The stigmata of the mystics and the connection with extraterrestrials

The stigmata psychiatric phenomenon? Or is there much more …

Who does not know St. Francis of Assisi the Italian friar of “Brother sun, sister moon,” beyond his sincere vocation and the vicissitudes that have gone through his life, I would like to focus today on an aspect that perhaps from the point of an ufologic view no one has considered.

The nature of his stigmata. In fact, according to the Catholic Church, the Saint is one of the “privileged ones” that God has chosen to have as a gift the stigmata, the holes on his hands and feet symbolizing the Crucifixion of Christ.

The entity that interacts with St. Francis is a Seraph… one of the angels of the celestial hosts.

These beings, the angels, are endowed with immeasurable powers, we have seen them in the Bible what are they able to do right? Do you remember the episode of Hebrew king Hezekiah when he rebelled against the king of Assyria Sennacherib? The angel of the Lord exterminated his 185,000 soldiers alone in a single night.

That he was an alien is obvious since we know that angels were nothing more than beings from other planets. Witnesses of close encounters with these entities have also seen them fly with their wings, she is an American lady who I interviewed she shot me some private images taken with her cell phone while she was in the garden. Were they winged angels?

Given the mental manipulation concocted by these beings even on the occasion of the Marian apparitions (LINK if interested in my study) if they really had wings, or the whole thing is the result of an altered perception of reality.

Basically, did St. Francis really see the Seraph, or was it made so that his mind could see him “?

The stigmata of St. Francis and the UFO phenomenon

But let’s go back to the Saint and read what happened and the ufological references, to validate the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

A few brief words to describe an extraordinary event, and never before occurred, which took place on Mount La Verna, while a summer of the first half of the 13th century was drawing to a close, and which countless hosts of saints, men and women of God, they repeated in their life

It was the year 1224. St. Francis of Assisi, two years before his death, wanted to spend forty days of fasting in silence and solitude in honor of the archangel St. Michael. It was, moreover, the habit of the Saint of Assisi to withdraw, like Jesus, to solitary and hermit-like places to attend to meditation and intimate union with the Lord in prayer. He knew, in fact, that every apostolate was sterile if not supported by a spiritual growth of his own interior life. Many places in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio boast of having hosted the poor of Assisi in these frequent retreats.

La Verna was one of these and it was certainly what the Saint preferred.

Celano offers us a broad description of apparition of the angel Seraphim:

“When he was staying in the hermitage which after the name of the place is called Verna, two years before his death, he had a vision from God.

A man appeared to him, in the form of a Seraph, with wings, hovering above him, with hands outstretched and feet together, stuck to a cross. Two wings extended above the head, two unfolded to fly and two covered the whole body. At that apparition the blessed servant of the Most High felt filled with infinite admiration, but he could not understand its meaning.

He was also invaded by a lively joy and overabundant gaiety for the beautiful and sweet gaze with which the Seraph looked at him, of unimaginable beauty; but he was at the same time terrified to see him stuck on the cross in the bitter pain of passion. He got up, so to speak, sad and happy, as joy and bitterness alternated in his spirit of him. He was eager to discover the meaning of the vision, and for this reason his spirit was all agitated. While he was in this state of worry and total uncertainty, behold: the same nail marks began to appear in his hands and feet that he had just seen in that mysterious crucified man.

His hands and feet appeared to be pierced in the center by nails, the heads of which were visible in the palms of the hands and on the backs of the feet, while the toes protruded from the opposite side. Those marks were then round on the inside of the hands, and elongated on the outside, and formed almost a fleshy excrescence, as if it were the tip of nails folded and riveted. So too were the marks of the nails sticking out of the rest of the flesh on his feet. The right side was also pierced as by a spear blow, with a large scar, and often bled, bathing the cassock and underpants with that sacred blood ”.

Here is how St. Bonaventure, his biographer, reports the episode:

On Monte La Verna Francesco was intent on meditating, by divine inspiration, on the Passion of Jesus when the prodigious event took place. He prayed like this: “O my Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you give me two graces before I die: the first, that in my life I feel in my soul and in my body, as much as possible, that pain that you, sweet Jesus, you sustained in the hour of your most bitter passion, the second is that I feel in my heart, as much as possible, that excessive love with which you, Son of God, were kindled to willingly support so much passion for us sinners “.

His prayer did not go unanswered. Indeed, he was made worthy to receive the visible signs of the Passion of Christ on his body. The prodigy took place in such a wonderful way that the shepherds and the inhabitants of the surroundings reported to the friars that they had seen the mountain of La Verna set ablaze for about an hour, so much so that they feared a fire or that the sun had risen before the usual.

“One morning, at the approach of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, while he was praying on the side of the mountain, he saw the figure as of a seraph, with six wings as luminous as they were fiery, descending from the sublimity of the skies: it, with very rapid flight , keeping hovering in the air, he came close to the man of God, and then the effigy of a crucified man appeared between his wings, who had his hands and feet stretched out and stuck on the cross. Two wings rose above his head, two spread out to fly and two veiled his entire body. At that sight he was greatly amazed, while joy and sadness flooded his heart.

He felt gladness for his kind attitude, with which he saw himself looked at by Christ, under the figure of the seraph. But seeing him impaled on the cross pierced him soul with the painful sword of compassion. He stared, full of amazement, at that vision so mysterious, aware that the infirmity of the passion could not possibly coexist with the spiritual and immortal nature of the seraph.

But from here he finally understood, by divine revelation, the purpose for which divine providence had shown that vision to his gaze, that is to make him know in advance that he, the friend of Christ, was about to be transformed into the visible portrait of Christ Jesus crucified, not through the martyrdom of the flesh, but through the burning of the spirit “

Do you agree with me after reading these testimonials? He was an extraterrestrial, if not who else?

The deception on the part of these entities was born in the heart of religion, Padre Pio, Natuzza Evolo among the most famous Italian mystics suffered the same fate, the angelic beings who showed themselves to them were more and less as their mind conceived them , that is, with wings. After all… tradition wants it.

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