Dan Burisch and the ufo phenomenon

The revelation of Dan Burisch

The story of the microbiologist Dan Burisch was a bolt from the blue that literally shook the world UFO circles. His extraordinary statements seem to confirm what scholars have always claimed: the existence of a gigantic cover-up on extraterrestrial reality by the US government that has been going on, almost uninterrupted, for over fifty years. It has already happened in the past that someone made sensational statements (see Robert Lazar) but never as in this case, there had been in support such an impressive amount of data and feedback.

Burisch’s credentials and credentials would seem beyond any reasonable doubt. Another important aspect of its history is the confirmation of the existence of the Majestic Twelve, the ultra-secret government study group, made up of scientists and senior officers of the US military, which has managed the UFO / alien problem since 1947, year in which took place the most documented UFO incident in history, namely that of Roswell. On April 22, 2004, Dan Burisch requested a hearing in the United States Congress to disclose information in his possession about Area 51 and the secret projects conducted there by the United States government, relating to viruses developed in the laboratory, alien interactions and treated. between the latter and the USA. Treated that, it is good to reiterate it, constitute a blatant violation of the American constitution; and this is the main reason why Burisch asked for immunity from Congress in exchange for his revelations.

The boy who loved science Danny Benjamin Crain or Burisch was born on February 12, 1964. In 1990 he married Deborah Kay Burisch, already the mother of a child born from a previous marriage; in 1995 Dan changed his surname to Burisch to match the child’s legal name. Dan’s aptitude for microbiology was evident from childhood; at the age of eight he fell under the protective wings of various doctors and scientists in what turned out to be the early start of a fascinating career in the field, which developed largely in the world of military “Black Projects”.

The chronicles of Dan’s professional training curriculum are not exhaustive, however in the period 1982-85 he is accredited as a biologist and owner of Crain Environment Research in Las Vegas; in 1986 he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and was approached as a candidate to work on a government project; in 1988 St Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, California, awarded him a Master of Divinity and in 1989 he obtained a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook; SUNY has already denied having documentation on the matter, nevertheless there are documents that attest to Dan’s training.

In the military, he obtained the rank of captain of the United States Navy in 1989 and was assigned to the Aquarius Project at the base Groom Lake, Nevada, commonly known as Area 51 or “Dreamland”; his S4 card was no. 6196 MAJI. A secrecy agreement for the Tonopah Test Range / R4809, dated October 14, 1989 and signed by Burisch (Crain), reports its SSAIN, grade “05”, qualification “MB III” (Microbiology III) and the entity it depended on, namely the Department of Defense Naval Research Laboratory, United States Navy. A subsequent document reports his rank as captain of the US Naval Reserve, and his qualification “Microbiologist IV”.

In 1991 he was sent to carry out his duties at a biological warfare unit and participated in the “Desert Storm” operation in Iraq, earning a presidential commendation for his services in the field. In 1994 Dan compiled a report, Q-94-109A, codenamed COSMIC-MAGIC, relating to samples taken from an extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) known as “AQ-J-Rod”, as part of the Aquarius Project. , and finally, until September 2002, he worked on the Star Flower 1 Project, which included the “Seed of Genesis”.

Burisch provided American researcher Bill Hamilton with a description of his identification card: it was a white badge with two blue markings along the upper left, below which was his allotment area, ‘S4’; immediately above the S4 was a star-shaped punch mark. On his old card, under the S4 there were the three letters ‘ETL’, or ‘Extraterrestrial Laboratory’; on the most recent badges ‘ETL’ had been replaced by ‘EBL’, which stands for: ‘Extraterrestrial Biological Laboratory’.

On the right side of the badge was the vertical writing ‘MAJ’. The badges also carried a photo of the scientist, under which was shown the name, position and badge number (nH). At the bottom was a code ‘DX’ (meaning departmental transfer) or ‘WX’ (meaning engineering transfer), which allowed the individual in question access to the different sections of the project or, as they called them, ‘ pavilions’. On the back of the badge was a black magnetic stripe. Burisch received his badge usually accompanied by another orange badge bearing the number for the daily registration in the base (Papoose); in case he had to go to the second floor which was destined for LG [Looking Glass Project] and Sidekick, an extra badge was needed.

Dan worked for a certain period of time on a project related to a living extraterrestrial biological entity EBE. J-Rod (this is the name of the alien) was an assistant to another extraterrestrial entity (EBE-3) assigned to the Groom Lake base. J-Rod was held in “custody” by the Majestic so that they could continue to experiment and further analyze his physiology; in 1994 he should have left, but he’s probably still here.

