The chronicles of Akakor and the extraterrestrials of Schwerta

An incredible story

The Chronicles of Akakor

The book of a German journalist Karl Brugger reveals an incredible story. Very ancient lost cities in the heart of the Brazilian forests store secrets related to the descent of beings from other worlds

The elect allies

The Adventure of the German journalist Karl Brugger starts in a bar in Manaus, Brazil, on March 3, 1972. The long stay in the Amazonian forests and the deep knowledge of the indigenous traditions allow you to get in touch with Tatunca Nara, last head of the unknown tribe elected allies, the Ugha Mongulala. The Forest of the Amazon, is the guardian of the ancient secrets of Akakor, the following story, preserved in the sacred books of the Chronicle of Akakor, known as the book of the Jaguar, the Eagle’s book, the book of Ant and the Book of the Water Snake, marks for his life forever.

In 13,000 BC brilliant golden ships took to the lush jungles of South America, Guided by majestic foreigners with white skin, the face surrounded by the beard, thick black hair with blue highlights, six fingers on his hands and feet. The memory of their descent into the imperishable remains of native memory. They said to come from Schwerta, a distant constellation with countless planets, which crosses the Earth every 6,000 years. Unknown technology in their possession: magic stones to look anywhere in the world, tools who hurl thunderbolts and affect the rocks, the ability to open the body of the sick without touching it.

With infinite love donated to the Indians the light of civilization and laid the foundations of a vast empire that included Akakor, the impregnable fortress of stone, in the valley of the mountains on the border between Peru and Brazil, Akanis in Mexico and Akahim in Venezuela, the grand city of Humbaya and suffered in Bolivia, Emin on the Great River and Cadira, majestic and sacred places: Salazere, Tiahuanaco, and Manoa plateau south.

Tatunca Nara

karl Brugger and Tatunka Nara

Under Akakor, a vast network of 13 underground cities, hidden from the sight of intruders, like invisible arteries run through the age-old Brazilian forests. Their plant reproduces Schwerta, the cosmic dwelling of the Ancient Fathers. An unnatural light illuminates the inside, while an ingenious complex of funnels air and water since door into its depths.

The powerful domain, which had under him 362 million people, lasted three thousand years when the Hour Zero, the 10,481 BC, the Ancient Fathers resumed the way to heaven with the promise of ritornare.Il head Tatunka Nara The Earth seemed to cry for their disappearance and 13 years after an enormous catastrophe struck the planet and disrupted its appearance, sowing death and desolation everywhere. The men lost their faith in the gods, degenerating and committing cruel actions in the millennia to come. There followed a second catastrophe. A star gigantic red-tailed impacted Earth, causing a huge flood.

In the words of the priests: “When despair had reached its peak, the Former Masters, they would come back.” It reappeared in 3166 BC gold ships. Lhasa, the “Sublime” reigned Akakor and his brother Samon flew over the Nile to found a second empire, the South American lands, who regularly visited, aboard ships immense.Various artifacts discovered by archaeologists confirm the Egyptian presence in South America, as the “Rock of the Scriptures” the anthropologist George Hunt Williamson unearthed in the Andes in 1957, decorated on hieroglyphics similar to those Egyptians, venerated by the local natives and connected to the descent of ancestors spatial who lived in the Great Paititi.

The Prince of Akakor ruled wisely reorganizing the empire destroyed and erected new cities as Manu Samoa, Kin, Bolivia and Machu Picchu in Peru. Three hundred years remained on earth until one day you walked on the Moon’s mountains, over the Andes and disappeared into the sky in a fire. Check that echoes very much that of Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican deities.

ancient writing akakor aliens

Akakor is revealed

Thousands of years of wars against enemy tribes saw Akakor fall and rise again, squeezing even alliances with foreign tribes arrived from afar. The traditions Ugha Mongulala talking about white people like the Goths who visited their land. A reaffirmation of the ancient medieval chronicles in which Viking games to the exploration of distant worlds ships, after a shipwreck, landed on the coast of South America. In the Yvytyruzu sierra, in Paraguay, the archaeologist Jacques de Mahieu has discovered a world full of runes boulder designs of longship, the Viking ships, and a bearded man in armor. Today, the peoples of those territories are white-skinned, have developed chest and beard.

