An advanced technology in the Bible? Yes. The Ephod

What was the ephod?

The Ephod was a robe worn by the high ornamental part jew priest. Consisting of a bib worn over the tunic and the robe, he was realized without sleeves and opened under the arms on each side. It was formed by two pieces, one of which covered the front part of the body and the other behind, joined together on the shoulders of buckles.

There was a braided belt, which was fastened around the body, we find description in Exodus 28: 6-12. There were two types of ephod: a simple, linen, for the priests, which is explained in 1 Samuel 22:18; another embroidered, for the high priest, made of fine linen, and embroidered with an artistic interweaving of wire.

The Talmud says that each of the textures was made up of six wires with a seventh in gold leaf, with a total of 28 wire strands. The biblical account goes on to say that it was held in place by a belt and had two shoulder straps fastened with gold rings and pectoral stuck with gold chains. The biblical scholar goes on to describe the embedding of two carved stones on the straps, made of Shoham scholars think indicates malachite carved with the names of the Twelve Tribes.

The Bible clearly puts us in front of the work of a specialized technician rather than a craftsman. The chest had a particular structure: a support made of fabric on which were sewn stones 12 arranged in four rows, the whole thing was closed by a gold frame and connected through rings inclosings likewise gold. The Efod make thinking of a radio communications system.

David, in fact, when they did not communicate with God face to face, he used precisely the ephod.

But let’s see what it says chapter 23 of 1 Samuel in verses 9-12:

When David heard that Saul came against him said to the priest Abiathar, “Bring the ephod.” David said, “God of Israel, your servant has heard that Saul seeks to come to Keilah and destroy the town because of me.

They put into his hands the citizens of Keila? Saul come down, as she has your servant? Lord, God of Israel, tell thy servant. ” The Lord replied, “He will come down.” David said: “The citizens of Keilah deliver me into the hands of Saul with my men?”. The Lord replied, “I will deliver.”

Reading these verses we understand immediately that David first asked to “Priest” to bring him the ephod, and only after averglielo brought, he began to talk to God! We must immediately put in evidence that we are facing a war scenario; David has made specific requests to their God, and they have nothing to do with prayer. God responds negatively and then David decides to run away from Keilah with his six hundred soldiers.

It is clear then that God was not in front of him when he spoke. We are witnessing a military coordination communication that has nothing to do with prayer. For further confirmation we find the same situation in Samuel chapter 30 verses 7-8; David asks again before the Ephod to the priest, and only after it is able to talk to God. What transpires is that it is an electronic communication device, without which no one can relate to “God” could be assimilated so to a mobile radio apparatus shortwave.

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