As a microbiologist, Dan’s past research findings focused on the role of protein complexes in / on cell membranes and ecosystem analysis. Burisch also had a deep interest in Mars, its anomalies and potential for the presence of life, and submitted a research project to the attention of NASA, entitled “The transplantation of protozoa and the exploitation of Martian exobiology: the case of Euglena viridis in the Automated Biological Laboratory”; NASA replied: “His proposal was judged to have sufficient intrinsic value to allow integration within the Bioregenerative Life Support Division of NSCORT [NASA Specialized Research and Training Center], a sub-directorate of the CELSS Program (Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems) of the National Aeronautical and Space Administration “.

In 1989, Dr. Burisch was assigned, as a microbiologist, to Project Aquarius, R-4800, Papoose Site 4 (S4) at the Nevada test site, in the same location as Robert Lazar, although the co-presence of the two was rather brief; finally, around 1994, was promoted to the position of Working Group Leader, according to him by virtue of the excellent professional relationship with J-Rod, and worked in the underground biological laboratory which had been set up at Level 4.

The safety procedures required to enter the area they included optical retinal scanning and voiceprint identification; prior to entering the laboratory, which according to the Biosafety Level was rated 115 and is not listed in the OSHA manuals, it was mandatory to shower, shave, decontaminate and change clothes.

Security procedures required to access the area included optical retinal scanning and voice fingerprint identification; prior to entering the laboratory, which according to the Biosafety Level was rated 115 and is not listed in the OSHA manuals, it was mandatory to shower, shave, decontaminate and change clothes.

Security procedures required to access the area included optical retinal scanning and voice fingerprint identification; prior to entering the laboratory, which according to the Biosafety Level was rated 115 and is not listed in the OSHA manuals, it was mandatory to shower, shave, decontaminate and change clothes.

Below is a description of Biosafety Level 4:

“Practice, safety equipment, and facilities are applicable to working with exotic and dangerous agents that present a high individual risk of life-threatening disease. All manipulations of potentially infectious diagnostic materials, isolated elements, and naturally or experimentally infected animals entail a high risk of exposure and infection for laboratory personnel. The Lassa fever virus is representative of the type of microorganisms related to Level 4 ”.

The Aquarius Project was just one of five projects conducted at the S4 installation; it was an “umbrella” project focused on the study of EBEs. The other projects were:

Sigmaolto project: designed to establish communication with aliens.

Galileo Project: concerned propulsion systems and constituted Bob Lazar’s main research area. He claims to have been led into the meeting room and invited to study the relationships relating to propulsion and the role of gravity as a propulsive medium. Harnessing, amplifying and concentrating the fundamental “gravity A” wave presents many other possibilities.

Sidekick Project: related to beam armament technology and the Star Wars program ”(SDI).

Looking Glass project: related to space-time travel. Burisch was in possession of the classification permits that allowed him access to all the projects described above, nevertheless their descriptions and correlations need to be further investigated.

Dan said that he was allowed to consult the information documents relating to the aliens and their technology, and that there was something that referred to a “Converging Timeline” that could explain why “they” are here, what they are. doing and why a sampling of the population and forms of life is being carried out on our planet. According to Burisch, the officer he reported to was then squad admiral JM McConnell, director from 1992 to 1996 of the National Security Agency (NSA), the US government agency responsible for Signal Intelligence and of all classified information.

McConnell served as an intelligence officer for the Chief of Staff (JCS-J2) during the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Operation “Desert Storm” in Iraq; in the performance of these functions, McConnell regularly informed the President and his ministers, international leaders, the Senate and the United States House of Congress; moreover, during the Gulf War, he regularly appeared on international television as a spokesperson for US intelligence.

He attained the rank of squad admiral of the United States Navy, for which he worked for more than 25 years as an operational intelligence officer; McConnell has now retired to private life and, since 1996, has worked for Booz Allen, a strategic and technology management consulting firm.

The theory of panspermia puts forward the fascinating hypothesis that life on Earth was “imported” from space, and that the evolution of life depends on genetic programs likewise coming from the cosmos. Based on new theories on evolutionary biology that transcend the neo-Darwinist approach, Burisch discovered that life comes from space and the “Seed of Genesis” involves proof of an intelligent design and activity (not an intelligence alien, but a Cosmic Creator intelligence). Here is what he had to say about it: “From the beginning with M …” I had the honor of being assigned to some of the most interesting projects in living memory from the work on the Aquarius Project to the sands of the Iraqi desert. serve my country with the utmost efficiency and dedication.

