War and ufo, what you do not know

Unidentified flying objects in Gulf war

The flying saucers began to be seen during the phases of the Gulf conflict, which saw the Iraqis on one side and the Americans on the other. Between 18 and 19 January 1991 the Dharhan missile alarm center, on the Saudi coast of the Persian Gulf, alerted the Israeli armed forces of the presence on the radar of a flying body approaching Jewish territory.

The luminous object was spotted over Tel Aviv and even filmed by an American CNN crew; an American reporter, during a live commentary on the phases of the war, sounded the alarm saying: “We do not know if it is an attack by a Scud, an enemy plane, a comet or a UFO. The case, presented live in this way, raised an understandable sensation and in the United States, as in Italy, UFO or mystery magazines gave a pompous title: “UFOs fly over the Gulf War”. The Israeli government and the US Department of Defense later said that it was a re-entry Russian satellite.

Nonetheless, several other curious episodes occurred in that same period: on February 15 mysterious bright trails, which veered 90 degrees, flew over the city of Dubai for about 5 minutes and a strange light, targeted by the Iraqi contra-air, flew over ‘Baghdad and then reverse course by making a 90 degree turn. The entire sequence was filmed on CNN and shown on the news.

During the attacks of December 1998, American spy planes on a mission over Iraq would have been tailed by some UFOs, the episode would have caused such an alarm, in the US military high echelons, to the point of involving the red telephone of the White House. On December 17, one day after the announcement of the reopening of hostilities against the IRAQ, President Clinton was attending a press conference at the White House, which was broadcast over the Internet by CNN. In a break from the press photo session, Clinton interrupted her conversation with Sandy Berger, a National Security Agency advisor, to film her in a whisper as the photographers continued their work.

The CNN microphones though. they weren’t turned off and, as much as the two talked, some phrases were picked up “jet U2 … Several UFOs … I’ll call the red phone .. Starships … They were tailing them … they say they have human beings”. From a reconstruction of the conversation it seems that a U2 plane on a mission over Iraq was chased at a short distance by a UFO and that Clinton was awaiting further information on the case via the famous emergency “red phone”.

On January 16 of the following year, at 2.31 am, there were only 24 hours left for Operation DESERT FOX, when CNN night vision cameras recorded the presence in the Iraqi sky of a triangular flying object, similar to many UFOs seen in previous years. on Europe and Japan.

Saddam Hussein’s antiaircraft guns immediately opened fire on the intruder, but to no avail. The American ufologist Joseph Trainor said he was sure that triangular UFOs had been sighted over Iraq before and during the American military operation, an opinion shared by his colleague Ignatius Graffeo according to which, ten hours after the CNN sighting, a V-shaped formation of UFOs would have flown over Baghdad. Obviously, it is very difficult to express oneself on these episodes: too many strange bombs flew in the sky, at the time of the Gulf War and too many legends were fed by the press, not least the disappearance of entire Iraqi battalions in the desert.

Another unverifiable story, conveyed as a top-secret document via the internet by “THE UFO BBS” (www.ufobbs.com) concerns the statement of a certain Colonel Gregor Petrokov, a Russian officer seconded in the Saudi desert at the time of the war. del Golfo, which would have witnessed the recovery of a flying saucer shot down by the Americans.

Petrokov would have been alerted by the Saudi military to go with some colleagues as an expert in the Barren desert, 250 miles from Riyadh. The same invitation was also addressed to the American, British and French military. The task of the Russian team would have been to analyze the mysterious fragments scattered on the sand and the disk-shaped vehicle that crashed in the desert, composed of a material never seen before and bearing writings in an absolutely unknown alphabet.

The American fighter had responded in turn, launching two missiles that had reached the target in full. On the site of the Petrokov crash, which the Saudis surprisingly forbade to touch anything, they found a 15-foot circular device, with three small seats, there was no trace of the pilots, which the Americans would have searched in vain throughout the desert. with helicopters. Petrokov finally argued that the US military would have seized everything and removed the military of other countries, requiring them not to speak. There is obviously no way to verify the reliability of this story, we also know that Saudi Arabia is a more open country than others about the dissemination of the UFO phenomenon: UFO books in Arabic, even if published in Lebanon and Jordan, are for sale in Riyadh bookshops,

In October 1996, the newspaper reported that a UFO flew sparkling from east to west, stopped for a minute ten meters above the ground, giving a witness the opportunity to observe its shape in detail: a sphere with a porthole from which a red light came out and with white lights on top. Another witness claimed to have picked up a piece of crystal, presumably fallen from the UFO, but this artifact would mysteriously dematerialize in his hands.

Later the UFO would move away. Another curious episode, probably taken from a tabloid tabloid and published in English on the English site of the UFO BBS, reported with emphasis that “an American war patrol, of instance in the Persian Gulf, had shot down a UFO during the clashes with Saddam Hussein, on the occasion of Operation Desert Storm. Later a new mission was tasked with recovering the UFO fragments. The object had been detected by radar and was moving erratically.

The order to shoot him down came after the crews of several American ships, including the USS Wisconsin, USS England, and USS O’Brien, were alerted. and two British frigates, HMS Battieaxe and HMS Jupiter. All the ships in that area had opened fire on the alien ship, described as a chrome plate that emitted a piercing noise similar to that of jets. The killing of the UFO was known when the reports of the Pentagon secret services were partially disclosed, for reasons of national security many details were classified TOP SECRET “.

But the rumors about the UFO incident were verified by London-based journalist Anthony Edens, who had access to American archives in London, who said: President George Bush himself – former head of the CIA allegedly order to recover the object and the fragments, using spy satellites. The article ended by stating that many Americans who disappeared in IRAK that summer had been abducted by aliens … No less curious is the news according to which, on July 25, 1999 a mysterious creature that had terrorized the population of Mafraq (western Jordan) was captured by the Jordanian authorities. According to the governor of Mafraq, being initially mistaken for a wild cat, would have had a very small head, with disproportionately large eyes. he would mutilate hens and pigeons for months until he was caught. Renamed Al-Massara by the local population, he would not have been identified in any animal known to local veterans.

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War and ufo

Cesare Valocchia

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