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sun virgin mary

The Pope witnesses the “Miracle of the sun”. The stunning tale.

Many of you probably will not know it but a very important testimony is documented within the Church regarding the ...

Was the comet a UFO? Jesus an extraterrestrial. This document will make you think.

As a child I was fascinated by the story of the star that led the Magi to the place of ...
Telepathy myuforesearch

An advanced technology behind the images shown to the visionaries during the Marian apparitions.

For many years now, after having collected paper material, direct testimonies of the interested parties, the video of the dancing ...
salimbeni ufo

Two of my discoveries: Flying objects out of context.

UFO novelties in the painting of the "500". How many of us have sometimes believed to have seen something "inexplicable" ...
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Do the Fortian cases originate from parallel universes?

Today we talk about the Fortian cases, perhaps some of you have never heard of Charles Fort from which they ...

Confirmations on confirmations on the Marian apparitions-UFO connection.

Gaius Muzio Scevola was a soldier of the Roman Empire, he is the protagonist of a well-known Roman legend from ...

I guess you don’t know the crimes of the alien god of the bible. Soon you will read them.

In this article we show some passages from the bible, yes the book inspired by god so to speak, that ...

The voices in the head, are the work of “Someone or something?”Let’s find out.

Lately I am intrigued by reading some crime news articles regarding criminal acts where the characters of often heinous crimes, ...
Julius O

Have you ever read the stories of the first ufologists in history? no? Now you can.

Story of UFO sightings: Sightings of particular phenomena in the skies have always been recorded since the dawn of time, ...
Genetic disk

Some say the genetic disc was made with extraterrestrial technology. What do you think about it?

In this article, I want to talk to you about finding an object that is incompatible in terms of time ...