Ancient astronauts in the artifacts of thousands of years ago? It seems like no.

Tropakkale astronaut.

Sitchin was certainly one of the first to state that this statuette represented a spatial module and that it must have been about three thousand years old, according to him the object was made of a porous material, probably a stone made of volcanic ash. Two magazines at the beginning of the 90s, more precisely the English Fortean Times Magazine in 1993 and the German magazine Magazine 2000 in 1994 took some pictures of this artifact and declared that this depiction of a spaceship was kept at the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, had been found in 1975 at the site of Tuspa Toprakkale, its dating, confirmed by the excavations (according to them), was between 830-612 BC and would be due to the Urartu civilization in the north-east of Lake Van.

The truth unfortunately for all those who had tasted a further proof aimed at confirming the extraterrestrial presence on our planet in a remote past, is another. In 2003, on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Culture and analysis by the Department of Chemistry, a chemical and petrographic survey was carried out which showed that the artifact is composed of gypsum and marble dust and dated back only 25 years before !

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