For about a decade, gathering the research of all the greatest minds of humanity, I have been elaborating a theory, in an attempt to find an answer to the age-old question of our origins. This elaboration culminated in Project L [Lotus-nda], hereinafter referred to as Project S Fl [Star Flowernda]. In a nutshell, we have discovered the key elements to combine an ancient virus that has seeded our beautiful planet on more than one occasion, and whose integral parts still play a role of continuous creation in the intricate web of life. We believe that this role advances the complexity detected in the biosphere, in order to perfectly combine the diversity of species with the other elements of our living world.

All this looks wonderful; however, just as there are subtle behavioral cues in children’s games so we believe that hidden within the combined L there is an analogous aspect. Being equipped with the oldest DNA codes and having the power to manipulate the dance of the L does not give us sufficient knowledge, the authority of its creator or the very right to combine, synthesize or tease it in other ways, neither it nor the his fearsome powers. Our sphere of control falls within the narrow range of conservative studies.

By pushing ourselves further, we risk humanity ”. In the meeting with Jarod as we mentioned above, Dan Burisch became part of the Aquarius project, in which the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities captured by the military following UFO crashes were studied. Burisch was taken to an underground laboratory and led into a circular room filled with cold hydrogen, called a “clean sphere”.

His job was to interact with the alien being J-Rod. Here is how Burisch, in a recent interview, describes his first impact with Jarod: “my first impression was that I was looking at a gigantic insect, just to give the idea, it looked like a huge dark brown insect huddled there in a corner, it appeared to be very insecticide… it almost seemed that it had an exoskeleton… I was scared because I had always believed that monsters did not exist ”.

In an anonymous photo, she was presented for the first time in the video “UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial” © 1998 produced by Quick FOX Production. The image depicts one of the Grays (EBE2) “guests” of the United States government. The author of this article believes that this is the real aspect of the alien Jarod. J-Rod had a serious medical problem, he suffered from a degeneration of the nerve tissues that caused weakening of the skeleton and muscular system with general loss of body weight.

MJ12 asked Burisch to take some tissue from the being’s arm to perform microscopic examinations. “Most of the information contained in the briefing they submitted to me – continues Burisch – concerned the military applications and the physics of the alien spaceship and for me, frankly, it had no interest.

Those beings have on their hands some kind of pads where there are exposed nerves protected by various glycoproteins that are selectively pushed outwards or inwards with the action of the capillaries. It’s like there is a viscous sheath that allows Jarod to have a direct interface with the ship. This has interested me extremely, even if I still do not understand how it works, perhaps it has to do with implications of electronics that I do not pretend to understand. I was more interested in histopathology issues and autopsy photos that demonstrated the presence of pathologies affecting beings.

I was also interested in the possibility of isolating new viral material (for the purpose of biological warfare? – Ed.) To start new protocols and, in fact, this is what we were already doing then and that we continue to do even now “. Communication with the alien took place telepathically, and in such moments Dr. Burisch appeared to have some kind of OBE (out-of-body experience). Moreover, in a sort of empathy, he experienced on himself what the being felt: “if he was sick I could feel his pain”.

According to Burisch, Jarod suffers from a serious pathology of the nerve tissues, this problem would affect his entire race. The grays would therefore be here to collect Earth genetic material in order to keep themselves alive. Dr. Bunisch believes that time travel has allowed them to survive and confirms the existence of an agreement (codenamed Tau-IX) made between the extraterrestrials and the United States government, which in exchange for advanced technologies, which it uses since the 1940s, it has allowed aliens to source genetic material from plants, animals and humans.

Burisch’s information on Jarod is confirmed by Bill Uhouse, a Las Vegas mechanical engineer involved in secret US government projects in Dreamland and Los Alamos. He would have been part of a team of scientists engaged in reverse engineering studies on discs of extraterrestrial origin. According to Uhouse’s statements, four aliens survived the Kingman accident in 1953, of which two were seriously injured and two others in good condition.

The unharmed entities were allowed to re-enter their own spacecraft while the others were transported to an unspecified medical facility (probably Wright Patterson’s blue laboratory). The military team that inspected the crashed disk was struck by a mysterious disease. The record was then loaded aboard a trailer and transported to the Nevada test site.

