If the comet had been a UFO?

As a child I was fascinated by the story of the star that led the Magi to the place of worship of the son of God. For theologians and exegetes the comet has always been a beautiful oriental legend enriched with picturesque details aimed at reinforcing a theological teaching, but we make some considerations.

In the last few years in which I have deepened my study on the UFO phenomenon and its implications above all related to the Christian Catholic belief on who really was the son of God, I developed the idea, in this link : https://www.myuforesearch.it/language/en/2020/07/07/the-reasons-why-jesus-might-be-an-extraterrestrial/ I illustrate my own deductions, or rather that Jesus Christ was in reality a being from the stars.

They are all the stories of the nativity of the apocryphal Gospels that make one think, in fact if you read them you understand well that Jesus came from another planet, even his birth does not seem to have been the classic one of a normal unborn child. For those interested, at this link (BOOK) you will find my English text on the interference made by extraterrestrial entities on the development of Christian beliefs and the deception that lies behind humanity.

From the atypical birth of Jesus Christ we come to the arrival of the comet star described with a star but which instead seems to be an intelligently controlled flying object. The same Origen, one of the main Christian theologians of the first three centuries, born in 185 in Alexandria, Egypt said: “I am of the opinion that the star of the East was a different star, that it had nothing to do with those who present in the celestial vault. Surely it belonged to the kind of stars that from time to time usually appear in the sky and that the Greeks usually differentiate by giving them names referring to their configuration, they call them with the name of igneous joists, taillights, barrels and many others.”

Origen mentions “taillights” and refers to “barrels”, shapes that refer to flying objects known to modern ufology.

Mathematical calculations have been made to try to unravel the mystery of what was the light that led the Magi, there has been talk of conjunctions since the fateful night there was an astral conjunction between Jupiter Saturn, this was verified by the famous astronomer Kepler who December 17 of 1603 witnessed this phenomenon personally and based on the astronomical calculations and the story of Rabbi Abrabanel he deduced that the comet was nothing but the conjunction of the two planets. But this is not correct since Jesus was born in the summer and not the winter, moreover the conjunction lasted only two hours, the movements were usually made during the day, therefore a little difficult to think of orienting oneself at night with a planetary conjunction visible from the rising of the sun.

In the Gospels themselves it transpires that in Herod’s priests and profound connoisseurs of astronomy were aware of the presence of the star, is it not strange that he escaped their observation? Had it been a meteor it would have been plausible, at this point it could not have indicated no destination not found?

In 1996 I remember the Hale-Boop comet very well in the sky because it remained visible for 18 months. Making a very simplistic speech, I am reminded of when I looked at her in the sky, as an observer I was on the ground, the star was fixed in the sky, like the Moon, and I wondered how an immobile body could indicate a direction , my mind ran right to the Nativity event. It would be like telling someone who wants to come to your house take the Moon as a reference, it is impossible to trace a perpendicular as the stars should be aligned.

The Magi, on the other hand, had it all right, he anticipated them and guided them step by step a bit like the cloud of Yahweh in Exodus, no explosion of Nova, Supernova or meteor.

The Gospel of Matthew is very explicit regarding the description: “And behold the star, which they had seen in its rising, preceded them, until it came and stood over the place where the child was.”

It therefore seems clear that by combining the dots that start from a flying object that announces the coming of the Messiah, the story of the Nativity of the apocryphal Gospels, and the many episodes of life of the Savior that everything has a common thread whose common denominator is an extraterrestrial intervention and there is no divine matrix.

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