When do the elohim leave planet earth?

Given by now as established the concept that beings from other worlds, we first created ourselves by genetically manipulating our genome, then given intellect and knowledge of all kinds, then we tell of when they would officially leave. A little doubt, but in reality they are really gone? This is another story …

A trace of the departure of the Elohim comes to us from a well-known historian, Giuseppe Flavio, but what happened in those days?
The first Jewish war was fought between the Roman Empire and rebel Jews; it lasted from 66 to 70 (although it continued with aftermath until 73) and resulted in the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.

The historian lingers on some astounding episodes that occurred before the conflict that ended with the conquest of Jerusalem by the Romans. The grip around Solomon’s temple and the surrounding buildings, in which the messianist fighters resist, tightens ever more. The situation for the besieged is now desperate: the legions of Tito attack en masse, rivers of blood flow, the corpses of the rebels pile up in the streets, while the flames envelop the sanctuary.

In the Bible there are no indications that allow to formulate hypotheses with a minimum of foundation. We refer to what was written by the Judeo-Roman historian who wrote in his book Judaic War thus:

Book VI: 296 “Not many days after the feast, on the twenty-first of the month of Artemisio, a miraculous vision appeared which would be hard to believe”;

Book VI: 297 “And in reality, I believe that what I am about to tell could seem like a fairy tale, if it did not have the support of eyewitnesses on the one hand, and the confirmation of the misfortunes that followed on the other.”

Book VI: 298 “Before the sun went down, war chariots and armies of armies appeared in the sky all over the region, emerging from the clouds and surrounding the cities. Furthermore, at the feast called Pentecost “;

Book VI: 299 “The priests who had entered the inner temple at night to celebrate the usual rites reported having first felt a jolt and a blow, and then a set of voices saying:” From this place we are leaving. “

Who knows, are they really left in 68 AD.

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