Pope John XXIII and the encounter with the alien.

Angelo Roncalli, the Good Pope, would meet an alien in 1961 before dying.

The meeting in Castel Gandolo gardens, all witnessed by Loris Francesco Capovilla the private secretary of Pope John XXIII. The news appeared in a British newspaper, and was then taken up by the Sun in 1985 but no one paid any attention, now that encounter back in the limelight thanks to a video appeared on YouTube and goes around the world. That’s the whole story of a “contact” very special.

They walked, the lake within walking distance, the silence of one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, they walked as they had done a thousand times in those beautiful summer afternoons next to each other like two friends, like any people who want to sit a bit ‘on the sidelines out of the daily routine. It was July, one afternoon in July 1961, when it happened: “We had them over our heads, lights, were colored lights, blue, orange, amber, a few minutes, and then.” And then, it happened the imponderable, l ‘ impossible, what it is also difficult to tell, and then in one breath.

The lights are spaceships, spacecraft are discs in the blue sky of an afternoon at Castel Gandolfo any move silent. are for a few minutes on those two unmistakable figures walking side by side as ordinary people, then the contact. One of the ships is detached from the flock, lands, he stops “in the south side of the garden.”

The tailgate opens and the nacelle turns out something is ” absolutely human. ” Except that, just that. has a light around, a light that surrounds him, the two fell to their knees He then stood up and walked without hesitation toward Man, toward a being “completely human” wrapped in a dim light, delicate, penetrating. spoke “for about twenty minutes,” but you could not hear those voices, “I felt nothing,” but they were talking, gesticulating, for twenty minutes, 1200 seconds infinite, then the man turned and went back to where he had arrived , He looked at me and cried.

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Cesare Valocchia

Cesare Valocchia è nato a Roma nel 1970. Perito tecnico in telecomunicazioni con alle spalle corsi specialistici in fibre ottiche e trasmissione dati, coltiva due passioni: il volontariato e l’ufologia. Istruttore di manovre di rianimazione cardio-polmonare adulto e bambino, ha raccolto le sue esperienze di volontario sui mezzi del servizio di emergenza sanitaria nazionale 118 di Roma in un ebook dal titolo: “ Non dirmi grazie ”. Il suo motto è: Aiutare chi soffre è il miglior pagamento. Dai primi anni 90 si occupa di avvistamenti e dal 2011 cura personalmente il sito di ufologia www.myuforesearch.it del quale è responsabile. Le sue ricerche sul legame apparizioni mariane e fenomeno ufo sono disponibili nel suo sito. E’ membro del Cun ( Centro Ufologico Nazionale), sulla cui rivista ufficiale è stato pubblicato, nel maggio 2017, il suo studio sugli oggetti volanti non identificati a Medjugorje.

5 thoughts on “Pope John XXIII and the encounter with the alien.

    • 18 March 2020 at 08:45

      Ancient people never thought of beings from others worlds, but in reality they were extraterrestrials, religions call them angels.

      • 25 April 2020 at 15:56

        True !

  • 10 June 2021 at 03:59

    Pope John XXIII’s “alien” was likely a mossad agent from Israel.

    They attended the Pope’s conclave too, since the Holy Ghost was absent.

    • 10 June 2021 at 06:15

      I don t think so actually


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