The American engineer states that the Kingman events gave rise to the direct project to design and build a flight simulator that would use military pilots to learn how to fly alien spacecraft (Redlight project nda). Bill worked on the project at both Los Alamos and Area 51. On that occasion Uhouse would meet the alien Jarod who, apparently, supervised the project.

Dr. Burisch reported to Bill Hamilton in an interview that J-Rods and other types of blond humanoids use the star, Gliese 876, as a sort of remote outpost to study the Earth. Orbits of the star Gliese 876. Gliese 876 is located in the constellation of Aquarius at 20h 53m 20s of right ascension (RA) and -14 ° 15 ′ 30 ”of declination. It is an M4v type star with an apparent magnitude of about 10.17 (range: 10.15 – 10.19). Its distance from earth has been estimated at 15.4 light years. Gliese 876b and Gliese 876c are the two planets of Jupiter mass that rotate very close to the star.

Let’s read what Hamilton still says about it: “Gliese 876-c is the only planet on which I have been given information. It is not among those that we would consider habitable. Anyway, it is the location that [the aliens] have selected as their remote base, the one they use in a cooperative effort to study and interact with us. I was described with the surface enveloped in a cloudy layer […] this planet seems to have a lot of gas on the surface. The logical explanation for this is that Zeta Reticuli and Sirius / Orion (Epsilon / Orionis system) were too far from Earth and They, needing to conserve time and energy, established a cooperative base.

When they need to go home, they again use Gliese 876-c as a launching gate to their respective systems. The binary star system Zeta Reticulii 1 and 2 is approximately 37 light years from Earth. A petition to the United States Congress as mentioned at the beginning, on the affair of Dr. Burisch was referred by Harry Dschaak and Sterling Allan, who met with him on April 05, drove to Washington DC and presented his case to members of Congress two weeks later, on April 19.

According to an initial report, dr. Burisch has offered his willingness to speak out, in exchange for immunity, as he fears being blamed for war crimes. Dschaak and Allan focused their efforts on the office of Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, due to his position as Advisor to the Judicial Committee. They also contacted other Senate members from Idaho, Utah, and Nevada, where Dshaak, Allan, and Burisch reside, respectively.

A Hatch staff member met with Dschaak and Allan about the subject of their request, and said the case was within the competence of the Security Committee, while Senator Hatch paused the conference for a moment to hear the case. . His staff member then informed Dschaak and Allan that there were thousands of cases that should be heard by Congress.

Allan said that Dr. Burisch’s case had been submitted to thousands of people around the world and that he would be happy to petition to prove what is behind this matter. The petition that wants to give a voice to help Dr. Burisch get a hearing in Congress or elsewhere, including evidence of the existence and creation of deadly viruses in the laboratory.

These microorganisms are similar to those of AIDS and SARS, which researchers like Len Horowitz, MD, have documented were man-made. The testimony would include an account of the time when Burisch dealt with an alien being in Area 51. It could testify that some humans were being held at the aforementioned base and used as guinea pigs against their will, as well as having had first-hand experience with working time machines. Dr. Burisch further stated that the genetic components of an alien disease have been taken and inserted into microbial vectors that can affect humans and which Dschaak compares to the creation of a deadly cholera-like epidemic, for which there are no preventive immunizations.

The most crucial part of Burisch’s testimony concerns his knowledge of a treaty (Tau-IX) between an alien race and an international group of terrestrial racists, which controls the alien information of highly advanced technologies for the control of the Earth, in exchange for guinea pigs. humans for aliens. Another researcher who presented Burisch’s case is Dr. Michael E. Salla of the American University in Washington DC, who believes there are many alien races that have visited our planet and are now established here.

Another researcher who presented Burisch’s case is Dr. Michael E. Salla of the American University in Washington DC, who believes there are many alien races that have visited our planet and are now established here. Another researcher who presented Burisch’s case is Dr. Michael E. Salla of the American University in Washington DC, who believes there are many alien races that have visited our planet and are now established here.

He wanted to know from Dr. Burisch if he himself had had interactions with more than one alien species, and he replied that he had only interacted with one race, that it was a type of Gray called J-Rod and that he believed that there had been any in all. three, two male and one female, who had been able to go back where she came from.

The males were later dead. The dr. Robert Wood, who is involved in proving the authenticity of some original MJ-12 documents, is focusing on a recently reconstructed document (after being torn off) that would contain a conversation between Dan Burisch and the current US president. The document, defined as “Rancher Memo” (Rancher would be the code name of George W. Bush father), contains allusions to the LOTUS and STAAR FLOWER projects.

