly engraved bust of the Madonna of the hermits and defined, as if each grain came from a mold. Another astounding case was recorded in Ohio in 1955 when a farmer plowing his field saw drops of red drop from a dense pink, green, red “cloud” that burn to the touch as if alcohol had been poured on a wound, so much so that he destroyed the grass and one of its peach trees.

In 1957, thousands of francs in banknotes fell from the skies of France.

“Red rain on Blankenberg, November 2, 1819, mud shower in Tasmania, November 14, 1902. Snowflakes as big as saucers in Nashville, January 24, 1891. Frog rain in Birmingham, June 30, 1892. Aeroliths. Balls of fire. Footprints of a fabulous animal in Devonshire.

Flying saucers. Footprints of suckers on mountains. Machines in the sky. Whims of comets. Strange disappearances. Inscriptions on meteorites. Black snow. Blue moons. Green suns. Thunderstorms of blood. A flying iceberg that crashes to pieces on Rouen on July 5, 1853. Caravels of celestial travelers. Winged beings at eight thousand meters in the sky of Palermo on November 30, 1880. Luminous wheels in the sea. Rains of sulfur, of flesh. Remains of giants in Scotland. Coffins of small beings from elsewhere among the rocks of Edinburgh….

Shouts that cross the sky of Naples on November 22, 1821; fish falling on Singapore in 1861; rains of living substance, of gelatinous matter, accompanied by a strong smell of putrefaction… “Will it be admitted – comments Fort – that vast viscous and gelatinous regions sail in infinite spaces? Would it be food loads deposited in the sky by the Great Travelers from other worlds? I have the impression that above our heads a static region, in which the Earth’s gravity and meteorological forces are relatively inert, receives products similar to ours from the outside “

We now continue the disclosure of these strange phenomena collected by Fort to compare them with those recorded in Calabria over the centuries and reported by the Fiore, the Barrio and the Leoni3. “Year 372: the city of Reggio Brugia by itself for three continuous days, in such a way that no diligence benefited it for many who had used it. 647: in Cosenza, and its hamlets, a great rain of wheat fell precipitously: they were ground and made excellent bread; year 849: in Cosenza a woman gave birth to three creatures attached together, and all three talking; they lived for six months.

Year 940: a boy with two human heads was born in Reggio; but he wore his feet like a bear.

Year 1191: on June 23, hails of more than a pound flooded over almost all of Calabria, and thus petrified, which lasted a long time there: in some of which a man sitting on a throne could be seen, holding a spear in his right hand.

Year 1193: on May 23, about midday, in Val di Crate, an army of locusts appeared, which began to devour the fodder, they would have done great damage, if at the same time, an army of birds appeared with green feathers, had not devoured it; then, having lifted the flight, they no longer appeared.

Year 1196: on March 15th the Crate river grew thus, which ruined many of its towers; and in the interior of the river some black dogs were observed, with tongues of fire, such as throwing from their mouths, like rotten blood; with this the waves grew in great fury.

Year 1210: on 29 March a very terrible globe of fire appeared in the air, which after having passed here and there, fell near the Castle of Bisignano, and burned all those surrounding houses.

Year 1230: from March 1st until 3 pm the voices of those who cry were heard at night time, for almost all of Calabria and underground places.

Year 1257: in Morano from an incest of a brother with his sister, a very large boy was born, with only one eye in the middle of his forehead; being five years old, he grew eight cubits in height.

Year 1262: in a village not far from Squillace, a child with a human figure was born to a rustic mother, living with her husband in a tower outside the town; however, all covered with bristles, even the face, so that the eyes could hardly be seen. The hands, and the feet, like that of a dog or a wolf: the teeth even in birth canines: the voice of a howling animal rather than of a talking man: so wild, that he would not let himself be touched, than from the miserable mother: not he walked, like a quadruped: his father and an uncle of his wanted to kill him, and they would have done so if his mother had not opposed them: all however agreed to hide him. Raised to age, regretting his living among the peoples, he began to inhabit the woods; wherefore he became cruel against men, and fierce themselves, as soon as he could be killed from afar with arrows.

