What was the Efa cited in the bible? A flying object?

We read Zechariah’s prophecy

Zechariah is considered one of the minor prophets of the Old Testament. He began his prophetic ministry around 520 BC, in the period immediately after the Babylonian exile. His book, in fact, addressed mainly to the Jewish veterans who had been deported to Babylon, but for the prophecies contained in it, this book is still very important today for its purely messianic conception and for the clear references to the first and second Coming of Jesus. Composed of only fourteen chapters, but cited forty times in the New Testament, this book amazes scholars for the quantity and precision of the prophecies: his are those that predict the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (9: 9 ), His betrayal for thirty silver shekels (11: 12-13), His death as a beaten and humiliated shepherd (13: 7), His return to the Mount of Olives (14: 4) and His millennial reign as high priest and king (14: 9). The symbolic visions of the prophet Zechariah have so far had a partial fulfillment, but many of these prophecies could be fulfilled in the immediate future.

Today, we will examine the seventh prophecy of Zechariah: the vision of the ephah.

Seventh vision: The woman in the EFA

[5] Then the angel that talked with me came over and said to me, “Lift up your eyes, and see what appears.” [6] And I: “What is that?”. He said: “It ‘ephah advancing.” Then he added: “This is their corruption throughout the land.” [7] He was then lifted a lead cover; here inside the ephah there was a woman. [8] He said, “This is wickedness.” Then he drove inside the bushel and covered the opening with the lead cover. [9] I raised my eyes again to look and saw two women coming forward: the wind waved their wings, for they had wings like those of storks, and lifted up the basket between earth and heaven. [10] the angel who talked with me, “Where are they taking the ephah?”. [11] He replied: “They go to the land of Shinar, to build a temple. Just built, the ‘

Is it the vision of a ufo? an object that advance? a hatch from which to access the inside of the flying saucer? the Efa on a pedestal? a platform for takeoff or landing? What do you think?

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