Space beings in some petroglyphs found.

They were found in the Kimberley caves, in 1837-1838 in northern Australia there are 5 rock paintings depicting beings descended from the stars, the aborigines called them the Wandjina, they have been dated 5000 BC.

Petroglyph found in the Tassili desert – Algeria in the massif called “Jabbaren” in the Tuareg language means “giants”, measuring more than 6 meters.

Petroglyph of Toro Muerto in Peru dated 12-14,000 years

This cave painting dates back to 10,000 BC approximately and comes from Val Camonica, in Italy. It seems to depict two beings with what appear to be astronaut suits and are holding some equipment.

Statue found in Kiev, seems to depict an astronaut, has been dated 4000 BC

Carved in France around 1680, this coin represents a pastoral campaign full of rolling hills, trees and puffy clouds. Something does not return, however, a flying object is depicted in the middle of the sky and does not properly fit the context.

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