The furious exterminating angels of the bible

Wicked entities called angels

The god of the Bible is being talked about in an increasingly in-depth way in recent years, because thanks to scholars and researchers a very close link with ufology has emerged, for those new to the subject you can read at the following link the role of Yahweh the god of the Bible with the Jewish people.

The god loved by Christians unconditionally without even deepening his deeds was not alone in his exterminations.
Let’s face it. He used an unspecified exterminator.

Angel or alien?

The Bedouin shepherds during the movements of their flocks in the summer period talked about it with terror since it decimated their flocks despite the fact that they dyed their tents with the blood of their sheep to bake it.

But this entity commanded by Yahweh is also used against the Jews themselves.

In the book of Numbers we find that the whole community of Israelites was complaining against Moses and Aaron for having made the people of Yahweh die.

This exterminator sent to massacre the Jews is partially contained by Aaron who blocks his intervention after the order given directly by Yahweh.

In Numbers 17: 12-13 he has already eliminated 14,700 Jews! Is it the same as being sent against Sennacherib’s Assyrian army?

Where he exterminates 185,000 soldiers, do we have any idea who he is?

(2 Mac 15.22) “You Lord, sent your angel in the time of King Hezekiah of Judea and he killed 185,000 men in the camp of Sennacherib.

As if that were not enough: Yahweh sent the plague to Israel, 70,000 Jews died.
“God sent an angel to Jerusalem to destroy it. But as he was destroying it, Yahweh turned his gaze and refrained from the threatened evil. He said to the exterminating angel: Now enough! Withdraw your hand (I Cr 21.14 14-15 2Sam 24 , 1 5-16)
Let’s say they are a beautiful, ruthless couple.

How not to mention the massacre of innocent children in Egypt. In Psalm 78,49 Yahweh is not alone, other entities help the good god of the Bible in the slaughter.
The extermination of the Egyptian firstborn is also the work of “evil angels” sent by Yahweh. “He unleashed his fiery wrath against them … and sent wicked angels”.

At a certain point in history, however, the figure of Yahweh must “recover” credit, somehow trying to redeem him and therefore once created over the centuries the figure of Satan that we remember is the one who opposes something, an antagonist and not the demon with whom we grew up in the catechism, what do the fathers of the Church do?

They blame all the blame on Mastena or Satan. In the book of Jubilees we find “all the armies of Mastema were sent to Egypt to kill all the firstborn in Egyptian territory, from the firstborn of the Pharaoh to that of the captive servant who is at the mill and that of the animals.

Having ascertained that the fault of the evils of the world belongs to the devil, the book of Wisdom declares that the only culprit is not God, but Satan.

“Death entered the world through the devil’s envy”

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Cesare Valocchia

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