Apparition of the Virgin of Carmen (Colombia)

This video was shot by Mr. Luis Alfredo Romano, he lives in Bogota in Colombia. The footage was taken from the seventh floor of the city’s Naval Hospital.

The footage does not appear counterfeit in the first analysis, the thing that stands out in the eyes are the characteristics of the being that appears in the sky. Many in his channel shouted to the miracle, many instead noticed a disturbing figure who to tell the truth rightly has nothing of the stereotyped image with which we grew up.

As a ufologist I noticed other instead. Watch the video, below I posted what appears in the sky in addition to the mysterious figure.

They do not seem volatile to me, difficult to say if they are, as a ufologist I thought of something else and given the presence of unidentified flying objects in hundreds of apparitions, they could be traced back to the whole.

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