What does the Book of Enoch say about angels?

Here’s what the Book of Enoch is about

One of the best-known Old Testament apocryphal texts is the Ethiopian book of Enoch, it is not part of the Bible as we know it, will the Septuagint (the Greek Bible known as the Septuagint).

Tradition tells us the patriarch Enoch as the author of 360 books, the most famous are the first book of Enoch, the second book of Enoch (called Of the secrets ) and the third book of Enoch (called Apocalypse of Enoch) .During the Middle Ages that text disappears if not then find some quotes like those of Syncellus and Cedrenus of the ninth century.

According to the story of Enoch Genesis is the descendant of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve.

In 1173 a Scottish archaeologist found the first book of the patriarch in Abyssinia, it is a complete version, consisting of 108 chapters and written in Ge’ez, an Ethiopian language.
Lawrence Richard in 1821 was the one who translated it from Ge ’ez to English even though it is thought that the original language of writing of the text was Aramaic, then translated into Greek and finally into Ge’ ez.

It is believed that the text was composed in successive periods in various stratified sections, at least 5. It is attributed a dating of the work around the first century BC but new findings of fragments in the caves of Qumran make the text go back to at least the second century BC.

But what does the patriarch essentially say? Next to theological visions there is astrological and astronomical information and the detailed description of a solar calendar. The famous theory of fallen angels, which should explain the origin of evil on the planet earth, emerges especially in the first book. Angels who would have rebelled against God, would have descended to earth by pairing with human females and generated a race of giants (the famous Nephilim of the Bible).

Angels also mentioned by name who would later also taught every wickedness of mankind, the magic arts, the arts of war, seduction, spells and so on. This choice in the eyes of God cost him dear because He would have condemned them to remain confined to planet Earth deepest oblivion awaiting the final judgment where they would be annihilated forever.

From Enoch’s Ethiopian book – which describes Enoch’s favourite life and the age of the Giants mentioned only briefly in Genesis – we read about how the first humans were initiated into knowledge:

Here is one of the Chapters of the Book of Enoch

Enoch chapter 7

1. In addition, the angel Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the manufacture of mirrors and the manufacture of bracelets and ornaments, the use of painting, the embellishment of eyebrows, the use of all kinds of precious and selected stones and all sorts of dyes, so that the world would be altered.

3. Amazarak taught witchcraft and root cutting:

4. The shipowners taught the solution of witchcraft;

5. Barkayal taught stargazing;

6. Akibeel taught the signs;

7. Tamiel taught astronomy;

8. And Asaradel taught the motion of the moon.

Enoch chapter 8

5. I have seen what Azazyel did, as he taught all kinds of iniquity on earth and revealed to the world all the secret things that were done in the heavens.

6. Samyaza also taught witchcraft, to which you gave authority over those associated with him. They went together to the daughters of men; they lay with them; they were polluted;

8. Women have also begotten giants.

9. Thus was the whole earth filled with blood and iniquity.

Enoch chapter 16

3. Say unto them, Ye were in heaven: but not all the secrets of heaven have been revealed unto you: and they that ye know are worth little.

4. And this in the hardness of your hearts ye have made them known unto women, and through these mysteries men and women have created much evil on earth.

5 And they sinned against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and devoured one another’s flesh.

6 Then the earth laid the charge against the lawless.

The Book of Jubilees 7

24 And after this they sinned against beasts and birds, and all that walk upon the earth: and much blood was shed upon the earth, and every imagination and desire of man imagined vanity and wickedness continually.

The Book of Jasher 4

18 And their judges and rulers went to the daughters of men, and took wives by force from their husbands according to their choice, and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field, and the fowls of the air, and taught them how to mix one kind with another, so as to provoke the Lord, and God saw the whole earth, and it was corrupt, because all flesh was corrupted in their ways, all men and all beasts.

Book of Jubilees 5

2 And lawlessness grew up upon the earth, and every flesh was corrupted in its order, both men, and cattle, and beasts, and birds, and everything that walks upon the earth, all were corrupt in their ways and in their order, and began to devour one another, and lawlessness grew up upon the earth, and every thought and imagination of every man was (therefore) evil all the time.

3 And God looked upon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt, and every flesh (species) was corrupt in its order, and everything on earth had caused every form of evil before His eyes.

But it was precisely the perversion of God’s creation that made Him decide to destroy everything with a flood and begin again only with His species, carefully preserved by His chosen man Noah, in an ark.

That’s why, if you think about it, now you can find the remains of these animals even on top of the mountains.

The Giants now out of control had become harmful and dangerous for Humanity: they ate everything that was produced by men and then they also began to eat the men themselves.
Other angels remained in “heaven” and disapproved of what was happening. Their leaders, Michele, Gabriele, Uriele and Suriele, went to their King and accused Azazel of having taught men the “secrets that are accomplished in heaven” and the other angels of having coupled with women and of having generated the terrible giants.
This King orders Suriele to imprison Azazel in darkness, Gabriele to annihilate the giants, Michele to bind Semeyaza and all the rebel angels and to imprison them underground, Uriele to warn the son of Lamech (Noah) of the imminent Universal Flood .

All of this happens punctually after a terrifying war in heaven and on Earth.
At this point Enoch, witness of all these events, disappears into heaven:
“And Enoch disappeared and there was not one of the sons of men who knew where he had hidden, where he was and what had happened to him. And every action he had in his day was with the saints and the vigilant angels. “

But these “angels” were eternal? This step can make people think … is taken by Elizabeth Clare -The Fallen Angels.

In Chapter 15, the Glorious and the ‘effulgent, the Lord God still speaks of the righteous Enoch.

Jump to tell sky watchers, who sent you to pray for them, You should pray for the men and not men for you …. You are spiritual beings, holy, and possess a life that is eternal, you have polluted you with women; you created in carnal blood; You have longed for men’s blood; and you have done as those who are flesh and blood do.

These however die and perish. So I gave them wives,that could live with them; that their children could be born of them;and that this could be negotiated on earth. But you from ‘beginning you have been made spiritual, possessing a life which is eternal, and not subject to death for ever. So I did not wives for you, because, being spiritual, your dwelling is in heaven. (15:01, 3-7) [8]

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