Karl Brugger, but an even more strange event, foretold in the ancient scriptures of the Ancestors Divine, is the arrival Akakor of 2,000 German soldiers. The Führer had embraced the ideas of the Thule secret society (the name of a place at the North Pole inhabited by civilizations of the Hyperboreans) esoteric group incaricatosi to guard the lost knowledge. The existence of an ancient race who lived in underground cavities stimulated his curiosity, prompting him to send several expeditions around the globe to ascertain the veracity of his occult studies.

The German contingent left Marseilles to England in 1941 aboard a submarine was unaware of the destination and purpose of the mission: to make contact with the “tribes allied elected”. A quick trip to the greek navigator Pytheas of Massalia, in IV century BC, De Ocean, narrates from Massalia, the former Marseille to reach the mythical Thule located in remote glacier in the far North. Most likely the French city holds esoteric secrets known to the Nazis for a long time. The permanence of the soldiers led to the union between the two peoples, who still live in the thirty thousand to less Akakor as well have inhabited the city of Boda and Kish under it and the mighty Akahim.

The assets of the Gods

The Sun Temple of Akakor, watched over by armed guards, guards penned by the Ancient Fathers secret maps that show the universe thousands of years before with other moons, a lost island in the west and a land in the ocean, swallowed by the waves during stellar an epic battle between two offspring of the gods, whose consequences invested even the planets Mars and Venus. The documents also say that the Lords of Heaven brought the man from planet to planet until it reaches Earth.

The theoretical Nazi Hörbiger had postulated the existence of various moons in lost eras of the Earth; Also the maps are linked to the British researcher David Davenport designs on the stellar routes of Indian Vimana towards our planet (cf.. F. Terzi, UFO News, June ’98). Faithful to the wishes of the Former Masters, the priests gathered all the knowledge and history of the tribe elected in books then kept in a room carved into the rock inside the underground dwellings. In the same place the enigmatic drawings of the Divine Fathers are engraved in green and blue on an unknown material. Designs that neither water nor fire can destroy. In the basement also lie weapons similar to those of the Germans belonged to the gods, the spaceship of Lhasa, an unknown metal cylinder that was flying without wings,

Tatunca Nara himself saw a room lit by a bluish light that showed four people in suspended animation, including a woman with six fingers on his hands and feet, within crystal containers full of liquido.Scrittura of Schwerta fathers Many wonder if this mysterious underground city is not only the result of an imaginative story. The Italian researcher Antonio Filangieri has verified the credentials of Karl Brugger directly from Brother Benno, during his visit to Monaco in the ’50s, getting new information.

Benno revealed that after the death of Karl, struck by a bullet in mysterious circumstances in 1984, the German Consulate Karl had searched the apartment in Rio de Janeiro and confiscated all the documents relating to the shipment of Akakor. Later, the crates with papers were the subject of several burglaries. Inexplicably, the Consul in Rio was transferred in Ivory Coast with documents in tow. Part of the material disappeared mysteriously when he arrived in Germany at the request of Benno.

An aura of mystery seemed to hover around Akakor.

When Tatunca Nara started negotiations with senior white officers to stop the indiscriminate extermination of the Indians, which still continues unhindered by the authorities, he was able to hand over some writings of the Gods to the Bishop Grotti that after sending the documents to the Vatican, died in a plane crash. Coincidence? Tatunca Nara, deeply disgusted by the civilization of the White Barbarians, with their fierce contradictions, proudly states: “We are free men of the Sun and Light. We do not want to burden our hearts the weight of their wrong faith and liar. ” Patiently she awaits the return of the Gods. Or maybe the gods, hidden Akakor, waiting patiently for the men come back to them stess

The Chronicle of Akakor begins Zero hour, when the gods abandoned us. At that time, Ina, the first prince of the Ugha Mongulala decided to put in writing all events in the life of our people, “with clear writing and good speaking”.

The Ancient Fathers came in 13,000 BC According to the chronology of whites, suddenly appeared in the sky bright golden ships, and there were up to 10,481 years BC when they departed. Foreigners told us that their homeland was called Schwerta, a world away in the depths of the universe: an immense empire, consisting of several worlds like the dust particles of a road. Every 6000 years the two worlds, ours and theirs, meet. They came to Earth 130 families, and they recognized us as brothers. They divided each fruit of the earth, taught us their laws, although men were stubborn resistance as children. This is why their love for us, for what we had to endure because of men, patiently and tirelessly to teach us, we venerate them as our light-bearers. Our craftsmen reproduced the lords of Schwerta: slender body, similar to men, delicate facial features, hair blacks white leather with blue reflections, the men wore a full beard, and they were made of flesh like us; but they had a sign from God, 6 fingers on the hands and feet.

