Why was sent the universal flood?

The universal deluge in the light of new assessments, translations and archaeological finds seems to have been not the first, but the second. A first flood, which at least 900 myths speak of, was more devastating than the one narrated in the Bible which, according to various rabbis, appears more like the destruction wrought by the opening of a dam.

Why does God exterminate all these people? The flood of Genesis may have been put in place by the elohim. Genesis 6.2 6.4 elohim mate with earthly women and from these unions are born what the Bible in verse 4 defines “heroes of antiquity.” It is clear that the elohim at a certain moment lose their patience and decide that the unions with the Earthlings must cease immediately.

 In Genesis 6.3 we find, “then the Lord said my spirit will not always remain in man, because he is flesh his life will be 120 years,” In the Hebrew text the transliterated word “Beshagam” was divided according to the masoretes into be-sha-gam (be = “in”) (sha = “that”) (gam = “only”) which means “in that only flesh” , an Elohim would have said “I won’t take care of man anymore because it’s just meat” Other scholars including Professor Kamal S. Salibi of the University of Beirut translate the Masoretic text without taking into account the vocalizations and reading it as a succession of consonants as is believed to have been read originally.

He and others claim that the Masoretes engineered a pretentious translation perhaps due to an imperfect knowledge of Hebrew and even of the Semitic roots and that the word in question was beth-shagam. (Beth = with) while Shagam is a Semitic root common to Hebrew and Arabic which means: “to pour organic liquids” including sperm.

Professor Salibi then declares that the elohim said: We will no longer enrich the human species by pouring our spermatic fluid, their life will be 120 years. ” Adam and Eve made by the elohim lived hundreds of years precisely thanks to their DNA crossed with their creator, all this therefore appears coherent. So Imma tells him to shorten the life of the human being, which is considerably reduced to 120 years of Moses. The deluge therefore had the sole purpose of wiping out from a territory a population of individuals resulting from unions no longer tolerated.

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