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Abduction Myuforesearch

It sounds unbelievable but you may be a chosen one, I’ll tell you a story

Today I want to tell you a story. What kind of story will you ask yourself. I collected the testimony ...
Jack Sarfatti myuforesearch

Physicist Jack Sarfatti inspired by aliens?

Scientific progress, inventions, intuitions in the course of the millennia in my opinion are not all derived from the genius ...
dAppari di Paganica

Ufos in the frescoes of the Sanctuary of the Madonna d’Appari. Italy

The Sanctuary of the Madonna d 'Appari is located in Italy between the hamlets of Paganica and Camarda within a ...
Aurora treadmill

What do you know about the UFO crashed in Aurora, Texas?

Today I want to tell you a story that some, as always, consider fake news. It is the chronicle of ...

The Higdon case: A close encounter with an extraterrestrial

An American from Wyoming in 1974 encountered an alien while on a deer hunt, he too had come to Earth ...

Was the mysterious disappearance of the Inuit village in 1930 the work of aliens? Not really.

The sudden disappearance of some people from a Canadian village in the past has aroused much curiosity in lovers of ...
Ufo nel Popocatepetl

The UFOs of Popocateptl. Need more evidence?

Why is there a UFO interest in volcanoes? A series of videos that shoot nearby objects and even enter the ...

What is the sun miracle?

Further considerations on why the Marian apparitions are an extraterrestrial phenomenon. I want to make a premise, what you read ...

Why should we believe in UFOs sightings in 2022?

Humanity has always asked itself questions since its inception, since the dawn of civilization it has wondered why we exist? ...
Myuforesearch ufodeception

The deception behind the Virgin Mary and the UFO phenomenon- A terrible tragedy foretold

Today’s post is perhaps the most important of all since Myuforesearch has been online. Please read it very carefully as ...