The famous encounter with an alien: The Otoco case

Extraterrestrials in Bolivia

This event that I am soon to tell can be considered one of the most disturbing cases in the history of ufology.

An unexpected Bolivian shepherdess was taking care of her flock of sheep and llamas when she had a terribly violent encounter with an entity of unknown origin that would have left her literally scarred for life.

Otoco is located in the desolate mountainous region of the South-Western highlands of Bolivia, not far from the thriving silver mining town of Potosí.

In 1967, 24-year-old Valentina Flores and her husband Gumersindo were able to make a living by cultivating a small plot of land not far from Otoco. They were illiterate Quechua Indians and led a private life dealing with their land, cattle and their daughter, Theodosia.

Neither Valentina, nor Gumersindo were aware of or interested in stories about the UFOs or their apparently extraterrestrial occupants and absolutely nothing could have imagined Valentina the horror she and her son would have had to face one evening shortly after Easter that year.

In the late afternoon of the day in question, Valentina was leading her flock of sixty-four sheep grazing in a field adjacent to a hilly expanse.

It was then that he realized to his great dismay that his herd of llamas had moved away.

The author, TV presenter and UFO researcher, JJ Benítez traveled to Bolivia in 2001 to track down Valentina and her husband.

He interviewed the then 59-year-old eyewitness who was surprised to hear a foreigner speak in a language different from his own and told him about the terrifying encounter he had had 34 years earlier.

Still clearly obsessed with the case, Valentina described to Benitez what happened that day:

“That day I was alone. My husband was like the rest of the men in the pampas working. It was about four in the afternoon … I went to look for the llamas and their puppies. They had gone astray, so I collected sheep and lambs in one place and then went in search of other animals “.

With Theodosia tied firmly to her back in a traditional sheath-cover known as a manta, Valentina began to chase her llamas, traced them on a meadow after about forty-five minutes. The shepherdess began to collect her animals and to gather them again towards the pasture.

The Sun began its slow descent towards the horizon and so Valentina returned with her lamas in tow. Turning back to where he left the first group of animals, he realized that they were gone.

Confused and annoyed, Valentina left her lamas behind and began to follow the traces of the sheep going towards the hills. Arriving near the group of sheep as she approached, Valentina hesitated, noting that there was something strange that covered the fence and the air was strangely silent.

What caught his attention, however, was the fact that the entire stone fence was covered by a large net that looked like plastic. Determined to find out what was happening to her cattle, the young mother pushed close to the fence. Valentina barely managed to suppress a start of horror when she saw that the carcasses of 34 of her gutted sheep were scattered beneath this network of “plastic”.

It was then that he caught the eye of a being about 1.10 cm tall inside the fence. The person in charge of that mess was digging his sheep through an elongated tubular device with a sharp hook whose end seemed to be attached to him by a chain.

Next to being was an open plastic bag full of sheep entrails and various organs.

“There was a little man inside the fence … he was like a child … on his knees, and he had a sheep between his legs, the animals were bought from a net. I panicked. The individual had killed all my animals “

 “… He had strange clothes, like a diver, with brown boots.”

The shepherdess also described other details such as straps that crossed and covered the chest of the humanoid in the shape of an X, and a large backpack on the back.

Valentina also observed a strange helmet with a propeller and taking a look at her features, she described them as follows:

“He had very white skin, blond hair, blue eyes and a flowing mustache.”

Enraged at seeing her slaughtered sheep, Valentina did what anyone would do in her place. He began to insult him and throw stones at the being.

At this point the creature stood up abruptly, releasing the last sheep and turned to his attacker with an expression of shock and fear.

He approached a a device that seemed to Valentina a radio with its limited knowledge of technology, operated a lever and the net that covered the fence and sheep withdrew immediately.

Once the mesh cover disappeared, Valentina noticed another virtually identical entity standing on the opposite side of the fence.

It was then that Valentina decided to go into action and like a gladiator entering an arena, she entered the enclosure.

The entity tried to communicate with her apparently but in an unknown language.

“He talked to me, but I didn’t understand him, he wasn’t QUECHUA or Spanish. He looked as shocked as I was. My God, my animals! He had killed them one by one! “

Valentina threw stones at the entity:

“I hit him with all my strength … I hit him in the face and [He] started bleeding, he kept shouting but I didn’t understand him!

It was at that time that the entity decided to defend itself by brandishing the same tubular hook that it had used to gut the sheep.

The tool was launched several times and fortunately caused Valentina superficial cuts, it was like a boomerang because every time it returned to the creature.

Undaunted, Valentina struck him again with the stones, the entity screamed in anguish.

At this point they came out of the backpack as two extensions and then flew away and so did his companion.

Immediately after a detachment of the Bolivian army he was sent to the scene and collected all 34 carcasses, as well as blood samples of the creature.

It was found that the sheep lacked different internal and external organs; including eyes, ears, portions of the mouth as well as belly fat. The authorities also found that most of the blood inside the animals was missing.

Other farmers in the area, questioned by the Bolivian government, claimed to have witnessed other strange events. Some have testified that they have noticed strange individuals leaping out of sheep farms leaving behind bled carcasses.

When UFO researcher Benítez interviewed Valentina in 2001 after three decades of terrifying encounters, he realized that Valentina still didn’t know what a UFO was, let alone an extraterrestrial, saying they were things that didn’t concern her.

Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia was born in Rome in 1970. He is a telecommunications specialist with dedicated fibre optics and data transfer curses. He cultivates two main passions: volunteering in 118 ambulances and ufology. Instructor of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers for adults and children, he collected his experiences as a volunteer on the means of the 118 national health emergency service in Rome in an ebook entitled “Non dirmi grazie” “Don’t tell me thank you” His motto is: Helping those who suffer is the best payment. He has devoted himself to ufology since the early 1990s, and has been running the website since 2011. He conducted the first analysis on the “dancing” Sun of Medjugorje, which linked the UFO phenomenon to the Marian phenomenon. In May 2017, the article was published in the official journal of the National UFO Center. Further analysis of the sighting of unknown flying objects during the “Sun dance” around the world can be found on his website. He has been a member of the National Ufologic Center since 2019.

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      It is happened with cows, and look like for sheeps, never recorded this kind of humanoid

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        hi yes very strange case he is small humanoid alien, maybe he had spacecraft in orbit and he is hungry he want meat and blood, but very agressive he want kill that woman,and he fly away in sky he had a helmet

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          This race could eat sheeps, we ll never know the reason for an attack like that one

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              There are thousands and thousands of races in this universe, we can wait the unthinkable

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