Paranormal phenomena and negative energies

Evil entities from other worlds

The world of ufology and paranormal in general are focused on a network of concepts which seem far apart and sometimes inconsistent, but the matrix is ​​unique. There is a thin thread that binds inextricably extraterrestrial, spectra, ghosts, witches, shamans, evil. We try to do some ‘of order.

We have seen that there is a plurality of worlds populated by entities not visible to the human eye, the limitation imposed by nature does not allow us to see beyond the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from red to violet, are frequencies of the visible spectrum which is composed of the light.

The wavelength of this repeat spectrum visible to the human being, it goes from 390 to 700 nanometers, without going further into physical say that nonetheless exist wavelengths and frequencies that do not fall into an optical window such as to allow the optic nerve to give a sense of what appears, but which nevertheless exist. In these worlds we are moving entity that we call ghosts, ghosts, poltergeists, shadow person, etc …

Beings that feed on negative energy and which also draw the human being, energy evoked by magic rites and formulas that allow access to these worlds and then call those who mistakenly religious culture defines demons. Witches for example always associated with the devil became the bearers of knowledge for centuries from mother to daughter through the use of herbal medicines, ointments and rituals to communicate with these “essences” and we ended up executed at the stake by the Holy Inquisition.

An ancestral wisdom hopelessly lost that originated from old pagan rituals 1000 years prior to Christianity until you get to ‘ancient Egypt. Groups of enlightened, Satanists in the past but nowadays, yes hark back to ancient ritualie to seal, ask for favors or protection from these entities, just as did the witches. To come in communication with these beings we had to plunge in an altered state of consciousness reached by taking hallucinogenic plants of the genus “solenacee”.

Special ceremonies allow to hold enormous power available in these unseen worlds that properly channeled is the architect of those who nowadays are defined evil, invoices or hexes. The implementation of interventions to make contact with beings or generally negative energies requires the use of specific materials, such as menstrual blood, herbs, powdered bones, hair, elements that are mixed to the food of the victim or placed inside pillows or mattresses.

Other methods provide for “transference”, that is, charging negative energies with objects representing the victim, such as images, clothing, puppets. Such situations are induced by a profound hatred on the part of the person who works in the realization of the curse and can lead to the separation of affects, illness, suicide, personal bankruptcy in all fields up to lead to possession.

That all is perhaps the result of legends, myths, superstition or mere beliefs came from the writings of the archaeologist Reginald Campbell Thompson in his book “The Devil and Evil Spirits of Babylonia” lists the remedies, exorcisms and preventive measures that the Babylonians use to contact such entities.

Reginald Campbell Thomson assistant to the Assyrian Department of Egyptology and Antiquities at the British Museum in London, he first transliterated and then translated hundreds of cuneiform tablets found in Mesopotamia dating back more than 6000 years ago. A part of these tablets describes spells and some forms of exorcism to be used against fever and illness called “Asakku”.

Another group of tablets illustrates a number of supernatural beings corresponding roughly to the Arab “Jinn” and “Jann”, and ways to free the unfortunate from the entity that owns it. The effectiveness of the success of the spell to free the victim from evil influences was linked above all to the evocation of one of the many divinities, for example the goddess Nin-tu.

The sorcerer or priest if he had not called the goddess back in time of need would not have been able to subdue her. The goal of the spell and of the formulas recited by the priest to fight these entities was to link them to the name of the evoked god or goddess, the bond was also created by recalling the powers of the sky or the power of the earth with phrases like: “In the name of the heavens, I exorcise you! ” “in the name of the earth, I exorcise you!”
 A fundamental and absolutely necessary condition was that the name of the spirit or of the malign influence was clearly mentioned so that it could be removed from the subject.

The naming of the spirit made it “ferible”.

Other ways to get rid of these evil entities were to make a wax figure, write the name of the being on it and burn everything on fire, the ritual of wax was for example one of the rituals recorded among the Egyptians to get rid of the monster “ Apep “.

In the Assyrian tablets he is described as “high prelates” after invoking the right divinity, they asked for his transfer to the body of a pig, to note that neither Babylonians nor Assyrians ever considered the pig to be contaminated.
Further ceremonies involved the transfer of the unclean spirit into the water contained in a jug and then dispersed on the ground.

The practice of writing the names of evil entities on wax statuettes is also found in Mesopotamia, where reciting certain formulas forced the spirit to move into representation and then discard them. Other types of spell included the use of sea clay to be shaped with the features of the possessed and then placed at night next to the patient’s groin so that in the morning he was free. The symbolic use of sea clay was probably due to the connection with Ea, god of the ocean.

But what ultimately decreed the success of the exorcisms, so to speak, was atonement.
He who had stumbled upon the “Tapu” or rather the spell had to ask as soon as possible for the intervention of a high priest who through a ceremony described with the word “Kuppuru” removed the entity or the curse.
If there are we stop for a moment to reflect all these practices may seem the result of the “non-knowledge” of those times, today we will say that they were the pinnacle of superstition and if it had all been true?

In the book there is a ritual that made me think, remedies for headache curse. Often migraine is one of the signs (but obviously not the only symptom) that the evil eye has been done. The Babylonians knew that the negativity manifested itself in this manner and adopted a ceremonial to chase in which the main element was water. Generally if anyone takes this kind of evil eye are older people who handed down the formula strictly during religious festivals. The origins are lost in the mists of time and are known especially in Southern Italy in particular in the Salento area of ​​Foggia.

The transmission of this negative energy is called “fascinate” from the Latin “fascinum” which means curse in fact, it can be either voluntary or involuntary, and is inspired by envy toward someone.

The modern thought on these issues is to scoff but the question is believing or not believing in superstitions?

Of these stories I have heard hundreds in my life, always the result of folk magic. One fact, however, as myths and legends always have a trust fund also popular beliefs of these assumptions bring with them inevitable foundation of truthful, if you have the opportunity to know more, do it, surveyed older elderly and listen to what they tell you, since the entities that lie upstream of these spells exist since there is the human being.

Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia was born in Rome in 1970. He is a telecommunications specialist with dedicated fibre optics and data transfer curses. He cultivates two main passions: volunteering in 118 ambulances and ufology. Instructor of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers for adults and children, he collected his experiences as a volunteer on the means of the 118 national health emergency service in Rome in an ebook entitled “Non dirmi grazie” “Don’t tell me thank you” His motto is: Helping those who suffer is the best payment. He has devoted himself to ufology since the early 1990s, and has been running the website since 2011. He conducted the first analysis on the “dancing” Sun of Medjugorje, which linked the UFO phenomenon to the Marian phenomenon. In May 2017, the article was published in the official journal of the National UFO Center. Further analysis of the sighting of unknown flying objects during the “Sun dance” around the world can be found on his website. He has been a member of the National Ufologic Center since 2019.

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