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The UFO investigation

The Blue Planet Project is a document drawn up by one or more unknown scientists, which contains a wealth of information concerning the existence of different races of extraterrestrial beings that operate on this planet and have entered into secret pacts with the US government. In this mysterious document some researchers have proposed to the attention of ufologists around the world, hungry for information, another supposedly secret document. The story refers to a book written, in Russia, in Stalin’s time. An instruction manual for specialized government agents on the subject and called SMERSH. A copy was found by chance in Siberia, in 1981, in Buryatia.

In this first part I propose some of the BLUE PLANET PROJECT extracts, in the second part we will see the contents of the book Russian and the third part some interesting thoughts, ideas, concerns and explore some things.

❖ Project Aquarius

1. Project Plato: (Proword: Aquarius) Originally established as part of Project SIGN in 1954, its purpose was to establish Diplomatic Relations with the Aliens.

This project included the exchange of alien technology in exchange for secrecy about their presence involving their business. The aliens accepted by exchanging information with humans on a regular basis. This project continues at a site in New Mexico.

2. Sigma Project: (Proword: Aquarius) Originally established as part of Project SIGN in 1954. Became a separate project in 1976. The aim was to be able to establish some kind of communication with the aliens.

This project has had a positive outcome. In 1959, the United States failed to establish primitive communications with aliens.

On 25 April 1964 a USAF Intelligence Officer was able to make contact with an alien, to Mollomar Air Force Base, New Mexico. The contact lasted for about eight hours, after several attempts of communication methods, the Intelligence Officer was able to share some basic information of alien origin. This project continues in New Mexico.

3. Redught Project: (proword: Grudge) Originally founded in 1954. The purpose of the project was to test a means alien recovered. The first attempts have resulted in the destruction of the middle and the death of the pilot. This project was resumed in 1972, and continues today in Nevada.

4. Project Snowbird (Proword: Redlight) Originally established in 1954. Its purpose was to develop, using reverse engineering, a “flying saucer” can be driven by a person.

This project has had a positive outcome, a flying saucer and was shown to the press was built. The real purpose of this project was to divert attention of the public about UFO sightings, explaining that they were prototypes of military means “land” so he can easily pursue the project Redlight.

❖ Majic Project

1. Sigma is the project which first established communications with the aliens and is still responsible for communications.

2. Plato is the project responsible for Diplomatic Relations with aliens. This project secured a formal treaty with the alieni.Le conditions were that the aliens would give us “our government” (we speak of the United States of America of course) technology, and would not interfere in our history. In return we “our Government” agreed to keep secret their presence on Earth, and not to interfere in any way with their actions, to allow them to abduct humans and animali.Gli aliens have decided to provide (MJ -12) a list of abductees on a periodic basis, so they can be covered by the government, for their experiments on kidnapped.

3. Aquarius is the project which compiled the history of alien presence on Earth and interaction Homo Sapiens.

4. Garnet is the project responsible for control of all information and documents relating to those aliens and accountability of their information and documents.

5. Pluto is a project responsible for evaluating all UFO and IAC information pertaining to space technology.

6. Pounce is a project created with the purpose to recover the All Vehicles downed alien and / or crashed. This project was covered and masked through a real effort by providing false testimony when necessary. All these covers have been successful in the past and the present.

7. NRO is the National Recon Organization located in Fort Carson, Colorado. And ‘responsible for the security of all Alien space craft project-related.

8. Delta is the designation of the specific arm of the NRO, is especially trained and responsible for the security of all MAJIC projects. It ‘a security team and the NRO task force, specially trained to care about projects that have the task of managing the alien safety on the Moon (also code-named “Men in Black”). This project is still ongoing.

9. Blue Team is the first project responsible for reaction and / or recovery of downed alien craft and / or crashed. This was a project of the US Air Force Material Command.

10. Sign is the second project responsible for the collection of intelligence, and determined when an alien presence constituted a threat to US national security. Sign absorbed the Blue Team project. This was a project of the Air Force and the CIA.

11. Redlight was a project which aims to test the recovered craft. This project was postponed after provoking the destruction of an aircraft and the death of a pilot. The next project was carried out at Area 51, Groom Lake, (Dreamland) in Nevada.

The Project Redlight was resumed in 1972. This project is only partially successful. Redlight is responsible for sightings of blacks helicopters accompanying the UFO. This project is underway at Area 51 in Nevada.

12. Snowbird was established as a bay for project Redlight. A flying disc was constructed using conventional technology. Later it was presented to the press, the aircraft was also tried in public on several occasions. The purpose was to give an explanation of all sightings including red lights. This was an operation of misinformation that has been very successful. This project is only activated when needed. The deception was not used for many years.

13. Blue Book was a project of the US Air Force, was involved in UFO and alien intelligence gathering, and also took care of misinformation. This project was terminated and its information, and collections functions, were absorbed by project Aquarius. A confidential report called “Grudge / Blue Book Report number 13th, is the only significant information derived from the project, and is not available to the public, (from what I have read from other sources, in this report number 13 °, he talked about everything that happened within Grudge).
Blue Planet Project: Information regarding the aliens on Earth

CODE: Omnidata

IRS-28 · CODE: Irwin / 7 · MAT / ORM 28.01 / AS / 7

After all these years of research we have gathered these important facts about the alien presence on Earth.

