Ufo in the arctic sea in 1971

The sighting of this object is nothing short of incredible. The secret has remained top secret for years, and came to light thanks to UFO investigator Alex Mistretta who provided the images you see at Black Vault. The photos speak for themselves and tell us about an Uso more than a UFO, an Unidentified Submerged Object. The objects were documented from the periscope of the USS Trepang SSN 674 of the Sturgeon class in March 1971 whose command at the time belonged to Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett who was at the helm of the naval vessel from August 1970 to December 1973. Contacted by Mistretta has denied the facts and images although retired.
The official location of the sighting was between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in the Atlantic Ocean (Jan Mayen belongs to Norway, and is inhabited only by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Army.) L The cigar object appears to float in the air with its cylindrical shape, and then suddenly catch fire before plunging into the water. Research carried out by Mistretta confirms the presence of the submarine in exactly those waters, it was in fact conducting numerous tests to provide data for its weapon systems and to carry out scientific experiments regarding the movement, composition and geological history of the shell itself.
Many world-famous ufologists have shown themselves to be a little skeptical and perplexed about the veracity of this story, what do you think?

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