A UFO crashed in Caieiras in Brazil?

What fell from the sky in Caieiras (SP) last June 14, 2022?

Last month the news of a disconcerting event occurred in a small town in Brazil in a wooded area on the road do Ajoá, in Morro Grande, in Caieiras.

Some witnesses claim that they were awakened that night by a loud bang and that shortly thereafter a noise similar to something was heard as if he were dragging himself on the ground.

Some say they saw a light fall from the sky.

Firefighters were patrolling the area, as well as an army convoy. Some say some soldiers wore black uniforms.

There are also reports that strange “beings” were seen moving around an area shortly after the accident.

Witnesses also said that the search continued until June 15, and a helicopter was used.

What could have been this mysterious object that fell from the sky in the Caieiras region?

Could it have been just a hot air balloon flying over the region, something that is very common in Brazil that people have fantasized about?

Encounters with aliens and military

Or did something more mysterious happened, given that, according to witnesses, the army was also sent to the scene?

In recent days in Brazil, more precisely in the city of Caieiras, there have been many speculations, reports and rumors about what would have been a UFO accident that would have occurred in the early hours of the 14th of the same month.

These reports are circulating through social media such as whatsapp and Instagram groups, there are also videos and photos, but what intrigues most are the strange and similar reports among the citizens of Caieiras.

It all started at dawn on the 14th of this month, with people reporting a very loud noise as if a plane had crashed.

Some time later, people started filming the helicopters circling the area as if they had their eyes on something, the next day, there was hardly a trace of what might have happened, as if the army had fixed it. and covered everything in the same sunrise in the blink of an eye.

Several army convoys and several soldiers were recorded in this area blocking the way to anyone outside.

Since the alleged UFO had crashed near the woods, it was already late and most people would have stayed inside their homes and the army would have covered everything, there are no footage of the objects.

However, what is most intriguing about this story are the similar tales about this story between different people who did not know each other.

The sound heard was so loud that it destroyed the windows of a neighboring house. There were also some weird reports of weird, tall “people” walking around the city. One such report came from a group of friends who were close to the incident and they saw two humanoid beings as if they were trying to escape from someone.

The first was of medium height and a strange tattoo on his arm, the other was about 2 meters tall and looked like he was trying to defend the other with a gray cloak.

What happened next, there were soldiers running after the two, with what looked like a bat or a red lantern that would light up all around. What did the witness want to say?

These soldiers would be wearing strange army uniforms that were unrecognizable.

The strange story doesn’t end there.

These two strange beings didn’t seem to walk like a normal being, it’s almost as if they were on a track or floating.

It is already known as a common feature in some cases of ufology such as the Ariel school UFO crash.

A few weeks ago there were other strange UFO reports and videos in the state of Minas Gerais.

A lot of weird lights in the sky (about 50 lights) with a color changing pattern, these lights kept appearing and disappearing.

It has already been confirmed that it wasn’t Elon Muso’s Starlink or balloons before anyone talks about it …

So what can we say about this case?

  1. Does it appear that they are trying to hide this incident like other UFO incidents in Brazil in the past?
  1. Apparently the accounts have some truth that must not leak out, as they come from different people and they all share something in common: the strange beings, the images, etc.
  2. The sighted beings have similar characteristics compared to other cases.
  3. This Caieiras incident is quite similar to the famous Varginha incident which also happened in Minas Gerais and similar to the Magé City incident in 2020;
  4. The strange soldiers with unseen uniforms and a strange object that looked like a red bat or a red lantern? These soldiers appear to be from an unknown area of ​​the army, which deals with UFO incidents.

Considering that the city of Caieiras is located on the route between the capital of São Paulo and the city of Jundiaí, where a military unit of the army is located, vehicular traffic occasionally occurs in the administrative movements between these cities.

Furthermore, the army is not aware of any event in the region involving a plane crash or similar. “The press office of the city of Caieiras reported that the civil defense teams, in addition to the fire brigade, were on site. the day the rumors spread on the internet and nothing unusual was found, according to the note, the agents returned to the site the next day, where once again no anomalies were detected in the region.

Cesare Valocchia

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