The US government has had a working relationship with alien forces for some time, with the express purpose of acquiring the gravitational propulsion technology, arms control and mental. Have been killed millions of animals in the process of acquiring biological materials. Both, the aliens that the US government are responsible for mutilations, but for reasons diversi.Viviamo in a multi-dimensional world that overlaps, and is visited by aliens / other-dimensional entities. Many of these entities are hostile, and many others are not sono.La basis for our genetic development and religions are part of an operation is the alien forces terrestri.La truth about our current technology far exceeds that perceived by public. The US plans regarding the space today, are actually a covert operation that exists for public purposes relazioni.Le active people are killed in order to suppress the facts about the situation. The CIA and the NSA are involved so deeply that exposure would cause a collapse of their structure .I facts indicate the alien presence on our planet from 5 to 10 thousand anni.La our civilization is one of many that have existed in the last billion years, from the formation of the Via alien Lattea.Psicologia (see information on the following pages) Metagenes operating factor (see information on the following pages).

UFO Incident Date:

New Mexico, USA between 1947 and 1948 Roswell, San Augustine Flats and Aztec.

The causes: New Experimental Radar used in several bases and part of a defense project

– California, Desert, USA in 1952 – Cause: Unknown

– Mexico, Sonora Desert in 1955 – Cause: Unknown

– Florida Everglades, USA 1959 – Joined: Stunned by Radar

– Texas, Dayton, USA in 1961 – Cause: Unknown

– Brazil, Mato Grosso in 1966 – Cause: Unknown

– Uruguay, Salto 1970 – Cause: Unknown

– Argentina, Andes 1979 – Cause: Unknown

– Alaska Fairbanks, USA 1981 – Joined: UFO malfunction

Of course there have been other incidents, though, I was not sent anything about those investigations. Some of the other incidents were confirmed in Europe, Africa, China, the Soviet Union and Australia, to name a few. With possible other unconfirmed incidents that occurred in the Philippines and New Zealand.

❖ Extraterrestrial Classification

Guests – Aliens invited, with the US government authorization to stay on Earth.

Visitors – Aliens who have come to Earth for missions unknown to us.

Prisoners – Aliens captured by the US government and / or other governments.

Researchers – Aliens who have come to Earth for scientific reasons.

Intruders or Malevolent – dangerous aliens because they do not respect our society.

Neutrals – Aliens who observe our civilization and do not interfere with us.

Colonists – Small groups of aliens who have decided to live among us, (like us).

Interactors – Small groups of aliens who have decided to interfere with our story, changing it when you can.

Alien Presence on Earth – There are about one hundred and sixty (160) types of aliens visiting our world (Earth) at the present time, these are the most commonly “seen types”:

Grays, type one (1)

– The Rigelians from the star system Rigel, it is high around 1.20 m, have a big head, two large almond eyes, love technology and not worry about how to use it. They need vital secretions for their survival, they are getting from us (terrestrial).

Gray, type two (2)

– They come from the star system Zeta Reticulae 1 and 2. They have the same general appearance of type one (1), even if they have a different arrangement than the fingers and a face slightly different. These Grays are more sophisticated than those of type (1). They hold a college degree and good sense, and are a bit ‘expense. They do not require the secretions such as those of type (1).

Grays, type three (3)

– They are simply a form of type one and two cloning. Their lips are thinner (also no lips). They are used by the type one and two.

Nordics, Blonde, Swedish

– are known by one of these names. They are similar to us, have blonde hair, blue eyes (some have dark hair and brown eyes and are lower in height). They do not break the law of non-interference to help us. Speakers only if the activities of the Grays affect us directly.

Nordic Clones

– They look like us, but their skin has a gray tinge. These Nordics are controlled drones, created by the Grays, those of type (1).


– Entities that can assume a variety of forms. Basically, there are of peaceful nature.

Small Humanoid

– They look like children a year and a half old, are about 70 cm high, and their skin has a bluish color. They are seen quite frequently in Mexico near Chihuahua.

Halry Dwafs (Orange)

– They are high around 1.20 m, weighs around 15 kg and their hair is red. They seem to be neutral and respect the intelligent life forms.

very high Ethnicity (Very Tall Race)

– They look like us, but exceed 2 meters and 10 high. This breed is combined with the Swedes.

Men in Black (MIB)

– They are not part of the Delta or NRO division of the government. They eastern and have olive skin color, have sensitive eyes to light and their pupils are vertical. Some have very fair skin. They do not comply with our social models.

They wear clothes blacks (sometimes all dressed in white or gray), sunglasses, driving black cars. They go in groups and are dressed alike. They intervene psychologically to cover their floors, and very often intimidate UFO witnesses by posing as government officials. They are the equivalent of our CIA, but come from another galaxy.

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Recommended Books:

Blue Planet Project. The most controversial document on the alien presence on Earth


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