When he died, the dogs and the wolves, which often entered villages, and tore up a number of men and women in the city itself. Nor did it soothe their anger, except by a miracle of heaven.

Year 1263: on May 29, the air being clear one hour before midday, a monstrous thunderbolt fell from the sky, which went to the top of a tower in the walls of Reggio, burned a banner of King Manfredi, and ruined some marble statues, such as were of some ancient kings.

Then, when he fell to the ground, he went down a lot, and from that opening a very black smoke came out, which for two hours made the air very dark. At the coming of the nocturnal darkness the smoke fainted, remaining the city, and the country around, sheltered by a single cloud, not so dark; then from another which was shooting from the north at midday some birds came out, fleeing swiftly, pursued by certain rays of matchstick fire; wherefore the night was made clear, as of mid-day. With this, that the birds, which were touched by those rays, they fell to the ground dead, the others fainted just before dawn. Unfortunate prognostic of the deaths of Manfredi, Corradino, and other Svevi; with the ruin of many cities, devoted to them, by the French under King Charles the First.

Year 1272: on May 14, the first dawning dawns until half an hour before midday, some drops fell in the countryside around Monteleone, others purple-colored, others redder, others blacker, but all of fire, it had a very sharp flavor and a serious odor, which generated a stomach: from which everything they touched, flowers, leaves, fodder, trees, remained not dry, but rotten. From this arose a troubled pestilence, which was felt for two years later.

Year 1539: on April 18, at 12 o’clock the sun darkened for an hour; so that the stars were seen, as of midnight.

Year 1568: July 28 fell over the village, called the Sorbo di Taverna, like a beam of fire, which burned most of the houses. Something earlier that happened in Acquaro, a village of Sinopoli; hence the whole Province was terrified, and waited to appease Heaven with many festivals of mortifications. XVI century: Lorenzo Dardano, in a volume written by him, says this: near the rocks near Tropea called Messages, shaken by the violence of the storm, a naked man appeared, to the amazement of the citizens; questioned by him who he was, he did not speak at all, but made a sign that he wanted to write and, taking the paper, he wrote: ‘I do not know who he is, or from where, nor in what way he got here; my life is short ‘. After an hour he died and was buried in front of the door of the church of S. Giovanni.

Year 1590: On March 5, it rained earth in the space of five hours, almost all over the eastern part.

Year 1679: on September 25, Monday, the wife of Giuseppe Ferro surgeon in Monteleone, gave birth to a son with two heads, four eyes, four ears, two noses, two mouths, a leg, and an arm, large on one side , and the other two, for the other, very thin.

Year 1895: on an October day, when the shadows of the night rush down from the top of the mountains, on the occasion of Cosenza a long, perhaps unknown pyramid rose above those hills, dragging a vaporous tail. Slowly it drew, but more and more gathered, until it quickly hid behind a high yoke, leaving an insensitive screech from the impact of the air. Not many days, and a globe of fire rose up towards the same place, leaving behind a stripe, like white, which gradually blackened; it died out with a crash not unlike that of thunder. In the night that followed, like a storm, which quivers, a roar, a hoarse murmuring was heard in the high regions while everything was quiet in the last seats of the earth .”

The apparitions of “globes”, of “burning shields”, of “beams” in the sky, in particular, were recorded in many ancient chronicles of every time and country (not to mention myths and legends) with descriptions such as not to be attributable to known natural phenomena.

