Winged aliens and not angels

Do you know that there are winged races of extraterrestrials?

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The Christian tradition has accustomed us over the centuries to angels or anthropomorphic divine creatures, capable of admirable deeds, of disappearing and re-materializing in different places in the blink of an eye thousands of kilometers away, they have always been depicted with the wings, but what if, as always, these figures believed to be legends were actually entities that really existed? because you know every legend carries with it a part of the truth.

Below is an account of tales of winged beings in every corner of the world over the centuries:

TOKOLOSHE Present in South Africa, it has the characteristic of leaving its victims empty of all lifeblood so it appears to be similar to a vampire.

ASEMAF is part of the winged beings that suck blood, of ancient African tradition. It has a human body, long feathers on its head and large stork wings. Enter homes at night through open windows and suck every drop of lifeblood from the sleeping victims, leaving them completely drained and with parched skin. According to some popular traditions, during the day he turns into a normal person so as not to arouse suspicion.

LOOGAROO Horrible vampire winged being present in the folklore of Dahomey, in Africa and among the Negroid populations of Haiti and other Caribbean islands; it may have followed the slaves being forcibly transported to the new continent; it attacks above all children and defenseless people, bleeding them to death. It would be a diabolical entity, with which local sorcerers can make deals to persecute enemies.

. In Buinaksk in Diaghistan, in 1961, the body of a bird-man was recovered and later sent to Moscow by specialized departments of the KGB – OTV Directorate – technical-operational-, under the watchful control of the 2nd Directorate of the KGB – Internal Security & Counter-espionage -. 2. In March 1969, near Sverdlovsk, the body of a bird-man was recovered and later sent to a pathology institute in Moscow, where an autopsy was performed; all this will be filmed and the films will be kept in the underground archives.

“THE BIRD MAN OF OXFORD (GR. BR) On December 31, 1973, near Oxford in England, Richard H. Watts and Sir Horace Parkes found the mummy belonging to a creature with a body less than 3 feet (= 91.44 cm), with very short and almost atrophied arms and legs, a wrinkled face, with a medallion depicting strange symbols around the neck. In addition, something similar to a pair of wide wings, similar to those could be seen. of dragonflies, whose opening must have reached almost 90 cm. According to the book by RHWatts, published in New York in 1978 entitled Travels and Bargains “”, the body of this being would still be kept in a room of the small natural history museum of Knightobridge in England.

THE WINGED BEING IN A MINE IN LOS ANGELES The book “Subterranean Worlds” by Timothy G. Beckley, published in 1992, reported the testimony collected by the New Yorker John J. Robinson, who reported that an anonymous person contacted him in March 1957 to tell him that in 1942, when he was 17, he had moved into the home of a high school friend named Fred, near a town northwest of Los Angeles, to spend his summer holidays there. Well, one day, during an excursion to an abandoned mine that enjoyed a sinister reputation, on the entrance, they saw in front of them, a strange and horrible creature. According to the two boys, she was about five feet tall, with round eyes and a hooded head; it also had a kind of folded wings with a scaled chest. It had no neck, and it also had a kind of huge bird’s tail. The feet were covered in strange black boots. Such being, upon their appearance, would have uttered a cry similar to that of birds. So the two friends fled home. Later, the anonymous would know, after returning to his city, that his friend Fred had mysteriously disappeared during a further excursion to this enigmatic mine.

THE WINGED BEINGS OF THE FRENCH RIVIERA, IN NICE AND GENOA In a rare document preserved in the Nice archives, entitled “Flying men glimpsed in the distant 1608” he tells that in August 1608, following a strong storm with blood falling on the whole area of ​​the coast of Nice, in Provence, two men in the air appeared, observed by numerous witnesses, above the island of Martegue, 5 leagues from Marseille. This phenomenon lasted 3 days. In the same period, in the Genoese sea, winged beings were observed holding 2 snakes in their hands that coiled around their arms and threw horrible and frightening screams heard by the whole population. 800 times the Genoese fired cannon shots to remove them, but all was in vain. The aforementioned event was repeated again on August 15th.

THE WINGED BEINGS SIGHTED IN PELOTAS, BRAZILIAN STATE OF RIO GRANDE Around 9 pm on an unspecified date between 1950 and 1952, 2 spouses, Indalecio Cesar Leivas and Maria Farias Leivas, while walking on the beach, in the aforementioned Brazilian town, noticed being flown over by strange and large winged beings, at a height of 10 meters; they did not flap their wings and did not produce the slightest noise which might make one think of birds; as they emitted a strange hum. They descended, gliding a few meters away from them. One was 2.5 meters high and the other 2 meters. They had a gray color on the hips and a darker color on the front. They crouched under a leafy tree. Shortly after, the two spouses moved away.

The German newsletter “Ufo nachrichten”, n. 238/9, entitled “HausHohes Ufo landet auf Gran Canaria”, reported the landing of a large aircraft on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria on 22 July 1976. It was observed closely by some people and from afar by several hundreds. Among these witnesses the testimony of dr. Juliòn Padròn y Leòn who was aboard the taxi of Senor Paco Esteves Garcia which passed no less than 70 meters away from where the aircraft had landed. It was 10.45 pm. They approached about 25 m. Inside the vessel, cylindrical in shape, covered by a dome and with a diameter of 25 m, they noticed that the crew, instead of hands, had some kind of wings.