The Lotus project involves the study of a particle (Ganesh) that repairs cell and tissue damage, a “fountain of youth” technology. According to Dschaak, Burisch reported that by March 15, 2005, he was expected to submit a document fully describing this technology to his superior maneuvers, who respond in turn to the phantom elite secretly linked to a malevolent alien faction. Burisch’s superiors were former members of the Majority Committee (MAJI).

Majestic 12 would instead be a subcommittee of MAJIC made up of eminent scientists involved in the study of aliens and their technology Allan and Dschaak reported to the staff member of Senator Hatch that there is little time to give an audience to Dr. Burisch as he is the object of enormous pressure from the MAJI. However, Senator Hatch, in perfect line with the US government’s official policy of denial, declined Dr. Burisch.

The treaty called Tau-IX allows abductions, blood drainage and the removal of samples and tissues from reproductive organs; and it does not check if humans are maimed, tortured or if they can die. Burisch does not believe that such activities should be hidden from the Americans and the international community. His desire for revelation is shared by his other colleagues.

There are even those in the directorate who allow information to flow from the inside to the outside world. The main vehicle for this revelation took place on an unmoderated forum at – godlikeproductions.com – in a discussion about Dan Burisch, which is now in its fifth volume with over 10,000 messages. There, those who are “inside” the covert operations, who struggle against secrecy, send information to the forum where it is analyzed for authentication and is cataloged.

The discussion about this started on the forum about 6 months ago and has recently lost its bite due to the lack of concrete information. Even for the occasional piece on Burish via a web-cam it has not been proven that it is not of an earlier date. The forum people weren’t even sure that Burisch was still alive, and that it was with him that they spoke, on rare occasions, about these revelations.

Since someone who knows has observed all this, it was recently decided to arrange a meeting between 2 “outside” people with Dr. Burisch. Given a request made by one of the main forum participants, Harry Dschaak (nickname: harrdrawk), an invitation was extended to him and the Presidential Candidate, Sterling D. Allan (nickname: wallrace), in order to have an in-person meeting with Burisch. A first attempt was made on April 3. It was to take place on the UNLV campus in front of the Leid library at 10:00 in the morning. The two outsiders were to have the coverage of members of the directorate.

This cover was burned before the meeting when it was established by security that there was no directorate from Las Vegas on the appointed day. A second successful attempt was made 2 days later in another location, where a one hour window became three as the 2 outsiders identified themselves with a code that could only have been given to them by someone trusted inside. The next day Allan reported on the meeting with a post on the GPL forum.

This was followed on April 7 by a leaked message from Dan Burisch where he replied point by point to Allan’s report, as requested by a guy named “J1” (Majesty / Directorate PD / SF, Washington, DC). The emergence of that document is perhaps the most certain proof concerning this covered operation, that has ever been obtained so far. Within minutes of that post, the forum was knocked out. But those viewing the forum communicated by telephone and made a copy of that page and circulated it in their Mailing Lists. When asked if this was the biggest development since the discussion began on the forum 6 months ago, Dschaak replied, “No, this is the biggest thing that has ever happened since the assassination of J. Kennedy.

We are on the verge of an alien revelation – something we have been looking for for decades ”. When asked if this was the biggest development since the discussion started on the forum 6 months ago, Dschaak replied, “No, this is the biggest thing that has ever happened since the assassination of J. Kennedy. We are on the verge of an alien revelation – something we have been looking for for decades ”.

When asked if this was the biggest development since the discussion began on the forum 6 months ago, Dschaak replied, “No, this is the biggest thing that has ever happened since the assassination of J. Kennedy. We are on the verge of an alien revelation – something we have been looking for for decades ”.

Ufo and alien contacts

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Cesare Valocchia was born in Rome in 1970. He is a telecommunications specialist with dedicated fibre optics and data transfer curses. He cultivates two main passions: volunteering in 118 ambulances and ufology. Instructor of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers for adults and children, he collected his experiences as a volunteer on the means of the 118 national health emergency service in Rome in an ebook entitled “Non dirmi grazie” “Don’t tell me thank you” His motto is: Helping those who suffer is the best payment. He has devoted himself to ufology since the early 1990s, and has been running the website www.myuforesearch.it since 2011. He conducted the first analysis on the “dancing” Sun of Medjugorje, which linked the UFO phenomenon to the Marian phenomenon. In May 2017, the article was published in the official journal of the National UFO Center. Further analysis of the sighting of unknown flying objects during the “Sun dance” around the world can be found on his website. He has been a member of the National Ufologic Center since 2019.

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