The Temple of Abydos


These writings, dating back to three thousand years ago, were found in the temple of Seti I in Abydos, in 1989 in Egypt and depict a helicopter, a plane and a futuristic vehicle. They are inserted between the usual insects, symbols and snakes common in Egyptian writing and located at about 6 meters above the panel you see above. It was under another panel that fell ruinously to the ground and shows a series of rather strange hieroglyphics … I would say … unequivocal.

The writings have become known as “Helicopter Hieroglyphs” and many supporters of this theory claim that if the ancient Egyptians had designed these modern means of transport, they would have had to have seen them or observed images that represented them.
According to the conspiracy theorists, this “advanced race” alien would bring their advanced technologies from the future to Earth and be the architects of the pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and other world-famous monuments that are still shrouded in mystery today.

The glyphs suggest, I guess also in your opinion, a series of aircraft and already this word placed at the time of the Egyptians sounds a little strange … What do you say? in fact they seem: a helicopter, a submarine, a mobile-plane, and another aircraft. Incredible, but true. How is such a thing possible, so long ago, it is credible that the Egyptians had seen and depicted these aircraft? Could their life have been influenced by a higher civilization? Is it possible that one of the many dynasties came into contact with beings evolved for a certain period to influence their splendor and development?
To you the doubt …

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