The Planet Nibiru and the Annunaki.

The origins of humanity, according to the Sumerians. The Sumerians are considered the first urban civilization together with that of ancient Egypt, that of the Indus River and that of Sumer, which spread throughout almost the entire southern region of ancient Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
. It was the first and greatest human civilization, between the years (4,500 and 2,300 BC)
The great Sumer had city states: Umma, kish, Eridu, Lagash, Ur, Shurupak, Uruk and Nippur. Cities that were each governed by a Patesi (priest and guide) and a lugal (warrior priest and king man).
Among the contributions of this civilization to humanity, the invention of bricks and cuneiform writing stand out, writing that was born, thanks to the simplification of the pictogram system, thus creating the Sumerian alphabet, the same that served as inspiration for the alphabet of ancient Persian culture.

According to the writer, historian and linguist expert in ancient cultures, Zacharia Sitchin (1920-2010), the term annunaki refers to the sons of Anu.
Sitchin, who dedicated more than 30 years to the study of this culture, managed to translate many Sumerian plates, which show this civilization, as an extraordinary culture, which enjoyed great progress and which, moreover, left written, which was the origin of humanity. According to the translations made by Sitchin, the Anunnaki arrived on Earth in search of gold, because they needed it to regulate the atmosphere of Nibiru, their planet.

Then Anu the king sent his children to Earth: Enki (geneticist and Lord of the earth) and Enlil (Lord of the wind and the waters), together with a large number of Anunnaki and Igigi in charge of the exploration and collection of gold of the land but after many years the latter, rebelled, claiming that it was not work for them, because they were not a working race, too much effort for centuries and centuries soon led to a violent revolt.

For this reason, Enki asked his father, King Anu, to grant him permission to create a worker species, to be employed in the extraction of gold.
Permit granted, Enki immediately began with the creation of a new breed. He made numerous crosses between the species found, but none of these creations had the right characteristics for the tasks that would be assigned to him. It was only then, when On one of the voyages of exploration for our planet, he met an animal that possessed a certain intelligence, it was an animal covered in fur, (a monkey) that could obey orders, and perform some functions even if it was very clumsy and did not have great memory skills, so Enki decided to make improvements in his DNA, to equip it with new features: how to make it walk erect, skin freer from hair, better appearance and defined skulls.

But this was not enough, because he was still slow and clumsy, so Enki continued to make crossings with other species of animals, giving rise to monstrous beings, mythological beings also mentioned in Greek mythology, but Enki was not satisfied with the result of his experiments, he decided to carry out new tests with the right breed, then he took the spermatozoa of this genetically improved monkey, and put them in the belly of a female anunnaki, but Enki, not only took the spermatozoa of the monkey, but more secretly gave her part of his genetics, resulting in a new highly intelligent being who was not clumsy, a being that Enki called Adapa.

After Enki created Adapa, he tried to give birth to a female being so that Adapa could multiply the life of this new species, although his brother Enlil did not agree that this new breed could procreate, but the situation of rebellion by the Igigi forced him to accept. After a trial that went wrong.
Enki, under Enlil’s supervision, created a woman so that Adapa could generate new workers. Unfortunately,
these multiplied without any control.

Enlil, who had never looked favorably on these creatures, informed his father King Anu of what was happening on Earth, as a punishment to Enki, who had given man the opportunity to procreate and multiply, I order Enlil of completely annihilating humans with a great flood. This fact triggered a war between the brothers. But Enki was not willing to see his greatest creation die and alerted a man named Ziusudra to build a large boat to save animals and his family. After learning about the sibling conflict, Anu expelled Nibiru Enki and sentenced him to live on Earth.

What do we know of Planet Nibiru?

It ‘well known that the discovery of Pluto (C.Tombaugh, 1930) was not carried out optically, based on the observation of the celestial vault, but mathematically, deriving from the orbital perturbations of Uranus and Neptune; only later this finding was confirmed by the telescope.

In the course of 1972, examining the trajectory of Comet Halley, J.Brady (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory – California) discovered that the orbit of this comet, like those of Uranus and Neptune, was “perturbed”. His calculations led him to hypothesize the existence of a planet “X” at the distance of 64 AU (astronomical units) from the Sun (Pluto is 39), with orbital period of 1,800 Earth years. Brady, like all astronomers who were occupying the planet “X”, presumed that this celestial body orbiting around the Sun in the same way as the other planets; He therefore quantified the distance from our star to an extent greater than half of its orbital axis.

This is in accordance with the second law of Kepler; namely that a planet moves much more slowly the farther from its Sun. In our system, eg., It shifts from the fast Mercury (which takes less than three months to accomplish its revolution around the sun) to slow Pluto (over 247 years). mm / l), sensitive to heat enclosed in the interior of substellar bodies.