Among all the peoples of the Gods, they chose the elected families, and allowed to live with them, to be servants and allies, and they taught their will; they are the Ugha Mongulala, namely the “tribes of the elect allies” in the language of the whites. And we are like them, tall, almond-shaped eyes, aquiline nose, thick blue-black hair, but we have only five fingers. The gods, drew canals, roads, sowed new plants, reared animals. Akakor the capital, it was built 14,000 years ago by our ancestors, under the guidance of the Masters; aka means fortress, kor number 2. Akanis, the number one was in Mexico, and Akakim number 3 was built about 7,000 years later. Akakor was in a plateau on the mountain valley at the border of Brazil and Peru; for three quarters was protected by rocks, on the fourth to the east, he lays a vast plain, which sloped gently down to the jungle forest.

The entire city was surrounded by a stone wall, in which there were 13 very narrow doors. The Akakor plant was rectangular, two main streets crossed each other and divided the city into 4 parts, the center was a temple facing east. Other cities are named in the Chronicle: Humbaya and suffered in Bolivia, Emin and Cadira in Venezuela. All these were destroyed 13 years after the departure of the Gods, from a major catastrophe. Our forefathers built three other cities: Salazere, Tiahuanaco, and Manoa, these were the earthly residence of the Former Masters and forbidden zones. In each of them stood a large stepped pyramid, with a large scale, and on top of a platform where the Gods celebrated ceremonies unknown to us. With my own eyes I saw only Salazere: is eight days from Manaus on the great river, and all the palaces and temples are covered by vegetation. There is a tribe that lives mostly in trees that kills anyone who approaches you, I was able to get close because my tribe originally linked to them.

akakor pyramid map
Satellite image
akakor pyramid map
Satellite image
akakor pyramid map
Mappa Piramidi di Akakor

These cities are a mystery witness a science and a superior knowledge, completely incomprehensible to our contemporaries. For Gods pyramids were dwellings and symbols of life and death, the sun’s light and life. The Ancient Fathers have taught us that there is a “place space” between life and death, between life and nothingness, which belongs to another dimension. For them, the pyramids were a means to the second life. Now Akakor is destroyed according to my order, approved by the Supreme Council, and priests; It was too visible to the White Barbarians. So we have given up our capital to take refuge in the last gift given to us by the gods, 13 hidden subterranean cities beneath the Andes. They are arranged to form a constellation.

Akakor, the principal, is a copy of the city destroyed by us; there are wide galleries as 5 people aligned, which connect the city, Budu, Kisch, Boda, Gudi, Tanum, Sanga, Riono, Kos, Aman, Tat and Sikon, all illuminated with artificial light except Mu, the smallest of the 13, who owns conducted up to the surface, which convey the natural light to a huge mirror, with the function to scatter the sunlight everywhere. All cities have running water that gushes from the mountains, with small channels that handle supplies every home. The air to breathe out from the walls. The surface entrances are hidden carefully, carefully closed with stone portals, in case of danger. No one knows anything about the construction of these underground dwellings.

They have stood for thousands of years, the attack of savage tribes, and the advance of the White Barbarians, who sailed up the Great River in countless numbers, like ants. According to the prophecies of our priests at the end Akakor discover, find them and their image. So the circle closes. So it is written: “From Akakor reigned the Gods. They reigned on men and on Earth. They had ships plying the fastest birds of the sky. They had magic stones to look into the distance. You could see cities, rivers, hills, lakes. Everything that happened on Earth and in Heaven, could be seen in those stones. But the most wonderful thing was the underground dwellings, and the gods yielded themselves as servants elected last testament, because the Ancient Fathers are of their same blood and the same father. “

In 10,481 BC, according to the calendar of the White Barbarians, the gods abandoned the Earth. They asked to Ina, their confidante, to keep alive the memory, and to transmit forever their principles in the name of their fraternity. Now the sacred duty was to accompany the chosen people, the Ugha Mongulala the underground dwellings, so that they are safe from the disaster that was about to come. The empire, which stretched for almost all of South America included 362 million people, and among them, two million were the chosen tribes, chosen by our Fathers coming from Heaven. Thirteen years later, as announced, the catastrophe arrived and was huge: there were more stars, sun and moon, chaos and darkness everywhere, Resin oozed from the sky, and in the twilight men were killing each other to get food.


