Who really was the archangel Gabriel ?

Was the archangel an angel or an extraterrestrial?

It was an Elohim, one of the Messengers of God ( Yahweh ) that the Catholic Church prays for 2000 years.

In the Bible, namely in ‘the figure of the AT acts as a messenger function, a bearer of news and as we saw in the previous article: (Link) is a living being equipped with a physicality that distinguishes him, however, far from ethereal canons that there were instilled during the catechism.

Let’s see in detail this passage from the Gospel of Luke 1 vers. 26, 27 and 28: “In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee, called Nàzaret, to a virgin, betrothed to a man of the house of David, called Joseph. The virgin was called Mary Entering from her, he said: “I greet you, or full of grace, the Lord is with you”.

Gabriele visits Maria and she becomes pregnant; Gabriele throughout the Old Testament is a “Gavri – El”, ie one who exercises power or function on behalf of an El. The “Gavri – El” was a very specific role in the military hierarchy of the Elohim. In the Old Testament it was defined an “Ish” which in Hebrew means “male individual”, in fact it is enough to read the text to see that it was a being in flesh and blood.

Jean Daniélou, theologian, French and academic cardinal, in his careful analysis, affirms that the holy spirit is nothing but the Christian transposition of the Old Testament Gabriel. This would mean that to make Maria pregnant would have been an “Ish”, that is a male individual. In fact when Gabriele and Maria meet, in Greek there is written that he tells her: “Chaîre kecharitōménē” (transliterated): “Chaîre” is the greeting; “kecharitōménē” is the perfect passive middle of the verb “Charitòo” (transliterated), which means “to be beautiful” physically. It does not therefore mean “full of grace” in the sense of “divine grace”; there is nothing spiritual or transcendental, one speaks of beauty only and purely physical.

So the more correct translation of what he said may be a common “Hello beautiful”.

Whenever the Bible Gabriel visited a woman, that became pregnant, he understands that there is a hand even when the Archangel Gabriel announces to Zechariah that his wife Elizabeth will be pregnant when you knew it was sterile and in old age.

Hard to say if it made the plants or had normal sexual relations. It may have been a scientist and have made of artificial inseminations, because there would be the “HAVE BEEN PREGNANT MAN WITHOUT KNOWING” Mary, so no sex.

 He exercised the power of a El, fertilising selected women, and perhaps using the seed of Elohim.

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