(USA) The Mufon Ufo Journal of January 1977 reports that in Stanford, Kentucky, 3 girls would be kidnapped and then released, one of them, Elaine Thomas, said that these beings had wings like wings folded up.

On September 18, 1877, Mr. WHSmith saw a winged being in the skies of Brooklyn, New York. It had a humanoid appearance. The “New York Times” of 12.9.1880 reported the sighting of a winged being that from Coney Island, near Brooklyn, was heading for New Jersey. The being had, according to many witnesses, a hairy body, two wings similar to that of bats and feet with fingers extended like those of a frog, with a humanoid face but with a diabolical expression. And in 1922, William C. Lamb, on his way out hunting near Hubbell, Nebraska, at about 5 a.m. on Wednesday, February 22, and after hearing a sharp sound and seeing a large dark object pass over his head, he saw, after hiding behind a tree, a winged creature that left behind it obvious footprints in the snow. It was two and a half meters high.

On Tuesday, January 6, 1948, Mrs. Zaikowsky of Chehalis, Washington saw, after hearing a buzzing and sizzling sound, a winged being hovering over her barn at a height of about 60 meters. The peculiar thing was that the silver wings did not flap when they were in flight. The Portland Oregon Journal of 21.1.1948 reported that the local police chief, Tom Murray, did not take the sighting seriously.

Four months later, Friday 9/4/1948, a trio of winged creatures were seen above Longview, Washington. In 1948 in Washington state another winged being was spotted by some farmers above their granaries. Then another sighting happened at 2, 30 in the morning of Thursday, June 18, 1953 in Houston, Texas. Witnesses to the sighting were Mrs. Hilda Walker and Judy Meyers and Mr. Howard Phillips. Another sighting, on 16.11.1963 in Kent in England, near Sandling Park, Hyte; witness was 17-year-old John Flaxton. ; on 11/14/1966 it was the turn of Salem, in West Virginia, in this case a German shepherd dog was killed.

THE WINGED BEINGS IN ITALY In an ancient document preserved in the archives of the French town of Nice, entitled “Flying Men glimpsed in the distant 1608”, it is reported, among other things, that in August 1608, over the Genoese sea, they were observed winged beings carrying 2 snakes in their hands, which wound around their arms and threw horrible and frightening screams heard by all the coastal population. 800 times the Genoese fired cannon shots to drive away these entities, but in vain. Everything was repeated again on August 15 of the same year.

Another important episode was reported in “La Libertà” of 23.3.1976, which reported that in 1971 at San Martino, near Bobbio, in the province of Piacenza, (Italy )Mr. Pietro Bongiorni, around 7 pm on 19 August of the aforementioned year, while he was acting as guardian and was on the terrace of the Terme di San Martino, he saw approaching a winged being with a human appearance, with a beard, with reddish skin and a thick and long black hair, about 1.70 m high.

The winged being came up to a distance of 5 meters from him, then, flying over the terrace, passed it, until it disappeared in the dark. However, he had time to recall his family who also managed to observe the strange being that was moving away.

This testimony was later supported also by another eyewitness, Mr. Piergiorgi, who later confirmed that he too saw the strange flying creature, adding that the being had a strange belt around its waist. Later it was learned that other witnesses residing in Bobbio would also have seen a strange bright orange being – as if he were wearing a fluorescent suit – while he was intent on collecting something along the shore of the nearby river and then flying away. Furthermore, in the archive of the Centro Studi Fortiani italiani (SFI) of U.

Cordier there is another important report which took place in 1967, at 7.30 on November 27; here we talk about three beings all dark but shiny who were spotted on the roof of Palazzo Multedo, while, in single file, they flew over via Sacco. Another testimony dates back to the summer of 1946 when the witness was on guard duty as a soldier on the battleship Duilio which was located in the Ionian port of Taranto. One evening, while he was intent on observing the sky with binoculars, he noticed the presence in the sky of a “V” formation of strange human figures.

In fact, despite having facial features similar to human ones, they had stocky bodies, all covered with feathers, with long dark blue or rusty red hair; with two legs ending in three claws; they were without hands but had two large and large wings. The flock remained visible for a few interminable seconds, then mysteriously disappeared as it had appeared. So far the testimonies drawn from the chronicles of the past concerning Italy, however the case history is present all over the world, especially in newspapers of the USA. We can only conclude that the figure of the

angel myuforesearch

What I am showing you below is the personal story I collected from a lady that I will omit for privacy reasons.

It was December 22, 2020. At 7:08 am I was at home in my backyard and it felt like someone was watching me. I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I still kept feeling like I was being watched so I looked up and saw a silvery glowing aircraft that I thought was a UFO. It moved fast but I was able to take a picture. I zoomed in and this is what I captured. It was the size of a small plane. “

contact with winged aliens
contact with winged aliens
contact with winged aliens
contact with winged aliens

Thank you all. Cesare Valocchia

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