Who provoked? There was another breed were similar for men, with reddish skin, long hair, five fingers to the hands and feet, but on their shoulders grew snake heads, tigers, hawks and other animals also they possessed them to a highly advanced science of Gods, and ruled over a vast empire. They used powerful weapons such as the Sun, in their war, but the tribe elected was saved thanks to lower Akakor. The entire continent face was deformed by earthquakes that mieterono million victims, and also the climate and the seasons changed radically since those days. All that was on the surface was wiped out, and also many underground cities were heavily damaged; the survivors lived like animals for thousands of years, until in 6351 BC, the tribes allied themselves degenerate, to defeat us and kill the prince Uma, our ruler, and they succeeded so the high priests, who became corrupted, not handed over the ancient wisdom, but they felt omnipotent and dragged to the most cruel sacrifices, and the people to idolatry.

It was terrible, only a few of us managed to close in some underground cities for trovarvici refuge and still hold on for thousands of years, while on the surface the degeneration was at its peak. The gods watched from this misfortune, but one day their discomfort grew to the point that they decided to punish the man: idolatry of the people. It was terrible, only a few of us managed to close in some underground cities for trovarvici refuge and still hold on for thousands of years, while on the surface the degeneration was at its peak. The gods watched from this misfortune, but one day their discomfort grew to the point that they decided to punish the man: idolatry of the people. It was terrible, only a few of us managed to close in some underground cities for trovarvici refuge and still hold on for thousands of years, while on the surface the degeneration was at its peak. The gods watched from this misfortune, but one day their discomfort grew to the point that they decided to punish the man: They sent a huge star with a long red tail covering the whole sky, brighter than a thousand suns, to destroy all creation, men plants and animals.

It rained for thirteen moons and everything was drowned, but the survivors of the Chosen Tribes, at the bottom shelter in their shelters. Only Madus, a brave man, dared to rise to the surface to observe the horror; there was nothing left to live out of sight, but very few of vegetation and animals. He prey to sadness and anger tore the few trees remained intact, and we formed a raft on which he welcomed a pair of animals of each species encountered. The water grew to thirteen moons, there were no more mountains now, overwhelmed by the fury of the waters, but suddenly, the clouds broke and the sun appeared with him, the Former Masters that as they had predicted “When despair arrive at the peak We will return”! Madus freed the birds and animals and returning Akakor announced the end of the Age of Blood. In 3166 BC, the gods expected with such a desire, then returned; were three moons but two of them stood with us, their names were Lhasa and Samon who he flew to the East where he founded his empire.

Lhasa with survivors rebuilt the former glory, became new boundaries, houses and fortresses, she was consolidated the alliance with a people to us bordering the Incas, and finally built a holy city Machu Picchu was a titanic undertaking and four generations barely sufficed to complete it, but at the end Lhasa moved there and he reigned for three hundred years creating a state powerful as only a God could do; he could also change his appearance at will and everyone will bowed.

Lhasa flew many times by Samon in the East, with a strange vehicle that passed over the water and the mountains; Samon had built his kingdom at the mouth of a great river which is now called the Nile, and Lhasa to allow trade between the two lands built Ofir, where the Amazon River meets the sea, and the city soon became rich, thanks to our gold and silver, traded precious papyrus, wonderful green stones and woods and rich fabrics, which were filled with boats of Sarmon people; for over one thousand years he lasted its glory, then it was conquered and burned, but we Akakor we kept some of those assets, and also two extraordinary metal flying machines. A disastrous day for us, three hundred years after his arrival, Lhasa took his flying machine, and the prince, after dictating his last wishes to the elderly, set off towards the stars. But we Akakor, and about 500 still present to Akahim souls, located underground between Brazil and Venezuela, and connected with us again with an underground tunnel, we know they will come back to help us, their brethren: for thus it is written in the chronicle, and so it will be.

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