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UFO cloud formation

The references of UFO in the Old Testament

The references in UFO 'Old Testament There are many references to ufology in the ancient testament of the bible. If ...
Enki Ninmha

The failure of Enki and Ninmah to create human being.

Failure to create a human being: Why do the recovered Sumerian tablets speak of attempts to create mankind? Because like ...
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Clipeology report between the 1st and 16th centuries

Clipeology between the 1st and 16th centuries 839 BC From the Annals of the Kings of Judah it appears that ...
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It takes courage to write in the declassified report that the Pentagon Uaps are not of extraterrestrial origin despite the evidence.

The long-awaited report on unidentified aerial phenomena has arrived, but it is not what the UFO community expected. What has ...

The description of an immense power, that of the Egyptian god Horus

Who was Horus? Horus was a god of the sky, one of the many protectors of the Egyptian people. The ...
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The experiments of the Russian government, the Soviet xfiles

We have seen in the article on who the “astral soldiers” were, that the American government has always based its ...
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Why we need to change our approach to the UFO phenomenon.

In recent years there has been and daily talk of unidentified aerial vehicles in the skies of the United States ...

Egyptian magic to summon demons and entities from other worlds

We have seen how a universal matrix connects corporeal and non-corporeal extraterrestrial entities of this universe and its parallel ones, ...
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The Burzaco case

BURZACO, ARGENTINA Gilberto Gregorio Cossioli, a middle-aged Argentine gentleman, reported his amazing close encounter on 4 October 1972 to the ...
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Was the destruction of the Sumerian city of Ur also the work of the Annunaki?

The Sumerian people has always been considered fascinating for a thousand reasons let's face it, origins and development as well ...