Pliny the Elder, in his “Natural History” refers to these events: “Brilliant beams suddenly appeared, like those that appeared after the naval defeat that cost the Lacedaemonians the empire of Greece” (chap. 26); “Three moons appeared simultaneously during the consulate of G. Domizio and G. Fannio” (chap. 32); “A spark, falling from a star, grew closer to the Earth and, after reaching the size of the Moon, spread the brightness of a cloudy day, and then retreated into the sky in the form of a torch …

A phenomenon that tradition mentions under the consulate of G. Ottavio and C. Scribonio, and which witnessed the proconsul Silanio and his entourage (chap. 35); “We have also seen stars go in all directions, without impetuous winds rising… during the consulate of L. Valerio and G.

Tito Livio describes even more disconcerting episodes. He not only remembers the turning, at great height, of objects similar to “round shields”. “There, in the tranquility of the night”, he writes, referring to an event of 235 BC. C. “both consuls were visited, it is said, by the same apparition: a man of greater stature than human, and more majestic, who declared that the commander of one side and the army of the other were to be offered to Hands and Mother Earth “. It is a vision that can perhaps be connected to that traced back by Tito Livio to 214 BC. C .: “In Adria an altar was seen in heaven, and human forms in white clothes were seen next to it.”

Let’s move on to the Middle Ages. We read in the “Annales Laurissenses”: “In 776 flying shields seemed to guide the Saxons as they besieged the knights of Charlemagne in Sigiburg”. And in the “Capitolari” of Charlemagne written perhaps by Eginardo: “Realizing the alarm thrown among the populace and the hostility aroused, the aerial beings were so upset that they landed with their largest vessel, took on board some women and some men chosen among the best to educate them and dispel the bad opinion of the people … when, however, those women and men returned to earth, they were considered demonic beings who came to spread poison on the crops, then promptly captured and executed after the horrible tortures provided for those who practiced evil arts … others had to follow the same fate.

It was finally rumored everywhere that they had been sent by Grimaldo, Duke of Benevento and master of spells, to destroy the kingdom of the Franks … in vain these innocents tried to save themselves by saying that they belonged to the same nation and that they had been kidnapped for short time by extraordinary men, who had shown them great and wonderful things … “(this strange story was later taken up in part by Abbot Montfaucon de Villars in his book” le comte de Gabalis “) 6. Another interesting testimony, that of the well-known English scholar Gervasio di Tibury (who also taught law in Bologna), who in the “Otia imperialia”, written in 1214, refers (book I, chap. 13); “There are some who say: the Earth is in the center, in the middle of a circumference, with every part equally distant from the extremities, surrounded by seas and encircled according to the commandment of the third day: ‘He gathered the waters under the heavens in one place, there appeared dry land’.

There has been a demonstration of the seas above us in our time, a new revelation that appeared from above, quite astonishing. It was exactly in the observance of a holiday in Great Britain, after people had heard solemn Mass in church, and the crowds were dispersing here and there, and the weather was foggy with many clouds, and somewhat dark.

Then a ship’s anchor appeared which, after circling around seven times, was hooked under a pile of stones with the rope straight and suspended in the air. People screamed and while some were discussing this they saw the rope move as if someone was trying to free the anchor. However, despite all his efforts, he did not yield, and then there was a voice in the thick air, like the cry of our sailors calling for the anchor, which had been thrown and stretched away.

Without delay, disappointed with the result, they sent one of their own, who went down the rope in the way our sailors do and as he went down he changed hand over hand. And when he had already released the anchor, he was seized by those present and balloted from hand to hand as if he had been a castaway.

Choked by the fog and our humid atmosphere, he expired. But then the upstairs held council on their shipwrecked dormitory and after an hour they cut the rope and leaving mate and again they rowed away. In memory of this event, after careful consideration, that iron grate for the doors of the Basilica was taken from the anchor, which opens for all the people to see ”7. Ships in the sky in the Middle Ages? Indeed the suspicion that for millennia we have been “observed” by living beings in other dimensions,

Is it possible that in all these stories the vision was misunderstood? Science at the time was certainly in its infancy and approximate, the witnesses simply described the events they witnessed and seeing unusual objects raining from the sky was noted precisely because it was atypical.

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