The Omega Secretum


Cristofaro Barbato is an independent researcher and member of the Italian UFO community, who received a video in 2001 made by a secret space probe called “SILOE”, this probe would have as its sender the state of the Vatican and the goal to take some images of the elusive planet Nibiru, the much-vaunted tenth planet of our solar system.

This mission would have been classified as SECRETUM OMEGA.
A Jesuit father active in the Holy See and part of the Vatican secret service called SIV (Vatican Information Service) apparently provided this material to Mr. Barbato to ensure that he prepared the ground in the mass media for the release of crucial information for the next decades of human history.

The SIV a secret intelligence structure seems to have a history that begins around the 1950s and would be constituted by theologians of the Jesuit order who, having gathered together, wanted to break the silence and create a sort of “fifth column”, not because a question close to the moral of Antigone. This flow of information released would take advantage of the desire to respect the Gospel message to the best, helping humanity to face certain climatic and political events that would affect the human being in the years to come.

This information is based on the theoretical and observational research of an unknown planetary body responsible for orbital anomalies of Uranus, Neptune, and Halley’s comet and would explain the construction of a world-class telescope wanted by the Vatican and installed in Arizona, called VATT. According to the SIV Jesuit, the SILOE probe would have been designed to monitor the approach of the tenth planet (Nibiru, or planet X, whatever) to the solar system.

Is it true?

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