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Alien contact in Brazil in the distant past

I have been telling for years about the interactions between aliens and humans since the dawn of civilization. Today's history ...

Vimana. What you don’t know about these vehicles.

Today we will talk about a civilization prior to the Sumerian one whose stories come to us from Indian texts ...

The stigmata of the mystics and the connection with extraterrestrials.

Psychiatric phenomenon? Or is there much more … Who does not know St. Francis of Assisi the Italian friar of ...
Vergin Mary indu

The UFO deception of the Virgin Mary in Islam but also in Hinduism

I have often read blog articles, comments on the web and on social networks that the apparitions of the cult ...

You don’t know this painting with two UFOs, do you? I’m sure

Abnormal objects in the picture. We all grew up in catechism with the story of the Annunciation of the Archangel ...

Cain son of an alien. The Knight of the Snake.

Today I want to tell you a short story that will revolutionize your beliefs regarding what you grew up with ...

Oannes the wise alien came from the sea.

You have surely heard of the Babylonian deities, many of whom over the centuries shared with the Assyrian people. One ...

A friar met the aliens, I bet you are unaware of this news.

Although there are millions around the world the testimonies of people who have come into contact with extraterrestrial entities or ...
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The aliens spotted by the Salyut crew

Salyut 7 was a Soviet space station orbiting the earth that went through many hardships. It became famous because at ...
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The origins of the Vodoma people in contact with aliens.

Today I want to make you aware of another research of mine that links extraterrestrial contact with human beings. Many ...