UFO files declassified

With the spread of the Internet a lot of information to which access was restricted to a few, they are now in the public domain.

The dark-web itself has always been from the beginning a limbo where to find material that had been subtracted from “deep ravines.”

Many of the stolen documents include reports of civilian and military intelligence, on experiments and especially the phenomenon of sightings of unidentified flying objects in the skies around the world. Material that has long been classified as top-secret with various levels of access.

Today the information was declassified and is not difficult may find it, give an idea of ​​what was always at heart the matter of obtaining information on a subject that is still unknown to mankind.

This file is a transcript of the vision of a global remote viewer on Mars. Was year 1984

Below in this link that leads to the page in Italian I have made available more than 8000 pages of sighting reports by the Australian and Canadian governments and other very interesting links.

Ufo spanish government 2022704_lod_oai_bibliotecavirtualdefensa_es_383….zip

This file describes beings from other dimensions and more sightings

Ufo interdimensional beings Cia.pdf


Analysis on extraterrestrial contact implications

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