According to the testimonies of the Sumerians, Nibiru, called the “Planet of the crossing” orbit like a comet around the Sun, the latter being one of the foci of its extremely elongated ellipses, so that the distance from the Sun corresponds to the entire major axis and not to its half. And ‘curious that the orbit of the planet “X” calculated by Brady (1800 a.) Is exactly half of the orbit in 3600. the Sumerians attributed to Nibiru. Recall that (according to the thesis Z.Sitchin, exposed in “Genesis Rivisited”, 1990) the trajectory of the orbit of Nibiru, these days, would be returning to the perigee: this could justify the strange coincidence.? But Brady came to further conclusions, in tune with the Sumerian traditions: the planet “X” would be equipped, like Pluto, in a retrograde orbit, with the strongly inclined plane with respect to the ecliptic. Earlier astronomers questioned if the person in charge of the perturbations in the orbit of Uranus and Neptune could be Pluto, since the considerable eccentricity of its orbit allows it to penetrate periodically inside the orbit of Neptune (a situation of this type is It started in ’79 and ended in ’99).

These doubts vanished in June 1978, when W.Christie (Naval Observatory in Washington, an agency of the US Navy under the direct control of the NASA) discovered that Pluto, in addition to possessing a satellite (Charon), was much smaller than than previously thought (less than 2/3 of the Moon) and then equipped with a mass not able to exercise significant gravitational influences. The preparation of all these data strengthened the indication that a single external force, the “planet of crossing” of the Sumerians, had tilted Uranus, moved and tilted Pluto and embossed retrograde orbit also Triton (a satellite of Neptune ). Intrigued by these findings, two colleagues of W.Christie Naval Observatory (RSHarrington and TCVan Flaandern) performed a long series of computer simulations,

Confirmations on Planet X?

In 1981, the data collected during the missions of Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11 and Voyager of the two proved the accuracy of these insights: there had to be a celestial body, big at least twice the Earth, in solar orbit at a distance of at least 2.4 billion kilometers beyond Pluto and orbital period of 1000 years. The “Detroit News” of January 16, 1981 published the news on its front page, along with the Sumerian depiction of the solar system, as it appears on the famous cylinder seal, kept in the Berlin Museum, with n. ° VA / 243. At this point, a turning point in the searches was impressed by the “Project IRAS” (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), namely the infrared exploration of the solar system by launching into Earth orbit at 900 km altitude of a telescope (60 cm of opening, 62 infrared detectors on four spectral bands, 8.5 to 119 was 25 January 1983, when the Vandenberg base in California set off the American carrier Delta 3910 carrying 500 kg of payload, the result of the US-England-Netherlands cooperation . In order to minimize the parasitic radiation emission, just instrumentation, the whole was placed in a cryostat containing superfluid liquid helium to -271 ° C: it was essential, in fact, the cooling of the telescope and the detectors at the lower temperature possible.

Being the liquid helium (HE) highly volatile is slowly evaporated, resulting in the inactivation IRAS November 21, 1983, prolonging the mission of more than a month and a half on the scheduled date. In about ten months of operation, the satellite eliosìncrono snapped and sent to the control center 600,000 images, from which emerged the identification processing of 250,000 celestial sources of infrared type (99% of which were previously unknown), stars and planetary systems in education (age <1 million years), five new comets, asteroids and a mysterious four new moving object, like a comet. This, now, does justice to R.Reynolds (Ames Research Center), to January 30, 1983 issued a statement to “New York Times” like, Prediction, this, endorsed by Z. Sitchin in his letter the next day to where you even suggested the name: the same attributed, at the time, by the Sumerians (Nibiru) or by the Babylonians (Marduk). Which, to this day, it has been repeated by J.Murray (the UK’s Open University), who, along with fellow J.Matese (University of Louisiana), made the announcement in October ’99 that a mysterious force, generated by a large invisible object, slows the journey of terrestrial probes in output from the solar system; the same that is probably responsible for the diversion of comet orbits … But back to 1983. Towards the end of that year, without public announcement, a rumor was able to leak out,

The news was picked up by several US newspapers, who titled it: “Subject giant confuses astronomers” “mysterious body found in space,” “On the edge of the solar system a mysterious giant object”, “A celestial body puts astronomers with a cosmic enigma “. Cornered, G.Neugebauer, IRAS Director, said: I can only say that we do not know what is it. Subsequently NASA also came out with an official report: The mysterious body found dall’IRAS disterebbe “only” 80 billion km from the Sun, and it may be in the process towards Earth.

It was picked up twice by the infrared telescope (a distance of six months) and the data collected show that in this period, although very short for astronomical times, has moved slightly in its trajectory. This highlights that it is not of a comet because a comet can not have a size of 5TIMES the Earth and, in any case, would move more. E ‘can, therefore, be it the tenth planet or planet “X” that astronomers have so far searched in vain. If the planet “X” exists, we are no longer “the only ones” in this solar system. Because, if it exists and corresponds to Nibiru, then the Sumerians said the truth even when they spoke of the Anunnaki (corresponding to the biblical Nephilim), that is, “Those who fell from Heaven on Earth.” The implications of this fact, if confirmed,

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